pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
115,851 miles
Total Complaints:
49 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (36 reports)
  2. replace engine (9 reports)
  3. replace the piston rings and head gasket (2 reports)
  4. no (1 reports)
  5. replace piston rings and head gasket (1 reports)
2006 Toyota RAV4 engine problems

engine problem

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2006 Toyota RAV4 Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #49

Dec 172015

RAV4 LX 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles



at 75,000 miles so far the engine was rebuilt for excessive oil consumption

- , Piedmont, USA

problem #48

Oct 152010

RAV4 LX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

my Toyota Rav4 burns 4 quarts of oil every month, this is ridicules, something needs to be done about this problem.

- , Littleton, CO, US

problem #47

Jun 252015

RAV4 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 99,009 miles

This has been more and more of a constant worry. I've had to replenish my oil levels multiple times between my last five scheduled services. I know the guys at Valvoline are not happy to see me.

- , West Chester, OH, US

problem #46

Jan 012017

RAV4 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles


Toyota did an oil change for me earlier this year and didn't say that were doing an oil consumption test but later it was found by the markings on the stick and cover that they did do a test, but didn't inform me on how many miles I should drive it to return it to see if there's an issue. Toyota sent out a recall on the engine/piston rings/head gasket conveniently for them, only 3 months after my 10 year warranty was up. I brought in the car to get the test that was required by the recall but they told me it was no longer under warranty and there's nothing they could do. The mileage on the car also doesn't exceed to warranted amount... so it's unfortunate that they won't help me considering they started the test months before, it's on paper, and they didn't inform me that they actually DID the test or when to come back. I consider that bad business on both the Toyota shop I went to (Valenti's of Westerly, R.I.) and Toyota itself (customer service line).

- , Westerly, RI, US

problem #45

Mar 012017

RAV4 Sport 2.4L Dohc-4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,000 miles

I bought a spotless Toyota RAV4 in June of 2016 with 130,000 miles. The car had 2 previous owners and all of the service records. It had been well cared for and serviced frequently. The Car Fax was perfect. .... I bought a Toyota because if well cared for, as this one was, they will be dependable for 300,000 miles.

When I bought the car I checked the oil and it was fine. Checked it again in August and it was 2 quarts low! I was amazed. I asked a parts guy at the local Toyota dealership and he said he knew of no issues. After speaking to a auto-repair shop owner I was made aware there was indeed a problem and that Toyota knew about it. I called the Toyota dealer again and this time the service department told me there had been a recall but I missed out on the recall by about 6 months.

Bottom line is I am pissed and feeling ripped off for owning a Toyota that should have been recalled. I am putting a quart of oil in it MORE FREQUENTLY THEN EVERY 500 MILES! I just keep adding oil because I don't know what else to do. PLEASE HELP.

- , Everett, WA, US

problem #44

Dec 012016

RAV4 ES 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 144,960 miles


- , Lancaster, PA, USA

problem #43

Oct 262015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,705 miles


I reported to Germain Toyota in Naples, FL on 10/26/15 that my engine had burned all the oil in 3711 miles. They did an oil consumption test and said it passed. I don't think the test was done properly. The documentation was on their standard Repair Order Detail form that just said it passed.

Again I reported to them on 3/11/16 that there was no oil after 2496 miles. They told me it was already tested and it was fine.

On 10/6/16 I reported there was no oil (plus I had added 3 quarts) after 3580 miles. They did an oil consumption test and said it FAILED. The documentation I have for the most recent test is on a form specific to the oil consumption test, thorough & complete.

But they will do nothing to fix it because as of 4/3/16 it was out of warranty based their first date of use calculation. This decision, I was told, was from the Toyota District Manager. It was not out of warranty when I originally reported the problem at two different times to them. But now that it's out of warranty they admit that there is an oil consumption problem. The fact that they won't fix a problem they identified as being "their" problem shows a total disregard for my safety.

- , Naples, FL, USA

problem #42

Oct 152014

RAV4 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,000 miles

My 2006 Rav4 burns oil. I run premium synthetic and change my oil and filter every 5000 miles. For the last two years I've been adding two quarts between oil changes. My problem isn't as bad as others but that still a lot to add between oil changes. Replaced the valve cover gasket and that seemed to help reduce the issue. The valve cover gasket is made of rubber and and gets brittle and cracks. If you have a Rav4 that's 5-10 years old and haven;t done that gasket you should.

- , Fort Myers, FL, USA

problem #41

Sep 202015

RAV4 Limited V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,536 miles

I have Toyota 2006 RAV4 that suddenly started burning engine oil since September, 2015. When I noticed that, I watched closely and it was consuming more than a quarter in 1600KM, then I took it to a Toyota dealer they registered the issue then contacted Toyota Canada on my behalf, next week when I called the dealer again they provided me a reference number (2427689) which was given by Toyota Canada and told me that the good news is it is covered under standard warranty and Toyota Canada will fix it for no cost, you are on the waiting list and have to wait.

After couple of weeks I contacted the dealer again but got the same response to wait for my turn. I had no choice except to wait and pay for the extra oil every two weeks, later I noticed that the oil consumption problem exceeded and it burned 3 quarter for 1700KM, the last time I visited the Toyota dealer was a month ago and got the bad news saying that "Toyota Canada has put this fix on hold and we cannot tell you when they will start again to fix oil burning issues".

This has become a major issue now and very annoying now. I have to spend more on oil than gas while driving this vehicle, which has really mad me unhappy and if Toyota Canada cannot take responsibility then why they give wrong promises to their customers and put them on a fake waiting list.

Khair Mohammad

Toronto, ON


- , Toronto, ON, Canada

problem #40

Mar 312016

RAV4 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 112,000 miles

Car was purchased after previous owner traded in on a lease in 2011. Car is presently in the shop; was my husband's car until he passed July 2015; We have had this car maintained faithfully with proper oil changes, etc.... when my daughter started using his car we started putting oil in it; She recently got stuck on highway car smoking; had it towed to local Toyota dealership and they are doing a tear down of the engine to determine problem. I called their corporate headquarters to put the initial complaint in. Waiting to hear what result will be but will fight it all the way...... WTH Nice car and we love it but shouldn't have to pay for what is being done......

Update from Nov 2, 2016: after tearing down the engine they found the engine block had a hole in it and are replacing at no charge; yessssssss..... somebody up there likes me......

- , Danbury, CT, USA

problem #39

Jun 012016

RAV4 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 152,500 miles


Hello, I'm a single mother of two.I own a Rav4, 2006.I n the last 6-8months I was having to put 2-2.5 quarts of oil in my car Every time I filled the gas tank which was 2x a week.never received any information on the oil consumption issue, until my car lost all power while driving my daughter home in traffic,which almost killed us..So, I was informed by a local shop to take it in to Thompson Toyota.As of Oct.4,2016.Thompson sealed 3 spots of oil to start a oil consumption test, told me to drive it 1100-1300 miles and bring it back.I told them my car would not make it to those miles and voiced my concerns through a claim with corporate.The deadline was Oct.31,2016..which was another of my concern that I wasn't going to be able to drive that many miles before that date.Which they told me they would honor the test pass the date..So, as of Nov.4,2016, my car once again almost killed myself and children, brought it in , Toyota tired to get me to pay for a check engine light for $140.00,which then try to tell me Toyota is the only place that can read it's codes..but, in 1996 a law was passed that every shop has the same codes... I told them the light has to do with the oil consumption to just check the test...So, they did,and at 785 miles into this test my car was 3+quarts low...they filled it back up, which they over filled it by almost 1/2-1 full quarts and wanted me to drive it home, told me they will work hard to get it fixed ..I left it there for 3day and they called me and said they will not fix it, so now It sits in driveway and I have no car for my kids to get to school and no car to get to work...This is really sad, and to think I've been a Toyota owner my whole life..Not anymore!!! I wish everyone the best of luck when dealing with Toyota's blindness, selfishness.Thank you for putting everyone's lives in danger...

- , Placerville, USA

problem #38

Jul 122016

RAV4 2.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 202,000 miles

I took my 2006 Toyota in for excessive oil consumption, they put new pistons in the engine.1200 miles later the oil pump goes out. wile they had my car for over 2 months tore apart I went to get a key out of it and saw the camshafts laying on the ground. I am jet engine Mechanic and took auto Mechanics in high school. never seen a oil pump go bad. It would not think Toyota would do such shotty maintenance. They didn't even replace the bearings, or bore the engine.

- , Wichita Falls, TX, US

problem #37

Apr 012016

RAV4 Limited 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles

click to see larger images

excessive oil consumption excessive oil consumption

Had Romano Toyota in Syracuse run the excessive oil consumption test in September 2016, they claimed the vehicle "past the test", but did not show me the oil level on the dip stick or even recorded on the diagram they used for reporting purposes. I re-ran the test, see images, the car is using 1 qt oil in 1100-1200 miles, and has been doing that since last April or longer? The representative at the call in line for resolving such issues as this was nice, but informed me unless I could take the automobile back in to a dealer and have them run the test again before the end of October, I was out of luck.

So...in my opinion, a not so truthful report from Romano Toyota, I should have insisted on being in the auto bay when they broke the seal on the dip stick and stood with them when the mechanic read and recorded the oil level. Now we will have to be vigilant about putting oil in the vehicle every 500 miles or so, as I have been doing since last spring, to make certain the engine is not damaged from overheating. There are no oil leaks (no oil on the ground or on the engine anywhere...my local mechanic confirmed that), and there is not blue smoke from burning oil coming out of the exhaust...so where is all that oil going???

My wife and I feel let down by Toyota on this one. The automobile should last another 50000 miles, that is if we keep oil in it on a regular basis.

- , Cortland, NY, USA

problem #36

Jul 012016

RAV4 2.4L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 190,000 miles

The RAV4 is burning excessive oil. It has always consumed some oil, but it has progressively gotten worse. I have always changed my own oil at the 5,000 mile mark, and I've always used quality oils and quality filters. There is apparently a "limited service campaign" to fix the problem (Toyota knows it's a problem, but won't issue a full recall for whatever reason).

Toyota has refused to help me because the oil consumption test (driving 1200 miles and seeing if it is a quart low) will not be complete by October 31 (the end of the limited service campaign). I only found out about this service campaign on Friday, October 29. Even though I had my car in the shop at 7:30 am on October 31 to start the oil consumption test, they will not cover any repairs, even if the test shows that it is indeed consuming too much oil.

Never will I ever buy another Toyota - this is ridiculous. I've had Toyota vehicles my whole life, including many family members. Toyota lost a life-long customer. The only way to make this right with me is fix the problem, issue a recall, etc.

- , Arlington, TN, USA

problem #35

Dec 212015

RAV4 Limited

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

I complained to Toyota dealership for over 2 years that the car was burning excessive oil. I was told because the car had high mileage that it was normal to burn 1-2 quarts between 3,000 mile oil changes. They finally agreed to do oil consumption test. Said it failed, but did not repair for over 6 mos. because they said no parts were available, until I went on a rant because I was now at 2-3 quarts replacement between oil changes. Then said I had to repeat oil consumption test because it was done improperly. GIVE ME A BREAK. They then did oil change on my car and proceeded to lose my whole set of keys. How does this happen? I went into the salesroom to rant at that point and they decided they would give me a loaner car and repair the car, after I called police about the keys. They had my car 6 weeks, replaced short block.

- , Lincolnshire, IL, USA

problem #34

Oct 032016

RAV4 L 2.5L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 64,576 miles

I am grateful that I am not alone. I also took my car for testing at Elgin Toyota on Lake St.I didn't get to see the dipstick marking before the sealing. I first the" Maintenance Required light go on then two day late the Oil light turn on. I though it need a Qt. I put a Qt but no show on stick finally after two more ,it mark half. I Googled , and found about complaints and oil test.The service write at Elgin told me the the oil light come on went it is down to 2.5 Qts. I told him that I added 3 qts and the car requires 4.35 qts . I ask to see if there was a problem with the oil light. He just ask if I wanted regular oil or Sync oil. I asked if that will help and how will it last. He said,"No I will still add oil and it good for 5,000 miles. I as I sat wait for my car , I made friend conversion with a guy that was there for oil change . He said that his service writer told him that syn oil good for 10,000 miles. Well it look like I am in for a battle on my return trip. There is commissions and trues. I will not buy anymore or recommend Toyota. I can not imagine how many people are being taken to the bank for some thing that was not their fault .I will post my return resolves . I have a 1999 Ford Ranger 2.4 196,685 miles NO OIL BURNING or LEAK

Update from Dec 7, 2016: Sorry about previous typo errors ,don't write in anger . I went back to Elgin Toyota after 1166 miles. I told them that I wanted to see the dipstick when the mechanic break the seal. The mechanic said that they pour a quart and then check the dipstick to see if it marks between the marking. I told him I want to see the dipstick before it. The dipstick marked halfway . After he poured the whole quart ,. it marked .610" over the top mark( equal to a little over half quart of oil ). Test method is wrong . If you add a quart and it marks halfway does that mean that it pass or that it burned 1-1/2 qts to the Mechanic? To me the marking on the dipstick is I quart range, so if I inspected the dipstick first an it read between the markings its ok. Also It worries me that I half quart over. I have Deg . in automotive and 3 cert,and 30+ years as a Chief quality inspector in manufacturing . I measured this when I got home and I am going to remeasure it every1100 miles( twice). Word of advice , before you sign off on the release sheet, write what was done that you felt was not right in ink( like Not shown the dipstick before and after , overfilling ) this can't erased of scratched out This will save you in CASE SOMETHING HAPPEN. I will do a follow up .This is considered defected piston rings problem. This will be my last Toyota. I think they are cutting back on quality parts to save money and bank on the reputation.

- , Chicago, IL, USA

problem #33

Mar 262014

RAV4 Limited 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

My RAV 4 started burning oil at 80K miles. Not leaking, burning. I investigated then and saw there was a TSB--technical service bulletin, on certain engines (mine included) about the issue. Toyota has never issued a recall, but finally did an "extended warranty" and allowed an excessive fuel consumption test. When I did the test in the spring, I was just over what Toyota accepts as abnormal--I would probably burn a quart in 1400 miles. Now, today I had to cancel a client to go to Hansel in Petaluma (Freeman has no appts available til 10/31!!!), to start a second test. The infuriating part is that I have to put at least 1100 miles on the car between now and 10/31/16, or the extended warranty won't be accepted. The MORE INFURIATING part is that when I last checked my oil, I was already down a quart at 930 miles!!!! When I talked to HQ about my concerns about being forced to drive the 1100 miles and what would happen if I actually damaged my engine due to low oil BECAUSE of the TEST, I was told that MAYBE Toyota would assist me, but my car was already out of warranty, so.....

Update from Oct 20, 2016: Performed the first excessive oil consumption test, ending on 4/13/15. The oil consumption was above what Toyota considered "abnormal," meaning I hadn't yet burned a full quart. At that point, the engine had burned 3/4 quart during the oil consumption test. I was told that I could do another consumption test later on, during the warranty period. After checking with my regular mechanic, I was told that as long as I diligently checked my oil and kept in full, the engine would be ok. Obviously, however, my RAV lost most of its resale value....

Update from Oct 20, 2016: at 104536 miles, I had to put in a full quart. I checked my oil at 935 miles, rather than 1100, because the car seemed to be running poorly. I was already down a full quart. This is when I called the Toyota dealership to try to get in to start the oil consumption test, but I was first told that there were no appts until 10/31! After dealing with a service rep who really wasn't getting the issue, she offered me an appt a week from now. Apparently, LOTS of people are trying to get their cars in for this reason! I was told that even if I started the test, I would have to complete the 1100 miles by 10/31/16. A secondary extended warranty was no good on my car, since it turned 10 years old in March of this year. So they were going to have a supervisor call me. In the meantime, I contacted a different Toyota dealership 40 minutes away. They were able to see me today, but that meant also losing work time. And I called Toyota HQ for owners at 1/800/331-4331 and spoke to a woman named Tory. She was telling me that no, as long as I started the test now, I would be covered under the warranty. As I continued to press her on that, asking for email or printed confirmation, which she had none to give, and I was telling her that was NOT what the second Toyota dealership had told me, she was just saying the dealership could call HQ. I pressed her, asking that she wanted me to take this all on faith? Finally, she put me on a long hold. And then she connected me to a Chris. I can't believe I didn't get his last name. He told me he had to set Tory straight, that she had given me the wrong info and the dealer was correct. 1100 miles had to be put on my car in 10 days. this is when I brought my concern to him about how quickly I had burned a quart and wondered if being forced to drive 1100 miles without being able to check the oil, would damage my engine. And what would Toyota do, then? He became evasive and said he couldn't talk in hypotheticals, but that MAYBE Toyota "would ASSIST" me, but given that the car was actually out of regular warranty.... Here I told him how I wished I was able to record what had been being said, because it sounded like a lawsuit. I was assigned a case #: 1610192594.

- , Windsor, CA, USA

problem #32

May 262016

RAV4 Sport 3.1L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 114,665 miles

Toyota did an Oil Comp test and said it passed with flying colors. Pun another 2500 miles and checked the oil...wasn't even oil on the dip stick. Took 2 qt to get it to full. Thats 1qt per 1200 miles. Contacted Toyota Dealership who said my car had passed the test and was told thats normal. Maybe normal for a 1960 chevy but not a Toyota! A family friend/Mech. says get rid of it QUICK.

- , Littleton, CO, US

problem #31

May 012016

RAV4 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 250,000 miles

Nothing wrong with Rav4 until Toyota done recall for oil consumption. Took 5 months before they had a car for me to drive it. Took 2 days to fix it. Then car was running different and dash lights were on. Took it back the next day, spent half day waiting to get told it was my catalytic converter. That it was at my expense to fix it and for them to do it was going to cost $850.00. I have been told by 3 different mechanics that it was also part of the oil consumption and that Toyota should have to fix the motor all the way. It has a noise in the head. I was told that top of motor wasn't caused from it using oil for 10 years by Toyota. As for corporate office they said my car was out of warranty.

I don't think it is right for them to try and get their money back by making us have to pay when it was all their fault. I am the only one that has owned my Rav4. Yes, it's been a great car but the way Toyota is doing I don't call fair for anyone. I wish that some one could help me bout all this bull sh*t because that's what I have got is a bunch of bull sh*t and I think it's because I'm a woman not a man.

- , Ooltewah, TN, USA

problem #30

Oct 062015

RAV4 Limited V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 136,000 miles

My husband and I have had to add oil every 200 to 250 miles as checking the dipstick showed the Rav4 to be extremely low on oil thus causing us to add oil! We took the Rav4 into Murfreesboro (TN) Toyota dealership as we got a recall "check" notification about excessive oil consumption. Before leaving our home we checked the oil and were 1/2 quart low. We decided not to add oil before we left. When we got to the dealership befoe the mechanics took our car we checked the oil again and showed it to an employee. The mechanics then took our car to the "back" of the shop (we were not allowed to see what was going on). We asked what the mechanics were going to do and we were told "customers" are not allowed in the work area.

We were told to bring the car back after 1400 miles to check the oil, but we were not to check the oil in the meantime. We explained that we had been losing oil every 200 - 250 miles and were concerned about not checking the oil during that time. We were told we could bring our vechicle back to the Toyota dealership if we checked the oil and it was low before the 1400 mile check-up.

After 1 week and checking the oil the oil reservoir showed very low oil (to the bottom line). We had NOT traveled in excess. We took the car back to the dealership (earlier) than the mechanics thought was viable. We checked the dipstick at home twice. The mechanics took our car back into the shop without letting my husband pull the dipstick ( or watching a mechanic pull the dipstick). We were not allowed to watch what the mechanics did. 30 minutes later a sales rep brought us our dipstick that showed we had plenty of oil (to the top rim)!!!

The mechanics said that we had misread the dipstick!!! My husband has been checking the oil in cars for at least 55 years...he knows how to check the oil and so do I. Sales rep said for us to bring the car back after the full 1400 miiles. We have since put in a quart of oil a week since!!!!! What can we do!!

- , Shelbyville, USA

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