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Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 87 number 14-56 dated September 12, 2014. The air conditioning does not cool, or the cooling performance is very weak. The air conditioning system cools, but the compressor is noisy. The noise is characterized as a grinding or groaning noise. Either symptom may be intermittent . No DTCs are stored. The condition may be caused by a faulty N280 valve. The internal components of the valve can be obstructed and incapable of full function. This loss of refrigerant regulation from N280 can cause noise from the A/C compressor and/or affect the HVAC cooling. The Denso A/C compressor is currently being installed in production. An improved N280 valve for the Sanden A/C compressor is in development, as the installation of Sanden compressors for production will resume in the future.

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Date Published
MAR 20, 2015
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