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really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
89,430 miles
Total Complaints:
30 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. needs a new motor (23 reports)
  2. not sure (6 reports)
  3. rebuild motor (1 reports)
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2006 Dodge Charger engine problems

engine problem

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2006 Dodge Charger Owner Comments (Page 1 of 2)

problem #30

Mar 222014

Charger RT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles


2006 Charger r/t 5.7. dropped valve seat # 4 cylinder at 68,000 miles. Got it repaired at my cost $3200. It happened again 14 months later at 82,000. # 6 cylinder broke piston and ruined the motor. Dodge should be sued for this, way too many people had this same issue for a 38,000 car. You would think Dodge would want to make it right. Will never by another Dodge again.

- , Scottes@yahoo.Com, CA, USA

problem #29

Aug 302013

Charger 2.7L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 127,000 miles

I was driving my car from work like any normal night when all of sudden my car shut off and would not start back up. Eventually I called my insurance to have it towed home since after 11pm. The next morning I have my car towed to Dodge to be informed that engine had blown. My car gave me no indication or signs at all before this happen.

The dealership informed me that the engine was blown due to oil sludge. I am very angry especially since Dodge only has changed my oil and I was not told about this earlier. My cousin has a Dodge Charger as well and engine blown 8 months before mine for the same reason. When I told this to the dealership they told me I shouldn't believe everything I hear.

I will never buy a car from Dodge again.

- , Miramar, FL, USA

problem #28

Jul 102013

Charger RT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 63,000 miles

Valve seat dropped on top of piston. Common issue said machine shop. They have fixed over 100! Either rebuild heads or replace engine depending on damage to cylinder wall.

- , Arcadia, CA, USA

problem #27

Sep 042013

Charger RT 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,072 miles


I'll never own another dodge vehicle for as long as I live! This is absolutely crazy. The service advisor tells me he's never seen or heard of a valve seat falling out of a hemi head. Chryslers corp office hasn't heard of such an issue either. The tech that took the engine apart however....he "sees it all the time". Evidently the techs don't get the same public relations training as the "higher ups". Come on Chrysler, a well cared for engine should last longer than 90K (72 greater doesn't quite get it either). It's going to cost more to put an engine in this car than the car is worth. I don't even know what to do.

- , Bedford, Texas, USA

problem #26

May 262013

Charger LX 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles

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premature engine failure premature engine failure

Driving home on an unusually hot spring day and the bells start dinging and lights start flashing. I had my oil changed the previous week. The morning of the problem I heard what I thought was an exhaust leak.

I drive it to the dealer the next morning and leave her there. They tell me it was valve spring failure. They also tell me that some unknown form of debris made its way into the combustion chamber and that it smashed one of the spark plugs through its threads. They claimed to have no knowledge of what could have gotten into the combustion chamber and subsequently destroyed the plug and committed the cylinder head to the scrap heap. After some web browsing I learn that the valve seat integrity is suspect on this motor. Thanks Chrysler, I will never forget!

- , Huntington Beach, CA, USA

problem #25

Jun 252013

Charger R/T 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

Bought the car with 8500 miles. Only took the car to the dealership for service. One day went to the bank, came out car wouldnt start. When it started it made the worst noise i ever heard. Limped to the dealership to find out the valve seat dropped or something like that, needs a new engine! Lucky i had one month left on my extended warranty! Had just paid the car off last month. Still waiting to get the car back, gonna put another warranty on the car, if anything else happens to this car i am getting rid of it and never looking at another dodge as long as i breath!!!

- , Memphis, TN, USA

problem #24

Oct 012012

Charger R/T 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 94,805 miles


My Wife drove the '06' Charger home from work. She stopped at the store and came out less than 10 minutes later. The car wouldn't start. Then when it did, it sounded as if the engine blew up! No prior engine problems or noises. No warning whatsoever. {BTW... it was her Birthday the Day it happened. I guess that this was Dodge's present to her.} I can't believe Dodge won't stand up and fix this!!! As you can tell by the other post on this site, I am not alone. I spoke to "John" and "Jason" at Dodge's "Customer Center". They had the Audacity to tell me that there was nothing that Dodge could do because the age and mileage of my vehicle. Which means, if you buy a Dodge... don't expect it to last for more than 6 years or 95,000 miles! Obviously, Dodge doesn't expect it to! I am embarrassed for Dodge/Chrysler! If someone at Dodge/Chrysler doesn't stand up and take ownership of this problem... I won't ever buy a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep product again!!!! I hope other people in the market for a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep product finds this website before they make a purchase. It can save them Tons of $$$ plus the headache of trying to get around without a car.

- , Ashburn, VA, USA

problem #23

Jun 052013

Charger RT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 161,000 miles

on my way to work around beltway. before work stopped into McDonald's for Coffee. Came out and tried to start car, would not start. I pressed gas pedal a few times then it started. When it started it made noise and was shaking like crazy. after removing foot from gas pedal while in park it cut off.

I started back up again this time i keep foot on gas so that I could drive next street over to my work parking lot where it cut off again when not in motion. I called tow truck company and sent it to Myers Automotive repair shop in Waldorf Maryland. Guy called back from shop and stated the Cylinder #2 valve had broken and the debris was pushed around and warp the spark plug head. They are saying I need a new motor because this was a known issue with the year and model problem in the engine. Mind you I had to take this in before at 60,000 miles and they replaced both sides of valves because they broke solenoid off and found out the problem was intake valve went bad#4... Car has no 161,000.

This is some BS with Dodge never again. Buyer beware of dodge BS product.

- , Waldorf, MD, canada

problem #22

Nov 122012

Charger 5.7L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 103,000 miles

Drove car to my office and with no warning the car sounded real bad and it stop on me and couldn't start again. It was very embarrassing that I had to get someone in my office to help me move my car aside so it wouldn't stop the flow of traffic in the parking lot. Now I'm the guy with the broke charger at my pretentious company. I had just paid my car off at 89k miles and once I got over 100k motor failure. I did regular oil changes and had it towed to the shop and found out it would cost me over 7grand for a new motor . So I tried seeking threw Dodge and theirs a back order on the motor . So if there is a back order on the motor how come there isn't a recall on them because of so many people motor gone out on them and have a back order on the motor. I had other cars with over 250k miles and still on the road . I'm driving a 93 z28 Carmelo with 195k miles and running like a champ. I will not ever own another dodge product ever. If I have to pay for another motor I rather sell it as soon as it get fix and try to salvage the money spent on it.

- , New Iberia, LA, USA

problem #21

May 052013

Charger Daytona 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,400 miles

Bought new. Wife picked it. Wife loved it. I'm military. On the day I leave for one of my tours she calls me frantically stating i just put gas in my car and came home. Ran inside and came back real quick to leave again and my car wont start. Here listen (over the phone), I'm trying to start it, can you hea the noise its making? Sounds like its not getting fuel I stated. Battery seems to be doing fine. Could be a fuel pump. After several attempts of trying to start it, no luck. After a tow to the dealer for diagnosis, they explain after $110.worth of diagnostic labor we see that the top of pistonl #4 is smashed, the valve seat is broken, and the cylinder wall is scored. This has happened before and your extended warranty expired 8,000 miles ago. Itll cost you $7400 for a new engine. Sorry for the bad news

Seriously? Now what? I could have bought another car for $7400. A motorcycle, braces for my kid, anything. Now I have to go barrow from my retirement to pay for a new motor because my wife loves this stupid yellow paper weight

- , Ripon, San Joaquin, USA

problem #20

Mar 122013

Charger SE 2.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,000 miles


Just got a new oil change a week ago. I was on my way to work when i turned on my car i noticed my car was squealing and ticking loudly. I decided to drive it around the block to try and pinpoint where the noise was coming from at that point it stopped. When i propped open the hood i noticed the plastic oil case had cracked in 2 places One right next to the oil cap and one right where the front engine chain is located as i can see them. Any ideas what the problem could be?

- , Dayton, Ohio, USA

problem #19

Dec 082012

Charger RT 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,235 miles

left work to pick up some food, went back outside and the car wouldn't start. I had it sent to the mechanic who was able to get it running again. It was pouring smoke that was a mixture of oil and coolant so it was sent to the local dodge dealer. it was taken apart and i was told that it had dropped a valve seat. the mechanic who did the work informed me that he had seen this problem many times, but dodge refuses to acknowledge this problem with their motors. so now I'm stuck with a car payment and i have a baby on the way. thanks dodge, hope you enjoyed the government bailout and we could use one too since we have bought your defective product. thanks again, love your future owner of something else that's not fiat/dodge. peace

- , Richmond Hill, GA, USA

problem #18

Jan 142013

Charger RT 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 76,123 miles

What a shame! Dodge replaced all the 5.7 hemi engines. pretty car ,bad engine! a shame. thought dodge was getting better. there are other options, like chevy, toyota etc...get this thing right dodge or the word will get out ,sales will go down for wonderful people like me. dream car is a night mare. and the driver door switch is breaking on lots of the same cars sad

- , Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

problem #17

Apr 152010

Charger Daytona R/T 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 55,510 miles

Got this '06 Daytona as a replacement for another totaled car. Basically, it was my dream car. Exact color, options, exactly what I wanted. I always had the oil changes done religiously. Used Mobil1 every time. Now I have this Numbered Edition yard art. Motor blew up at 55K miles and since i still owe on it i can't afford a new engine. Contacted Chrysler and they pretty much told me there were NO issues with the Hemi's. I informed them they needed to do a little research on engine failures and they would find page after page about their non existant problem. Haven't gotten anywhere and am thinking we need to file a class action lawsuit against Chrysler. Maybe then they will FINALLY take notice and do the right thing by fixing our cars.

- , Jacksboro, TX, USA

problem #16

Nov 132012

Charger RT 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 81,389 miles

Stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home from work. Went inside and came back out and started the car. Car was sounding funny so I cut off, did it a second time and same results, did it a third time and it wouldn't start. Had it towed home then I had it towed to a mechanic's shop the next morning. Here is his diagnostics: " We found major internal damage to number four piston, (second cylinder on passenger side of engine) it had no compression and using a borescope, we looked into the cylinder and saw that the piston was broken and sticking up into the combustion chamber. The only way this is possible is if the rod or piston actually broken in half." "We recommend removal of the engine, tear down to determine if this engine can be repaired or if it will be required to replace the entire assembly. Best case scenario estimate is 3,000.00.... Worst case if it needs new motor, 5500.00"... Got regular oil changes, used fully synthetic oil only and just had an engine flush 2 months ago.... Don't understand why and how this happened....

- , Las Vegas, NV, USA

problem #15

Nov 282012

Charger RT Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 76,000 miles

I am a college student and I cant afford 8,000 dollars for a new motor! I was on my way to school when i stopped at a store, when i came out and started the engine it rattled like it was falling apart. Mechanic says valves dropped. My friendly local mechanic called the dodge dealership and before he could finish describing the problems the dealer told him exactly what the problem was. Dealer said nonchalantly "its a common problem". I only have 76,000 miles! Dodge knows their engines are defective. I've read many complaints about the same exact problem. I will never buy another Dodge or Chrysler again, and neither will anyone I know if I can help it. I'd rather drive an old Pinto because it seems to last longer than this vehicle. Anyone know a good class action lawyer?

- , Marksville, LA, USA

problem #14

Oct 012012

Charger RT Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 97,800 miles

Car dropped a valve seat which caused piston to cre=ack. valves to waep and pusrods

- , Henderson, NV, USA

problem #13

Jul 192012

Charger RT 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 97,717 miles

I bought a 2006 Black Dodge Charger R/T, and yes with a 5.7l Hemi. I waited 39 years for all the parts to fall in place. i.e. the exact car, collar, leather interior, and the engine. With price and financing. In 1973, all I wanted was a 73 Charger RT....then a 440 Hemi. I was 12 years old. Now 39 yrs later, I got my car. as a retired disabled army veteran, my life has had many other priorities.

I bought this car June 25th, and had only owned it 3 weeks and 3 days, it was driving perfect, no noise, no lights and good power. I parked it at a department store, 30 min later I came out and tried to start it and it sounded like the engine was coming apart. I chose not to continue to start it, I could tell it was bad. I had it towed to my home and then the next morning to a Dodge dealer. 4 days later I was told I had blown a piston, and I had to have a new engine. The chose I was given was a used one for 5100.00 w/ a 1 year warranty or a brand new one, from Dodge w/ a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty.

Doesn't make since, it was sold as is from a dealer, but was checked and I never heard anything that would cause concern. The carfax report was perfect. All services has been done on time and from a Dodge dealer. I truly don't know what else I could have done. I just went from 4 vehicles to 1. I sold my truck, gave my Mazda to my daughter, all because I finally got my car and wanted to help someone else.

If Chrysler does see this, we need you to do something to assist us all. I have a 2008 Charger and I have had something about a valve door stuck open. Lucky for me it was cover under the lifetime power train, however the ignition computer or the key went bad and that cost me 302.64....

The only used car never to give me trouble was a foreign car...Mazda 6...

This is so screwed up that all I want to do is throw up. I can't afford this with my disability heck...

- , Saint Augustine, Florida, USA

problem #12

May 092012

Charger R/T Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,578 miles

Shocked and dismayed, first of all I have really enjoyed driving this car and you wouldn’t believe what happened to me. I bought this car off the show room floor in 2006 and have not had one problem with this car. I stopped the other day to get my coffee on my way to work and went out to start my car and it made a funny sound and wouldn’t start. I had it towed to the nearest dealer and I got this terrible call telling me the engine is gone. They said it would take $7000. 00 to fix with a new engine, how could this be? No warning lights on the dash no oil leakage, nothing. I still owe on this car, what a disappointment. I really felt good that I had purchased an American product that I enjoyed driving so much. WOW, DISAPPOINTED

- , Cerritos, CA, USA

problem #11

Apr 222012

Charger RT 5.7L Hemi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 48,000 miles

so the d.. tires outlasted the d.. motor . The car only has 48000 miles on it and it dropped a valve seat. And dodge wants us all to believe there is no manufacture defects and doesn't want to give us any help. They told me I had to take it to a dodge dealership to have it diagnosed at a cost of $1800 before considering to give any assistance .I TOLD THEM THE SMASHED SPARK PLUGS AND THE SMOKE COMING OUT THE EXAUST SAYS IT ALL. If anyone knows of anybody that has successfully obtained help from Chrysler with this problem, I'd like to hear about it.

- , Ventura, CA, USA

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