pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
97,122 miles
Total Complaints:
67 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. Dodge needs to issue a recall (34 reports)
  2. Dodge should issue a recall (15 reports)
  3. replace dashboard (12 reports)
  4. I will buy the new dash if Dodge has corrected the material (3 reports)
  5. not sure (2 reports)
  6. cover with dashboard cover (1 reports)
2003 Dodge Ram 3500 accessories - interior problems

accessories - interior problem

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2003 Dodge Ram 3500 Owner Comments (Page 1 of 4)

problem #67

Apr 122008

Ram 3500 LX Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 156,000 miles


The dashboard has cracks throughout entire dashboard. It is not in just one location. It is split and broken all over. I have a fear of pieces breaking off while we are driving down the road. I feel this is very dangerous especially if we were in an accident. These pieces could fly off really easy and cut or possibly cause death to the drivers and or passengers. We have three grandchildren that go with us camping and I have a fear of this happening. You as a company should be ashamed that this has not been recalled. It is not a cosmetic thing for me but a life hazard.

- , Alexandria, US

problem #66

Jan 012008

Ram 3500 SLT 5.9L Cummings

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

I can buy the replacement dash but why should I. It is a manufacturing defect and Dodge should replace it.

- , Southport, US

problem #65

Aug 012015

Ram 3500

  • Automatic transmission
  • 111,847 miles

needs fixing by dodge as this seems to be a problem with a lot of dodges, will not buy another dodge unless they step up and help fix this.

- , Lumby, BC, Canada

problem #64

Jun 012010

Ram 3500 Cummins 5.9L

  • Manual transmission
  • 247,000 miles



- , Goshen, OH, USA

problem #63

Mar 112011

Ram 3500 Diesel Quad 4.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 112,000 miles

No photos or video although a Dodge mechanic is a witness to visually seeing it. On March 11, 2011 we took our truck into the Dodge dealership where they replaced the front defroster panel cover. Charged us $100.00 under a goodwill warranty per Chrysler as it is noted as. We have had the dash cracking over the past 4-5 years since their replacement/repair job. The dash panel crack is just getting bigger and bigger.

Our truck is parked in the only one shaded place on our driveway w/ windows slightly cracked for air flow. Being black in color we are not dumb as to sun attracts to dark colors. We have done nothing to cause this problem. I happen to go to recalls and issues w/ Dodge on site and I am shocked to see 4 pages of the same issue with their dashes and other NUMEROUS. recalls. The amount of recalls and complaints that are the same if not similar is a testament that Dodge Trucks are the poorest in the line of trucks out there.

I keep hearing from different mechanics that Dodge trucks are not worthy to buy as they are claiming to many issues with them, I would not recommend to anyone any dodge truck as a purchase at this point. AND BY THE WAY "Not all Parts are no longer all made in the USA" Where is quality of materials and workmanship for a good product anymore?? Manufacturers need to step up to the plate to honor their product before its to late.

"ATTENTION CHRYSLER/DODGE" WOW, 4 pages of cracked dashes under complaints and you do not care to see this as a issue/problem?!?

- , Fredericksburg, VA, USA

problem #62

May 012007

Ram 3500 5.9L Cummins

  • Manual transmission
  • 120,000 miles

The dashboard in the Dodge Ram 3500 has been cracking and collapsing for years. There is no replacement that is any better. It is now causing electrical issues and safety issues with my truck. My lights blink on and off due to plastic melting in the wiring behind the dash (which I can also smell regularly). Plastic sometimes flies out when I turn on the AC. I can only imagine what may happen if the airbags are ever deployed. Considering disconnecting both of them as a seat belt and a prayer may be safer than 5' of plastic flying in my face or my families face if there ever is an accident.The dealer and manufacturer both say it is cosmetic so they have no responsibility to repair it. I say they should drivemy truck around for a week and they would be begging for a repair.

- , Spring, TX, USA

problem #61

Dec 032014

Ram 3500 LXT 5.9L Diesel

  • Manual transmission
  • 112,300 miles


Problems that are known to exist should be fixed by the seller of the truck!


problem #60

Jan 012007

Ram 3500 SLT Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

This sucks, American truck should be made to last.

- , Norco, CA, USA

problem #59

Jul 012013

Ram 3500 Quad ST/SLT V8

  • Manual transmission
  • 130,000 miles

The top of the dash is cracking into several pieces.

- , Coaling, AL, USA

problem #58

Oct 012008

Ram 3500 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 54,000 miles

The problem started off just as a crack. Then, over some time it progressed to more straight-line runs across the mid dash section to the passenger side. Eventually they intersected and caused pieces to fall off. There are still some pieces left just holding on to where they are supported at the fringes. I spoke with the dealership about the problem to see if they had any recalls. They blamed the sun.

This is the second Dodge it has happened to me with, each within 5 or so years of its manufacturing date. Every other vehicle I have owned, and owned for much more than 5 years, have never had cracks or pieces break off. Upon realizing the dealership would not help, I researched the cost to purchase a new dash. They wanted $750 for a 2 piece system and would not sell the part I needed separately. This deterred me from purchasing from the dealer.

Before reading and finding out about this site, I thought this was the only bull sh*t I had to deal with involving the manufacturing just wanting to steal more money from me, but I see this goes far beyond my own personal problem with my truck and do truly believe that there is a manufacturing defect with their plastics.

Additionally, I spend my time today documenting this issue as I do believe this to be a safety matter. I am a medic and work accidents all the time and see the carnage that glass, metal, and plastic pieces cause to the human body. This needs to be addressed. They need to be recalled. I guarantee they have made more money from unsuspecting buyers like us who were uninformed and clueless as no public statements have, to my knowledge, ever been published.

- , Rayne, LA, USA

problem #57

Sep 012010

Ram 3500 Laramie 5.9L Diesel

  • Manual transmission
  • 54,000 miles


Dash poorly designed and of poor quality material. Now I have to deal with pieces of broken up dash and foam dust from the backside of the dash everywhere, and dust blowing around and through the vents, I guess I am also breathing any dust particles from this. Dodge should be ashamed of this and make it right if it values its consumers. Give me a new dash Dodge; made of the right material. I will put it in myself.

There is a recall on my passenger side airbag, I don't know how that is going to effect my dash when they replace my airbag? Its going to fall apart more I suppose.

- , Elizabeth City, NC, US

problem #56

Sep 132014

Ram 3500 SLT 5.9L Cummins

  • Automatic transmission
  • 95,602 miles

I bought my 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 new. It now has just over 96,000 miles. I have tried to take care of it as best as I could. It has low mileage because I worked only 3 miles from my home. I try to keep a sunshade in place all the time is is sitting unused. The dash cracked last fall. First a long one across the top of the dash then a second one at the vent on right hand corner. Now it spews out powder and chunks from the vents. Some of it looks like crumbled plastic, some looks like foam pieces.

It is a disgrace that you pay what a house used to cost for a vehicle that starts cracking and crumbling! What will happen if I get in an accident and the airbags deploy? My guess that damaged dash will turn into shrapnel! Its not just a cosmetic issue but I feel its a danger to the driver and passengers. I really hope Chrysler steps up and takes responsibility for this defect before someone is hurt or killed by it.

- , Englewood, TN, USA

problem #55

Aug 042008

Ram 3500

  • Manual transmission
  • 40,000 miles

click to see larger images

cracked dashboard cracked dashboard cracked dashboard cracked dashboard cracked dashboard cracked dashboard

At first crack, the dealership advised me to call customer service and complain, then Dodge might foot half the bill if I was mad enough. I did not do this because it was just a small crack. As the years have now gone by, the issues are much much worse to point of a safety issue as large sharp pieces are now flying out at me and the passengers. Also every time I use the defrost I have to make sure I am wearing safety goggles to make sure the high speed projectiles don't poke out an eye.

Humor aside, I would like to see a resolve to this obvious defect / safety issue. I would also like the dash to be replaced by a stand up American company, also known to some as Dodge.

- , Lebanon, TN, US

problem #54

Jan 012014

Ram 3500 SLT 5.9L Diesel

  • Manual transmission
  • 262,000 miles

I paid a lot of money for this truck, just recently put a bunch more money in this truck to replace injectors, turbo,

ball joints, only to have the dashboard self destructing on me. It seems every day I get in it there's a new crack.Bull@#$%.

- , Cupertino, CA, USA

problem #53

Apr 142014

Ram 3500 SLT 5.9L Ho Die

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,600 miles

click to see larger images

cracked dashboard cracked dashboard

My 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 dashboard has 34,600 miles on it, is well taken care and I always keep a sun shield in it to cover the dashboard. April of this year, 2014, a crack appeared across my dashboard so I called Chrysler customer service and they said to bring it to my local dealer to have pictures taken and they gave me a case number. I took it to the dealer, who stated right off the bat, Chrysler won't fix it because it's out of warranty. The dealer took pictures, sent them to Chrysler and five days later I received paperwork from the dealer stating that the claim was denied. I cannot believe that Chrysler will not acknowledge the widespread problems caused by the use of inferior materials in the Ram dashboards and help Dodge truck owners by replacing the defective dashboards. We currently own my Dodge Ram, a Jeep Wrangler and a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and if I can't get any customer support on replacing the faulty dashboard, Chrysler will definitely lose customers when we buy our next vehicles

- , Bozrah, CT, USA

problem #52

Jan 162014

(reported on)

Ram 3500 Laramie Quadcab 5.9L 24 valve

  • Automatic transmission
  • 30,000 miles

Surprised to have such a nice truck with this cheap material on the dash in the sun all day.

- , Jackson, MS, USA

problem #51

Aug 012011

Ram 3500 Laramie Cummins Turbo Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

Big chunks are breaking off, hitting me and my passengers while driving. An absolute hazard! I got pulled over and tested for DUI because of this! I do not drink and drive!

- , Tell City, IN, USA

problem #50

Dec 012012

Ram 3500 Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150,000 miles

My dash is falling apart and pieces break off every day. I have never had a vehicle with such a brittle dash. It is a major eyesore but too expensive to fix.

- , Springdale, AR, USA

problem #49

Jun 012006

Ram 3500 SXL 5.9L

  • Manual transmission
  • 60,000 miles

junk -junk dash crap why???

- , Zanesville, OH, US

problem #48

Sep 052007

Ram 3500 Lariat 5.9L Cummings Diesel

  • Manual transmission
  • 78,000 miles

It is my opinion that Chrysler / Dodge should issue a recall since they have knowledge and have admitted to to these dashes being made from defective material. Therefore the dash was defective when the vehicle was manufactured not when it started cracking.

- , Darden, TN, USA

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