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pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
57,754 miles
Total Complaints:
15 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. new transmission (7 reports)
  2. not sure (5 reports)
  3. replaced transmission with remanufactured transmission (3 reports)
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2012 Nissan Versa transmission problems

transmission problem

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2012 Nissan Versa Owner Comments

problem #15

Jul 102015

Versa LS 1.8L

  • CVT transmission
  • 38,500 miles


I have a 2012 Nissan Versa with only 38,500 miles on it. The other day as I was driving home the car stalled and then stopped on me. I tried to restart to no avail. I had car towed to Nissan dealership on Friday and now today is Tuesday and they say they still are unsure of what is wrong with the vehicle. They also said that it may be the transmission that has going out. Really at only 38,500 luckily I purchased the extended warranty on the vehicle, so if the transmission needs to be replaced it will cover it but rest assured once it fixed the car is going bye bye and I will never ever purchase another Nissan again.

Looking at all the complaints I am lucky I did purchase the warranty or I would have been screwed as Nissan is not doing anything to fix the transmission problems in these vehicles . I am not gong to complain about the service department as they are at least trying to get the bottom of the problem but as much money as I am payment for this vehicle I should not be having the problems with this vehicle this early.

- , Locust Grove, GA, USA

problem #14

Aug 042015

Versa CV 2.0L

  • CVT transmission
  • 85,000 miles

My Nissan Versa was barely 3 years old with a CVT transmission and I was left stranded in the middle of an intersection in Manhattan NY while on a short day trip from Buffalo. My daughter and I had to push the vehicle out of the intersection and payed a tow truck 2000.00 to get us home. After paying another 28$ to tow it to the west herr Nissan dealer in orchard park NY on Southwestern boulevard only to have a service advisor treat me completely rude and demeaning. Telling me first it would be only a sensor for 500$ but then after talking to a salesman at West Herr Toyota in Orchard park it was the complete transmission repair for 2400$. The CVT transmission is not able to be monitored or maintained by the owner since there is no way to check the fluid in it. There is no dipstick. For a company to sell a car that has a transmission that only lasts three years is thievery. From day one the car ran rough and the sales man just said that's how the car is. NEVER get a Nissan Versa ever.

- , Derby, NY, USA

problem #13

May 122015

Versa SU 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,000 miles

2012 Nissan Versa... transmission is dead at 64k.. Cost $7000 to replace a new one at Dealership garage.

Pissed OFF!

- , Malverne, NY, USA

problem #12

Apr 142015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 63,000 miles


In 2012 bought my daughter for college a new car that I thought was safe, but two days ago without warning it stopped in the middle of a busy highway and thank god no one was behind her. At only 63,000 miles a new transmission has to be put in at over 3 thousand dollars, which she cannot afford and still owes too much on the car to turn in, not too mention it's only 3 thousand over warranty and they will not do anything for her. So sad, and believe me I will never buy a Nissan again.

This could be a disaster on the open highway for anyone.

A concerned, upset mom

- , Walkersville, MD, USA

problem #11

Mar 072015

Versa SL

  • CVT transmission
  • 76,736 miles

My transmission went out at 76,736 miles. I had to pay $4,500 to have a "remastered" transmission with only a 12month/12,000 mile warranty. I will never, ever, ever, ever buy another Nissan. Lesson learned. My hope is that I can get this piece of crap paid off before it completely falls apart all around me.

- , Prosper, TX, USA

problem #10

Apr 012015

Versa SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 84,172 miles

Driving down the interstate, it was great. Once I drive it for an hour, and get off an exit, once I stop and try to accelerate again. It wouldn't go. No matter how much I pressed down on the pedal, the engine would never go. Finally after it "caught", the RPM's went very high. Maybe to 7000 or 8000. Then I let off of it and it jumps putting the car into "Limp mode". IT did this Approx..17 times. And the only way to fix it is to pull the car over and turn it off to reset the computer in the car. The last time it did it, it screwed it up. It didn't run right at all.

I scheduled it to be looked at at the Nissan dealership. They looked it over and ran the test and said that the transmission was about 5 miles from going out completely. Luckily it was under warranty. Another 8000 miles, I would have been SOL. This madness has got to stop. AWAY WITH CVT TRANSMISSIONS!!!!!!!!

- , Del Rio, TN, USA

problem #9

Jan 012014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles


The transmission died at at 75,000 THEN.... 30,000 miles later died again. This car is only a couple of years old. I've had to have the transmission replaced twice. First time was on warranty. Second time, cost is $3500. I bought this car cheap, because I don't have a lot of money and having to put out $3500 is a real hardship.

DO NOT BUY THIS CAR EVER!!! I always loved Nissans and had many over the years with no problems. MY biggest fear is fixing this the 2nd time only to find it will break in another 30,000 miles.

Nissan - DO THE RIGHT THING!!! Stand by your loyal customers and help us fix these transmissions!!

- , Greeley, PA, USA

problem #8

Jan 052015


  • CVT transmission
  • 67,500 miles

The CVT failed at 67500 miles. Nissan is unwilling to provide any assistance since it is 7500 miles past warranty. Research shows this transmission has been problematic. Even the CEO acknowledged problems in December 2013 and transferred an executive to the transmission manufacturer (JATCO) which is partially owned by Nissan. The executive was to provide oversight to fix the problems.

The same transmission was installed in three Chrysler models. My company vehicle was a Jeep Patriot which is one of them and it has also had a transmission failure. Chrysler has stopped using this transmission.

We are still waiting for repairs as the dealer is having problems sourcing the new transmission!

My recommendation is to steer clear of all Nissan products and make sure any vehicle you purchase does not have a JATCO transmission.

- , Caledonia, MI, USA

problem #7

Sep 292014


  • CVT transmission
  • 67,000 miles

Various problems with seals, skipping and jumping BUT total failure right after the warranty expired!

- , Punta Gorda, FL, USA

problem #6

Feb 242014

Versa SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 42,000 miles

I have now had my car in two Nissan dealerships in the last two weeks for two different problems both related to the transmission with no help nor solution from Nissan. Now not only is my brand new car that I have only had for 14 months having issues it is extremely unsafe to drive.

Headed home from work I noticed the car was starting to do the same thing I had had the car in the shop 4 days ago. Every time I went around a round-about when accelerating out of the intersection the car was hesitating significantly to accelerate after I had had the gas pedal down for a while. Now fuming mad when I got home I did not turn the car off as I had at the dealership the last visit, I left it running while my husband and son got in the car and we headed back to town so I could show him what was occurring. Every single round-about I went thru I had the same issue.

This time we decided to go thru town and thru stop signs and lights to see what would happen. The first stop sign I came to, I stopped and than pushed the gas pedal down to go. The car would not move at all. I started to pump the gas pedal to get it to move and it would not move at all. I than held the gas pedal down to the floor. The car not only did not move but the RPMs did not go up at all. By this time another car had been waiting to go and a pedestrian. Both became inpatient of my vehicle not going so they both crossed right in front of my vehicle while the gas pedal was pushed all the way to the floor. Surely now you can see how dangerous this situation was. My husband and I switched driver's seats and he tried several things none of which worked until he turned the car off and than back on. The car finally moved but we had to literally run every stop sign and stop light on the way home to keep it from doing it again. I ended up needing to make a left turn on a bridge to get on an on ramp to go home. I would normally have slowed down and than proceeded since the oncoming traffic was a mile away but I knew if I did the car would hesitate again when I started to accelerate. So I stopped on the bridge and again the car would not move until after a couple of minutes and than the car started to slowly accelerate and move.

I took the car to the dealership again. This time when my husband got it there he did not turn the engine off and got the technician in the vehicle drove around town to show him what was the issue. They had the car for a week. They changed the throttle positioning sensor and that did not work. So they than replaced the throttle body on the car and said that fixed the issue, the car was test drove for over 50 miles and was the best test drive they had ever had with this vehicle. We picked up the car that day, the very minute we drove it off the lot we could tell the initial issue with the car was not fixed. But the stop and not accelerating issue was not apparent. We drove the car around the city for fours hours that day to different dealerships to get a different car. We than drove on to a Toyota lot and the car would not accelerate at all again. Four hours and the car was doing the exact same things we had just been told that morning had been fixed.

We took the car back to the Nissan dealership, picked up the exact same loaner car we had just dropped off that day and cleaned all out belongings out of our Versa put them in the loaner and drove over to Mazda who still let us trade the car in even though it was sitting in the shop across town. We found out a week later that Nissan ended up putting a brand new transmission in our car. The tech told us that after they got the transmission out of that car it was in bad shape and not going to last us much longer. A transmission, we that only had 42000 miles on it and was only 14 months old. The transmission only had a little over 100 miles on it when we had bought it.

Not only was this issue extremely inconvenient, the customer service we received from Nissan was almost non existent, but the thing that is the most frustrating was Nissan's absolute disregard for the safety of my family and those on the road that we passed everyday in the death trap they had sold me a little over a year ago.

- , Warrensburg, MO, USA

problem #5

Jun 272014

Versa SL 1.6L

  • CVT transmission
  • 68,000 miles


The cvt transmission started acting up around 30k miles when the torque convertor was engaged while I put it in drive and the car jumped and died. After that, mileage went down. At 68k miles an engine code (P0740) came on for the torque convertor, my mileage went down to 30mpg and it had no power. Often running at 3500 rpms to drive 70mph. It is in the dealer shop still. Probably a transmission replacement will occur.

Update from Jul 16, 2014: The transmission was replaced a couple days ago with a remanufactured transmission. The car seems to be back to normal. They gave me no information about what caused the failure. Said they did not know.

- , Rolla, MO, USA

problem #4

Jun 272014

Versa SL 1.6L

  • CVT transmission
  • 68,000 miles

The cvt transmission started acting up around 30k miles when the torque convertor was engaged while I put it in drive and the car jumped and died. After that, mileage went down. At 68k miles an engine code (P0740) came on for the torque convertor, my mileage went down to 30mpg and it had no power. Often running at 3500 rpms to drive 70mph. It is in the dealer shop still. Probably a transmission replacement will occur.

- , Rolla, MO, USA

problem #3

Feb 102014

Versa SV

  • CVT transmission
  • 42,000 miles

2 months ago I noticed a squeeking everytime i accelerated. Than 2 weeks ago my car started jerking everytime it acclerated to go up and hill or pass another car on the highway. The jerking starts when i am going over 50 miles per hour. I took it to the dealearship where they also observed the jerking but could not hear the squeeking?? I was informed they had two master technichians for Nissan look at it neither knew how to fix it and they contacted Nissan about the issue. Nissan informed the techs that this was normall operations for this vehicle. The mechaninc went on to inform me they had to similar issues with two other customers. One they replaced the transmission and the other they did not. Both individuals still have the same problem today. I asked him what I should do and he had no adivse for me. He told me personally he did not think it was normal for my car to do that otherwise it would have done it the first 40000 miles I drove it and if it was his vehicle he would have an issue with it doing this as well. I picked my vehicle up and demanded to have it in writting that: the issue i described they observed, and that Nissan told them it was normal. I am not sure what to do now. I can keep driving and wait for it to leave me starnded one day or contact a lawyer to seek out my options.

- , Warrensburg, MO, USA

problem #2

Feb 012013

Versa SL

  • CVT transmission
  • 14,000 miles

I have had many issues with this car. Too many to list. Worst and most recent the transmission had to be replaced. I bought this car new only 7 months ago. The transmission has been replaced although many other issues persist. Its been to the service department 6 times already.

- , Chalmette, LA, USA

problem #1

Nov 052012


  • CVT transmission
  • 11,400 miles

My 9 month old car left me stranded on the side of the highway. Now I am waiting at least a month for the new transmission to come from Japan. I'm really disgusted that the transmission would fail on a brand new car.

- , Bellingham, MA, USA

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