Acura Recall : Interior Systems:Active Restraints:Belt Buckles

1989 Acura Legend

The safety belts would not provide adequate protection to an occupant in a vehicle crash.

Seat Belts — Front — Buckle Assembly

The front safety belt buckle release buttons can break. These red plastic release buttons are marked "press." If a button breaks, pieces can fall into the buckle assembly causing the buckle to operate improperly.
Owners should promptly check the condition and operation of both front safety belt buckles. Carefully inspect the red release button for any breaks or cracks. Check that both buckles are operating properly by inserting each latch plate into its buckle, tug on the belt to make sure the latch is securely locked, then press the release button. The latch plate should pop out of the buckle when the button is pressed. If either release button shows any sign of breakage or cracking, or if either buckle fails to operate properly, promptly contact your authorized Honda/Acura dealer to schedule an appointment to have the buckle replaced or repaired, free of charge. The manufacturer is developing a remedy designed to prevent the failure of the buttons that are not currently broken.
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Date Announced
MAY 24, 1995
Vehicles Affected
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