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Maine Lemon Law Information

The Maine Lemon Law applies when, during the first three (3) years, 18,000 miles or the end of the manufacturer warranty (whichever occurs first) following delivery of a new vehicle:

  • the dealer has attempted to repair the same problem three (3) or more times, or
  • the dealer has attempted at least one repair of a serious failure of either the braking or steering system, or
  • the vehicle has been out of service for repairs at the dealership for a cumulative total of 15 or more business days (any days that the service department of an authorized dealer is open for business).

If the vehicle defect is so serious that you cannot wait (e.g., a safety problem) you do not necessarily have to meet the repair attempts standard. However, you must give the manufacturer at least one opportunity to repair and then a "final opportunity to repair."

Once the manufacturer or authorized dealer has not been able to repair the substantial defect, and the problem continues or recurs, you must contact the manufacturer in writing and state that you want a refund or replacement and that you will give the manufacturer one final repair opportunity, of at least seven business days, to fix the defect.

For the Maine Lemon Law to apply, the defect must substantially impair the vehicle's use, value, or safety, and must not have been caused by owner negligence, accident, vandalism, or have resulted from an unauthorized repair or alteration of the vehicle by a person other than the manufacturer, its agents or authorized dealers.

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Helpful Lemon Law Tips

Most states require you to notify the dealer and the manufacturer that you have a Lemon Law claim. Always use Certified Mail with Return Receipt.

If the manufacturer has an informal mediation or dispute resolution process, most states require you to do that first before pursuing litigation. However, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

Most lawyers will not charge you for an initial consultation or legal fees for Lemon Law arbitration. If they decide you have a case, normally the manufacturer is forced to pay your legal costs.

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