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Kansas Lemon Law Information

The Kansas Lemon Law applies when, during a one-year period following delivery of the vehicle:

  • the dealer has attempted to repair the same problem four (4) or more times within the first year of ownership, or
  • the vehicle has been to the shop ten (10) or more times to address any number of problems, or
  • the vehicle has been out of service due to repair attempts by the dealer for a total of 30 or more calendar days.

To qualify for the Kansas Lemon Law, the vehicle must suffer a problem or problems which "substantially impair the use and value of the motor vehicle." Examples of problems that would cross over this threshold include stalling in traffic, failing to stay in alignment, overheating, and anything that amounts to a safety concern or that renders the vehicle inoperable.

Also, the problem(s) must not be the result of abuse, neglect or unauthorized modifications or alterations by the consumer.

Kansas Lemon Law information from the Attorney General » As of Feb 2013, the Kansas AG page is extremely vague & doesn't actually list the lemon law criteria. We've petitioned them to change this.

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Helpful Lemon Law Tips

Most states require you to notify the dealer and the manufacturer that you have a Lemon Law claim. Always use Certified Mail with Return Receipt.

If the manufacturer has an informal mediation or dispute resolution process, most states require you to do that first before pursuing litigation. However, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

Most lawyers will not charge you for an initial consultation or legal fees for Lemon Law arbitration. If they decide you have a case, normally the manufacturer is forced to pay your legal costs.

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