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Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 91 number 15-87 dated May 18, 2015. When the vehicle is started, the GPS location or vehicle direction indicated on the MMI navigation map does not match the vehicle?s actual location or direction of travel for a long period of time (often as long as 10 minutes). The issue occurs in open sky, with no large buildings obstructing the sky view. The issue is intermittent, but it can occur for long periods of time during a single day. The issue typically happens on very warm days when the HVAC system blower is at a medium to high setting (auto or manual), with air being directed out of the panel vents. When the issue occurs, the GPS navigation system satellite reception shows 0 satellites. Due to the infrequency of the issue, this might not be verifiable. (To view the number of satellites being received, go to Nav >> Route >> Select Current Position (first item in list) and scroll up. No DTCs related to the GPS antenna or MMI system are present. The vehicle is an A4 (including S4 and allroad variants), A5 (including Cabriolet, S5, and RS 5 variants), A6 (including S6 variant), A7 (including S7/RS 7 variants), A8 (including long wheelbase, S8, or W12 variants) or Q5 (including SQ5 and hybrid variants). Q7 and Q3 vehicles are not affected by this condition. The failure can happen at start-up or while the vehicle is being driven. The issue typically starts when the vehicle is driven on curvy or circular roads, driven in circles (such as when driven around a parking lot), or driven on or off an expressway.

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Date Published
JUN 05, 2015
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