Scion TSB #S-SB-0007-15

2016 Scion FR-S

TSB Document:


SSB: 2016 model year vehicles are equipped with driver's side floor mat retaining clips to secure the floor mat in the correct position. In addition, some models may utilize retaining clips for passenger side floor mats as well. Follow the appropriate installation procedure to attach the driver's side and passenger's side (if applicable) floor mat to the vehicle carpet using the floor mat retaining clips during Pre-Delivery Service (PDS). CAUTION ? ALWAYS verify the floor mat to ensure it is designed specifically for the model and model year it is being installed in. ? ONLY use floor mats that can be retained using the retaining clips. All OEM Scion floor mats are specifically designed to fit correctly and be retained using the retaining clips. ? Make sure the floor mat is properly placed on the vehicle carpet and secured with the retaining clips. If the driver side floor mat is NOT properly placed and secured, it could slip and interfere with the movement of the pedals during driving and may cause an accident. ? Verify the operation of the accelerator, brake, and clutch (if equipped) pedals and clearance to the mat. ? NEVER install more than one floor mat at a time in the driver's seating position. ? If applicable, any secondary set of floor mats (based upon customer preference, such as the all weather floor mats or other floor mats) MUST be placed in the trunk with all the packaging material intact. Do NOT install the secondary mat on top of the primary floor mat already installed in the driver's seating position.

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Date Published
MAY 13, 2015
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