Did you know it sometimes takes manufacturers months to alert you of a recall or other problem with your vehicle? Stay on top of all the latest news, from investigations to recalls, by signing up for our vehicle alerts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are These Alerts All About?

These alerts are for drivers who want to know when their vehicle has made the news, is under investigation for a safety defect or has been recalled. We only send out information you don't want to miss.

Won't I Just Hear From My Manufacturer if Something is Wrong?

Maybe, maybe not. There's a couple things to consider here. First, does the manufacturer even have your contact information? Have you moved or bought a used car and didn't register the new information with the manufacturer? If so, they won't have any way of contacting you and trust us: they're not going to go out of their way to find you.

Second, in some situations it can take months for manufacturers to send out all their safety recalls. Why? Manufacturers do whatever they can do lessen the public relations nightmares. Also they may not alert people until dealerships have replacement parts ready.

Whatever the reason, you could be driving around in a broken car for a long time before you hear anything. Unless, you sign up to receive a quick email from CarComplaints.com about it. We'll tell you what's going on and even provide you with the number to call with any questions.

How Many Alerts Will I Receive?

That depends entirely on how often your vehicle is in the news. We typically send out an alert each time there's an important update about your vehicle. So if your vehicle is placed under investigation by the NHTSA, you'll get an alert. If that investigation is then upgraded to an engineering analysis or results in a recall, you'll get another alert.

Bottom line: we aim to keep you in the loop about the safety of your vehicle. If you don't hear from us, that's a good thing.

What Do You Do With My Email Address?

We keep it on file until you tell us to remove it. Simple and secure. We never sell or share your address. That would be cruel. We are nice people trying to help car owners.

I've Sold My Car And No Longer Want to Receive Alerts, Now What?

If you receive an alert you no longer want, there's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email we send out. We process removal requests immediately. Karma points if you include a brief note explaining why you're unsubscribing, so we can improve our alerts service.