2010-2015 Ferrari 458 cars have two systems to prevent fuel from leaking.

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Ferrari 458 Fuel Leaks Investigated
2010-2015 Ferrari 458 cars have two systems to prevent fuel from leaking.

— Fuel leaks in 2010-2015 Ferrari 458 cars have caused the U.S. government to open an investigation into the vehicles equipped with two systems to prevent fuel leaks.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says two Ferrari 458 owners complained about leaking fuel, and safety regulators also discovered another complaint made outside of NHTSA.

"The contact stated that the vehicle was at a stand still at a gas station, the contact was unable to add fuel to the vehicle. The contact stated he attempted to refuel the vehicle at different stations but continued to experience the failure. The contact was able to add fuel using a gas container. The contact also stated the fuel was leaking from the vehicle while turning. The failure mileage was approximately 11,000." — 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia owner

"I have a 2012 ferrari 458 italia and the 'Flapper' on the fuel filler does not close. I've noticed on a couple occasions that after filling and "Spirited" driving (corning at legal speeds) I will have fuel on the side of the car. This indicates that the fuel can 'Slosh' out of the filler neck. I've got a concern that this could ignite causing a fire. I've been able to manipulate the flapper to get it to close, but it sticks open again after the next fuel up."

The Ferrari 458 has a capless fuel filler and anti-spit-back valve to prevent the loss of fuel. However, NHTSA says the three fuel leak incidents involved damage to the capless fuel fillers.

Safety regulators say failures of the capless fuel fill neck or the anti-spit-back valve to seal the fuel system may allow fuel to leak from the car during left turns.

About 5,000 model year 2010-2015 Ferrari 458 cars are included in the fuel leak investigation.

CarComplaints.com will update our website with results of the Ferrari 458 investigation.


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