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really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
116,976 miles
Total Complaints:
54 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace or rebuild transmission (25 reports)
  2. replace radiator and transmission (14 reports)
  3. new radiator and transmission! (6 reports)
  4. not sure (3 reports)
  5. new radiator and flush transmission (2 reports)
  6. bypass radiator, flush, flush, flush transmission (1 reports)
2006 Nissan Frontier transmission problems

transmission problem

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2006 Nissan Frontier Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #54

Oct 162014

Frontier SE 4.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 132,500 miles


I just wanted a reliable go to work truck that I could toss in a couple of bales of straw in for my grand kids chickens. I bought this off of a Toyota lot. Not a word said about a common problem. Paid a premium price for a lemon. I got home and was checking the fluids and now know why Nissan screws the transmission dipstick shut! I was somewhat surprised at the empty radiator. Took it to my mechanic to fix and found I had an empty radiator and a transmission full of milkshake.

I am in the process of bypassing the radiator and multiple flushing of the transmission with that expensive transmission fluid that apparently is only made by Nissan. They should give me the fluid for all of the grief I have been through.

- , Valparaiso, IN, USA

problem #53

Sep 262014

Frontier Nissmo V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,556 miles

I purchased my 2006 Nissan Frontier Nismo directly from the dealership brand new on June 26, 2006. I love this truck, I even talked my husband into trading in his Toyota Tacoma to get one (now wishing I did not). My truck has 77556 miles and is 8 years/3 months old.

My vehicle suddenly started vibrating causing my steering to shake and feeling like the transmission was slipping when my truck would change gears between 30-35-40-45-50-55 MPH. I took my truck into the Nissan dealer and after 5.5 hours was told the radiator was leaking fluid into my transmission and they needed to be replaced. I was told there was a extension to the warranty on these parts for this problem to 80000 miles/8 years for no cost to customer due to a class action lawsuit. Of course my vehicle is 3 months over on the 8 years but under the mileage. I spoke to the manager who then called Nissan North America and was told they would not budge on the extension. However, I was told if I wanted to trade in my vehicle and get a new one, they would deduct the $2500 from the price! Really, like I want to buy another Nissan since they do not stand by their product. I said no, I will get it fixed.

Nissan knows about this problem and should not only be notifying customers, but there should be a recall. If I had known about this problem, I would have had my vehicle inspected before the 8 years was up. My steering shakes and could cause me to lose control, this is a safety issue. I hope that eventually there is a recall for this and we all get reimbursed. I will never purchase another NISSAN again and I will tell everyone I know not to get one. Nissan is going to lose a lot customers that would have purchased another vehicle with them. I would think that the fact my vehicle cost $40,000, the $8000 it's going to cost them to fix their DEFECT should be nothing in the big picture.

- , Kapaa, HI, USA

problem #52

Jul 052014

Frontier LE 4.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,000 miles

Hello fellow "Nissaners"! Well, was so happy with this truck and my wife as well, because that was her first idea to purchase this good-looking vehicle. Our son was driving our Frontier to school and back home a few years ago, then to a local University. Everybody were so happy! Then my son mentioned that truck is behaving very strange: heavy shaking/jumping at highway speeds around 60-65 mph. I didn't believed it till I draw myself. True! A few times I felt like heavy hit from behind, looks like someone ended up to truck's rear side! Then I searched web and after some exploration realized the problem is radiator coolant contaminates with automatic transmission fluid! How?! I opened radiator cup and saw milky substance on it and transmission fluid was not a clear pink color, it was more like pinkish milk shake color! That was it!!! After almost $32K were paid in full and happy family for a few years, now a huge frustration and helplessness!!! Dealers "offer a help" only if we pay full price for Transmission and radiator to change - about $6K. I have not so much money!!! I heard Nissan refusing a recall on this huge issue. Mr. NISSAN or whoever you are, please do something about it, are you sleeping well every night?! We don't!!! Are you (Mr. NISSAN) afraid to go bankrupt of this big problem - I've bet you are! But think of those people who are behind the wheels of your trucks and SUVs and on this cars one day might get stuck in middle of fast highway because of this failure...!!! I really hope somebody can hear us out there. Please do something!!! PLEASE!!! Other Frontiers, Pathfinders, Xteras - please write your complaints!!! Don't seat and wait when something will happen, or till something happens!!! Thank you!!!

- , Carmichael, California, USA

problem #51

Aug 292014

(reported on)

Frontier SE 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 117,000 miles


Jumped into the truck to go to work, keys in and hit the start, and nothing! After panicking and finding a way to work, I called a mechanic friend and explained the issue, He went to the house to diagnosis the problem, and found a blown fuse to the transmission power module (scan tool was getting a no communication error).

Finally figured a way to bypass the blown fuse and get it to his shop and he pulled to pan and found water in the fluid due to a leaking transmission cooler. he recommended changing the TCPM, valve body, convertor and radiator.

I contacted Nissan's 800# and all I got from them was to take it to a "authorized dealer" for diagnosis at MY EXPENSE! I already paid a mechanic to diagnosis it already once. I asked for a supervisor, they would only escalate the issue once the truck went to the dealership for diagnosis.

I went to the Facebook page and asked that someone contact me, no avail. My only questions for tech was going to be, "how much liability did I have?" Were they going to pay total cost or deny the claim due to mileage or come up with some other BS to avoid responsibility saying that I did or did not do something.

Nissan knows this is an issue, but refuses to accept responsibility for the faulty parts.

- , Dry Fork, VA, USA

problem #50

Aug 052014

Frontier Nismo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 97,536 miles

Glad the body is in good shape...gonna be in this vehicle for a long time to pay off this expense.

- , Hummelstown, PA, USA

problem #49

Jan 162014

Frontier SE 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 112,000 miles

We bought our 2006 Nissan Frontier new from the dealer back in '07. This has been a nice vehicle until the day the transmission just quit. No warning lights, no dashboard indications, just stopped responding to the gas pedal being pressed. After further investigation, the mechanic reports that he sees quite a few Nissan Frontiers, XTerras and Pathfinder with the same issue. There is a known issue with the bad radiator design leaking fluid into the transmission. There actually was a class action lawsuit that made Nissan agree to extend the warranty to those vehicles that had up to 90K miles. This of course does nothing for me, except make me angry. The only thing Nissan will do for those who have a bad transmission under 90K is repair it with a $3,000 deductible, so that isn't a great "settlement" anyway.

I am most angry with my dealer, he sends me emails and letters about every "car sale" or oil change deal they have going on but can't send me notification that my crappy radiator can take our my transmission?

- , East Peoria, IL, USA

problem #48

Jul 212014

Frontier SE 4.0L, V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 191,820 miles


They knew about this all along. It took a long time for mine to surface, but it did. Nissan wants to rip you off to fix it. My truck just stopped.

- , Mansfield, TX, USA

problem #47

Jul 122014

Frontier LX V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 133,000 miles

Took my truck to the mechanic because it seemed like there was a problem with the transmission. He told me about the apparently very common problem with the transmission and radiator problem. He told me it was going to be between $2,500 and $3,600 to fix it... depending on whether water got into the computer part of the transmission. He told me that he believed there was a class action lawsuit being filed.

The more I researched I found that it is too late to be apart of that lawsuit and my car didn't qualify being that it was over 100,000 miles. Un-freakin-believable!! I love this truck but after what Nissan knew and how they did NOTHING to inform any of the owners, I will never buy a Nissan again.

- , Mira Loma, CA, USA

problem #46

Feb 052014

Frontier Nismo V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 124,000 miles

When I found out the problem I called Nissan and they said I was pass the extended warranty. At that point I was but if they would have notified me when they did the extended warranty on it I would have been covered. They told me I was the second owner so they did not have to notify me. I bought the truck with 20,000 miles on it from their dealership, it was still under factory warranty.

- , Green Bay, WI, USA

problem #45

May 152014

Frontier CEO V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 98,500 miles

I have been Nissan owner for years, this is a shame for them not to cover this and put cost on owners. My wife also owns 2009 Altima that I have already had to replace the transmission under warranty at 70000 miles. I will never buy or refer anyone to a Nissan vehicle ever......unless they do the right thing and pay back full owner's cost, which is not likely.

- , Butler, TN, USA

problem #44

Mar 222013

Frontier Nismo 4.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 200,000 miles


Now they tell me!!! I wasn't aware this problem was so common - or even existed! I had to replace my transmission last year due to this problem. If it had been a couple thousand dollars, that's manageable. But FOUR THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS??? OH...MY...GOD!!! On top of all that, it happened two blocks from where I was heading to close on my new house, so it made it all the more traumatic to be hit with this expense at that time. I know I got a lot of miles out of the truck, but to have to pay that much for a known defect on a vehicle of ANY odometer reading is unacceptable! Unaware of the issue, I've been searching for a Nissan XTerra to replace the Frontier, but now I don't know what to do! ARGH!!!

- , Colorado Springs, CO, USA

problem #43

Oct 182013

Frontier SE 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 99,976 miles

This truck is perfrct for me and I love driving it. I am very disappointed to know that the Nissan company knows of this problem with the radiator and transmission and the expensive to fix the problem for their customers and have not stepped up to the plate and done the right thing. I am retired and with a fixed income that makes it very hard to come up with $3,500. to fix this problem. As a consumer I feel that Nissan should be responsible for the repair to a problem that they were and are aware of with the 2006 Frontier. It is sad that in our country the citizens have to take such steps to force a business to take responsibility for their mistakes. Nissan step up and do the right thing and take care of this problem.

Do the right thing

Clarence Sponcil

Mt.Sterling, Kentucky

- , Mt.Sterling, KY, USA

problem #42

Feb 012012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 129,000 miles

Cannot believe a company like NISSAN will not step up and cover their mistakes.

VERY SAD, this has left so many families including mine in a terrible situation.

- , Covington, LA, USA

problem #41

Feb 012012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 129,000 miles

very DISGUSTED with Nissan over this matter.

This is worldwide problem that is a safety issue.

Gears completely gone and transmission shot.

This truck should have lasted and Nissan should feel terrible for leaving so many of its loyal customers in this situation.

- , Covington, LA, USA

problem #40

Sep 112013

Frontier SE 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

Nissan defect yet they won't recall it. Did not notify registered owners of problem so we could replace radiator and avoid repair bill. They need to stand behind their product or get in front of mine so I can run them over.

- , Rock Hill, SC, USA

problem #39

Mar 132014

Frontier LE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 101,000 miles

Took my NISSAN 2006 Pathfinder today to car dealer. I noticed about the shuddering noise etc.I was told that I need to have my radiator and transmission replace and they were charging me $5400 w/c is a shock to me.I was just out of luck because I have 101,00 miles on it and its not covered by extended warranty. NISSAN advice me to call consumer department. I am waiting for a call back from Nissan consumer department.

- , Corpu Christi, TX, USA

problem #38

Mar 052014

Frontier LX 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,823 miles

from what i understand nissan never had a recall for this problem, however there have been class action suits against nissan to recover damages for repairs. Also the repair just done to my vehicle is no guarantee that the valve body on the transmission was not damaged thereby requiring additional repairs, i.e. rebuilding or replacing the transmission at significant cost...there dishonesty in this matter makes ti impossible to ever even consider purchasing another nissan.

- , Amityville, NY, USA

problem #37

Dec 292012

Frontier V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 167,000 miles

I cannot believe I used to rave and recommend Nissan Frontiers to everyone. Unfortunately,due to my job, I put a lot of miles on my vehicle. Nissan,recognizing they are selling faulty vehicles,offered an extended warranty on the trucks but I had exceeded the mileage. To add insult to injury, they also offered additional extended warranties for a significant sum to the owner, which I also did not qualify due to my mileage.

Nissan, you suck for not standing behind your product and selling a knowingly defective product. If you think I'm bringing my vehicle into your dealership for repairs so you can make even more money off me you are mistaken. Watch the roads, I will be in the 2006 Nissan Frontier with the giant sandwich board in the truck bed letting everyone know not to buy your product. I am also considering picketing your dealership.

PS - I still owe 5,500 dollars on truck and am now paying $3100 to repair it and STILL working 6 days a week. Thanks Nissan.

PPS - The transmission place we took it to had 2 other Nissan Frontiers he was repairing with the same problem.

- , Dorchester, SC, Angola

problem #36

Aug 162013

Frontier Nismo 4.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 139,000 miles

My check engine light turned on. Nissan said it was due to radiator fluid in the transmission caused by a crack in the radiator. This crack developed because Nissan used a radiator fluid that was corrosive thereby creating the problem. Nissan quoted me $6500 to replace my transmission and radiator. So I am supposed to pay Nissan $7000 out of my pocket for a transmission failure caused by them because of a faulty design? Thanks Nissan

- , toano, VA, USA

problem #35

Jun 062012

Frontier LX, Nissmo 4.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 110,000 miles

This has been a very nice unabused truck and I can't believe that Nissan neglected a simple situation with the radiator that would have completely avoided this problem. What's worse, evidently in the face of overwhelming evidence of this being a design flaw through numerous documented failures, Nissan wants to brush it away as "one of those things".

- , North Little Rock, AR, USA

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