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really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
57,302 miles
Total Complaints:
51 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (47 reports)
  2. ball joints (1 reports)
  3. change the steering shock (1 reports)
  4. replace steering control box (1 reports)
  5. replace track arm bushings (1 reports)
2007 Jeep Wrangler suspension problems

suspension problem

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2007 Jeep Wrangler Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #51

Nov 132014


  • Manual transmission
  • 82,000 miles


I experienced the same problem and the same frustration about a year ago with my 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK. I took it to a buddies shop and he said that the problem was the Track Arm Bushings. I got the part just about the time I got rid of the Jeep so I never saw the issue through to the end. I came across the part last week while cleaning out the garage and decided to try to sell the parts. In an effort to provide detailed information on the part as well as the price of the part new ($13.99 - $16.99) I found the following advertisement and thorough explanation of why the death wobble occurs, how it affects other parts and what is required to fix it. I also found your comment and remembering feeling the same way as you do now I wanted to pass along this information. Also, I have highlighted the recognizable symptoms as well as underlined the chief complaints I had as I remember it. I hope this helps and good luck!

home / all brands / energy suspension / part number 2.7105r

Energy Suspension® 2.7105R - Front or Rear Track Arm Bushings

Energy Suspension Performance Suspension Parts

Brand: Energy Suspension Part Number: 2.7105R UPC: 703639953296

- , Murray, UT, USA

problem #50

Apr 102015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 81,000 miles

I bought this Jeep used, so I understand there may be some problems. I wasn't expecting to have my life flash in front of me several times due to this "death wobble". I took it in for an alignment and balance. $130 later it is still having the same issues. This is occurring daily at this point so I am afraid to drive, yet it is my only mode of transportation. I am frustrated and hoping there is someone who is able to help so I don't go broke fixing this problem. Also, I am not sure why Chrysler isn't being held accountable. This is an extremely dangerous situation and they should be required to fix or recall every vehicle that has this issue!!!

- , Evergreen, CO, USA

problem #49

Jun 012013

Wrangler Unlimited 3.8L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 70,000 miles

I was driving on highway when hitting 65mph and jeep started to shake uncontrollably. I would have to stop and pull over to a lower speed for it to stop. But if I was in left lane and it started I couldn't swing to breakdown lane so would have to stop immediately in traffic. Very unsafe but better than causing accident. I replaced the steering stabilizer last summer with no relief. Why is jeep not handling this ? Why are people like us spending thousands of dollars on a vehicle just to have cause life threatening issues I have many things and read up on this death wobble of jeep. Is it something I can get lawyers involved ?

- , Hudson, NH, USA

problem #48

Oct 012013

Wrangler Sahara

  • Manual transmission
  • 70,000 miles


The local jeep dealer refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem with the vehicle and - when I tell him that I want to ride along for his test drive - they never are able to accommodate me.

I'm really sick of this

- , Phoenixville, PA, USA

problem #47

Feb 202015

Wrangler Unlimited V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 110,000 miles

Problem occurred at 60 MPH, dry straight freeway at rush hour. Should be easier to fix than just trial and error.

- , San Antonio, TX, USA

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problem #46

Dec 152014

Wrangler Limited X 3.8L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 95,200 miles

3rd solution, change out track bar bolts. Didn't work !

- , Boston, VA, USA

problem #45

Dec 082014

Wrangler Limited X 3.8L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 95,100 miles


2nd solution, change the ball joints. Didn't work !

- , Boston, VA, USA

problem #44

Dec 012014

Wrangler Limited X 3.8L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 95,000 miles

1st solution, change shocks and steering stabilizer. Didn't work !

- , Boston, VA, USA

problem #43

Nov 112014

Wrangler Limited

  • Manual transmission
  • 31,000 miles

problem is mine according to management of Chrysler.

- , Marion, VA, USA

problem #42

Dec 042013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,000 miles

We bought the 2007 Jeep from Berlin City in Vermont.. Two months later my son takes it on the interstate, hits a bump, and bang, the Jeep starts shaking out of control. We went back to Berlin City and they replaced the steering shock. Cost us because it wasn't under warranty. Two days later it started again.

Brought it back the worker went for a ride with us and the Jeep wouldn't do the shake.....He said there was nothing wrong with the Jeep. WELL the Jeep is still doing it. Here's what we've replaced-- STEERING SHOCK, BALL JOINTS, CONTROL ARM, BUSHINGS, REAR TRACK BAR, SHOCKS, TIRES............. and Thursday it's going in for the front track bar ... This is costing a lot of money. and Jeep says it's not their problem............PLEASE HELP ME. ANYONE have any ideas?????????????

- , Burlington, VT, USA

problem #41

Apr 162014

Wrangler Unlimited 3.8L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 90,099 miles


I took it into the shop, they changed the steering shock and was fixed. The death wobble would only happen at the speed range of 85 - 95 KPH. After it was changed I went 90 and hit a whole bunch of bumps and nothing happened.

- , Edmonton, Alberta, canada

problem #40

Mar 132014

Wrangler Unlimited X 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,000 miles

Around 50,000 miles I started to feel a popping in the steering, took it to the dealership and sure enough there is nothing wrong. Around the same time the engine started burning a quart of oil every thousand miles and the dealerships response was it was perfectly normal which I've had cars with 200,000 miles and don't burn nearly that much oil. Then around 70,000 the doors started rusting and the death wobble appeared. The death wobble increasingly got worse the longer I drove it like that and eventually it was just unsafe for not only the occupants of the vehicle but anyone around me on the road and was completely undrivable so I took it to a local suspension shop to get the problem fixed and they said it was going to be $1500 after parts and labor, the entire front end was replaced pretty much and the problem was much better but the popping in the steering is still there. Probably going to have the ball joints done soon to help fix the problem. I have not done any upgrades to the jeep at all other than new tires and regular maintenance.

- , Minooka, IL, USA

problem #39

Feb 242014

Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 3.8L V6 Smpi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 145,000 miles

When I first noticed this problem I made an appointment with a Dealership to look into. I explained when the problem was happening in great detail and they said no problem, they would fix. I go back to pick it up to find the second I pull out of dealership it happens again. So I go back (mind you I've had 3 other major issues with this dealership) and asked did you test drive this after you replaced the stabilizer bar, and they said no. Which to me is insane when they specifically know what the problem is you'd think you would test before returning to a customer since it's extremely dangerous.

After receiving terrible service I go to my back up place. This mechanic knows what the death wobble is, starts to inspect suspension eventually finding out the stabilizer bar the dealership put on was not on right and not working properly. So he started there and replaced one again. I end up taking the Jeep to him 5 times each time replacing a part of the suspension hoping it fixes it. However, still no fix, it has gotten better though. I've spent almost $2000 trying to fix a problem that seems unfixable. Now I'm at a point of keep driving it and ending up in a car accident or causing a car accident or selling to someone else to deal with the problem.

I find it hard to believe that there is no fix or recall for this. I have a completely stock Jeep that has been well maintained monthly and both mechanics have no idea where to look next. Here is a list in order of what was replaced. 1. first stabilizer bar was replaced, wheels aligned and rotated. 2. Another new stabilizer bar was put on 3. Had all new shocks put on vehicle 4. Steering Damper and tie rod ends 5. New Track Bar

Not sure what the next step is, extremely frustrated and do not want to keep dumping $ into this. I'm afraid to drive it as I've almost been in two serious accidents and causing another two cars to drive off the road. I just find it unbelievable that a well documented problem is not a concern of the manufacturer.

- , Washington, MI, USA

problem #38

Mar 092013

Wrangler Sahara 3.8L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 56,000 miles

Shakes uncontrollably at 55 - 60 mph. Mechanics can't identify guarantee fix. Have had alignment, balancing and tires rotated. No mechanical/parts problems detected. Will stop for awhile and then comes back. Scary as hell and extremely dangerous.

- , Randallstown, MD, USA

problem #37

Jun 132013

Wrangler Rubicon 3.8L V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 40,000 miles

I bought a used 2007 Jeep Rubicon one year ago with 35000 miles. The Jeep has stock suspension and tires, BFG MT 255/75R17. There is a lot of rubber still on the tires.

Around six months ago, I noticed a terrible wobble between 48 and 56 MPH coming from the front end. I had the tires rebalanced and this didn't fix the issue. I have been told the shocks may be bad, the tie rod ends are going out or the ball joints are bad. Before I throw hundred of dollars at something on a Jeep that is not really that old with not too many miles, I would like to hear what others have done to fix this solution. To me, the suspension seems solid with no side to side wobble when examining it. I feel like parking this thing in front of the dealership I bought it from and demanding a trade.

- , Gard, NV, USA

problem #36

Sep 012013

Wrangler JK

  • Manual transmission
  • 90,000 miles

This is a major problem that could kill you and your kids Jeep should pay for everyones to be fixed its only right and needs to be done as soon as possible.

- , Santa Fe, NM, USA

problem #35

Feb 162012

Wrangler Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 56,000 miles

This car is a death trap. I am currently having it fixed for the 3rd time- trying to fix the same problem. I would never have bought this car if I knew this was a problem. Every other car on the highway hits bumps and doesn't shake so violently that you need to swerve into the break down lane because the front end is shaking so badly. How this company continues to make automobiles like this is mind boggling to me. They should be sued

- , Waltham, MA, USA

problem #34

Aug 012010


  • Manual transmission
  • 35,000 miles

/To “The Few Who Represent The Many” in our Country a true Nation “The United States of America” with the highest of standards founded by our Forefathers.

As a citizen of The United States of America with Constitutional Rights and Consumer Rights, I will not mince words regarding the corrupt activity regarding the “Old/New Chrysler Jeep Death Wobble “ by all parties involved…..affecting 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 Chrysler Jeeps. After much research this Chrysler Jeep design/manufacture defect has existed for many, many years but the fact of the matter is the defect was not redesigned or designed out in all these years and in the new series of 2 door and 4 door Chrysler Jeeps presented to the consumer in 2007. Chrysler along with NHTSA did not then, and will not to this day, take the “Jeep Death Wobble” complaints seriously (the thousands of very serious complaints). This dangerous and very disturbing steering safety issue is due to the poor Chrysler design/manufacture defect in these Jeeps that causes, and has caused crashes, accidents, and/or death. As far as Chrysler and NHTSA are concerned, this dangerous and life threatening defect does not exist and will never cause death!, Only crashes and accidents! We as consumers are liable for any negative outcome due to “The Jeep Death Wobble”; and when the consumer gets in a crash, accident, injures someone, kills someone due to this defect, unless we can prove it was ‘The Jeep Death Wobble” that Chrysler and NHTSA say is not a safety issue or of concern (even though thousands upon thousands of jeep consumers beg to differ) we are liable for Chrysler’s safety defect that causes crashes and accidents that may lead to death to the consumer and those drivers sharing the road. Drivers sharing the road also have a right to have “Jeep Consumers” driving safe vehicles.

Chrysler states “Chrysler Jeeps are built differently”…Chrysler consumers state “What is different than safe!!!” I state what is different than safe in any product put on the market in the United States of America.

NHTSA, an agency of the Executive Branch of the United States Government and part of the Department of Transportation, describes its mission as… “Save lives, prevent injuries, reduce vehicle related crashes.” NHTSA is supposed to be promoting safety to all vehicles on the road…not contributing to unsafe Jeeps or any dangerous vehicles on the road! NHTSA is also denying the truth and leaving us the Jeep Consumers liable when they have thousands upon thousands of reports on “The Jeep Death Wobble” (also known as the “Steering Shimmy”) and all the stories are the same; it is definitely a defect and dangerous safety issue that has no guaranteed repair. It is life threatening and regardless…. When did faulty products become the consumer’s problem? Thousands of Consumers have complained, written, and spoke the truth about this serious subject “The Jeep Death Wobble” to the responsible and appropriate parties to no avail. All the complaints are the same, sad, true, and no answers. We the people of the United States of America, Jeep Consumers would like this serious issue addressed and dealt with by the appropriate and responsible parties. Their life threatening, defective product that should not be on the market with this safety concern since it poses a threat and identifiable harm to public safety. Faithful Chrysler Jeep Consumers are spending hundreds, if not thousands, of hard earned dollars to repair a defect that we as Chrysler Jeep Consumers did not cause. Consumers should not bear the burden or cost to correct a Jeep defect that is well known by Chrysler and the NHTSA. We as Chrysler Consumers should not have to pay for Jeep Death Wobble repairs on Faulty Goods with life threatening steering issues that have no guaranteed repair and should not have been put on the market to begin with and/or the defect should have been disclosed at the time of sale/purchase to give the Chrysler consumer an option due to the dangerous safety issue. -“The Jeep DEATH Wobble” … I would never have purchased the Jeep, much less spent my hard earned money, if I had known of the Jeeps defect and how it leads to accidents, crashes, and possible death due to the loss of steering. It should have never been authorized to be on the market with the existing dangerous defect.

The FTC put out a bulletin and warnings to be used on these Jeeps and it is not being respected and/or lawfully enforced to be put on these defective Jeeps in order to save the consumers lives, and the consumers hard earned dollars, that in the end we are liable and may lose everything including our lives due to this silent fraud. This is about taking responsibility, having proper ethics, morals and principles. This safety defect is affecting our daily lives, our work lives and our weekend lives in a very negative way for purchasing a defective Jeep that is dangerous and scary to drive. Our only reward as a Chrysler Jeep Consumer is to be completely liable for Chryslers design/manufacture defect that causes Jeep Death Wobble Crashes, Jeep Death Wobble Accidents that may lead to Jeep Death Wobble Death to the Jeep consumer and those driving or walking around us due to the loss in steering control.

The Unconstitutional behavior by all involved in this silent fraudulent Bailout/Bankruptcy Chapter 11 in The United States of America is undeniably Corruption to the Highest Degree the fact that Chrysler will not take responsibility for the dangerous, life threatening vehicles that were put on the market with the well known design and manufacture defect “THE JEEP DEATH WOBBLE” which Chrysler calls “The Jeep Steering Shimmy”. I guess they have not driven their product and experienced the horrible, life threatening loss of steering at any and all speeds, smooth terrain to bumpy terrain… where the Chrysler Jeep Death Wobble takes complete and violent control over your steering and this should not be in any vehicle, brand new or used.

Chrysler consumers are being forced to spend hundreds to thousands of hard earned dollars to repair a defect with no guaranteed repair and one may still crash, have an accident and/or die if not hurt others on the road in between repairs and be completely liable, Chrysler Jeep Consumers are being forced to sell the vehicle losing thousands of hard earned dollars and not revealing the life threatening defect would be the same corruption just going around and around with a life threatening defect, a death wish for the next owners. The FTC flyers are not being respected, posted or enforced on these vehicles. Chrysler Jeep Consumers are being treated with such malice and corruption.

There exists a Bankruptcy Chapter 11 (Official Form), when asked upon filing for Bankruptcy with: The United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of New York

Exhibit C - Does the Debtor own or have possession of any property that poses or is alleged to pose a threat of imminent and identifiable harm to public health or safety?

The box checked was - “NO”

The Jeep Death Wobble (an appropriate name given by the consumers) a well known defect aka –“The Jeep Steering Shimmy” (a name to make it seem minor given by Chrysler) affecting thousands upon thousands of Jeeps by law must have been disclosed for the potential liability with these dangerous Jeeps in The United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York when Chrysler LLC filed for Bankruptcy Chapter 11 under his Honor Judge Arthur Gonzales.

I cannot imagine his Honor Judge Arthur Gonzales or any Court appointed Judge in any Courtroom in the United States of America under law would ever deny thousands upon thousands of United States of America Citizens and Consumers their Constitutional and Consumer Rights. Due to potential Silent Fraud by Chrysler or potential Innocent Misrepresentation and not provide Potential Product Liability Facts on this serious issue wanting to be free and clear of any Liabilities pertaining to this dangerous life threatening defect that is affecting thousands upon thousands of Jeeps and is not of the consumers doing. We are Chrysler Jeep Consumers and are seriously liable for a design/manufacture defect that has caused crashes, accidents that may lead to death due to Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Corruption.

Chrysler’s Attempt at Addressing the Issue: 2007-2010 Jeep Steering Damper measures 1¼” Body uses 2 bolts 2011-2012 Jeep Steering Damper measures 1 ½” removed 2 bolts added a metal band and 1 bolt. “The Old/New Chrysler one in the same” made the change above to their Jeep models 2011, 2012 now these Jeeps are also experiencing “The Jeep Death Wobble”.

Consumer rights state that when one purchases a product from a trader the item must be: 1. Of satisfactory quality – last for the time you would expect it to and be free of any defects. 2. Fit for purpose – fit for the use described and any specific use you made clear to the trader. 3. As described - match the description on the packaging or what the trader told you.

As far as my/our consumer rights in the above mentioned: 1. The 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door X Unlimited did not last the time any vehicle purchased brand new and well maintained would be expected to last and was not free of any defects. Purchased brand new March, 2007, well maintained with synthetic oil, never altered completely stock – Defect appeared August 2010 with only 35,000 miles. Due to Chrysler’s negative response wanting to be free and clear and putting the blame on the consumer or claiming comparative damages, I have not let any one person tamper with the Jeep for there exists no guaranteed repair and Chrysler would blame me the consumer for their defective products misbehavior in the steering. Everything is as it was when I left the dealership. The defect is real and I want relief to be granted please. 2. The 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door X Unlimited is unsafe to drive and therefore it is not fit for the purpose it was intended for, which is to be driven. 3. As described in any Chrysler Jeep advertisement, Jeeps are tough and go over rough terrain. The 2007 Jeep Wrangler X Unlimited shakes very violently on a smooth road or if there is an uneven patch on the road or a little bump in the road and at any given speed, anywhere from 15 mph to 75 mph. The 2007 Jeep does not match the description on the packaging and advertisements of a well built safe Jeep.

If a product/item does not meet any of these rights it is faulty and I have a right to a: 1. Repair- There is no guaranteed repair and I will not be liable and/or a statistic for purchasing a Chrysler Jeep that was supposed to be safe and is not! 2. Replacement- I will accept what I should have received to begin with, a brand new of satisfactory quality vehicle free of any defects that lasts more than three years. 3. Refund- I will accept a refund in full.

I have been dealing with Chrysler, and the NHTSA since August of 2010. It has been two years of begging for help for a Jeep defect that I did not cause and should not be my responsibility. I am tired of taking busses. I purchased a brand new Jeep and have invested approximately $34,000 dollars towards it and cannot drive it due to the design/manufacture steering defect it has and Chrysler is forcing me to have an accident, crash and/or die or to sell the Jeep and lose approx $15,000 if not more. I did not purchase a brand new vehicle to be put in a position of being forced into a negative situation in my life. I have not paid it off and it is already broken not by my doing. I am just a middle class single mother. I was born and have remained in the most humble walks of life. I have no wealthy or popular relations to help me get through this negative, corrupt, life changing experience for purchasing a brand new Jeep.

In Summary to All Responsible Parties: “If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” ( Quote from Abraham Lincoln )

Yours in Success,

Coleen M. Park

- , Colorado Springs, CO, USA

problem #33

Feb 072011

Wrangler Unlimited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I was driving on I-20 when all the sudden my jeep just started shaking horribly. Luckily my dad taught me how to drive and stay calm under most situations. I was able to stop the shaking once I got to slower speeds, the only problem was every time I got back up it would shake violently. I ended up having to pull off and take side streets home. I though I had fixed the issue as I put be tires on the car, but now it's doing it again. I'm just glad I was able to control the car and not cause a wreck. I can only hope they figure out what's causing this issue before its too late.

- , Euless, TX, USA

problem #32

Sep 122012

Wrangler X V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 36,000 miles

I can't believe my searching for info on my 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4-door showed so many other people are having the exact problem we are having,"Death Wobble" and not having much luck, if any, luck getting this problem fixed. I also can't believe there is not a recall to get this serious and very danger problem fixed which i believe is a manufacturing assembly and design flaw that we have to pay for even if the problem can be fixed.Reading some of these complaints shows quite a few people are not able to get results without spending a lot of money and time not to mention the danger this problem causes. This is a serious problem that definitely needs to have a recall to take care of this problem before one or more of us loyal Jeep owners gets hurt or killed.

- , Paw Paw, MI, USA

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