pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
84,750 miles
Total Complaints:
8 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (7 reports)
  2. rebuild engine (1 reports)
2009 Acura TSX engine problems

engine problem

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2009 Acura TSX Owner Comments

problem #8

Feb 282020

TSX Tech 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 106,000 miles


Acura says MY 2009 Acura TSX Tech is not included within service bulletin or warranty extension for excessive oil consumption. I called twice and was given multiple service bulletin numbers which Acura claims doesn't apply to my vehicle - but if service bulletins apply, only did then my vehicle would have been an affected vehicle. Affected vehicles were given 125,000 or 8 year warranty to date of delivery. If my vehicle wasn't impacted, according to them, then why do I have the same problem of excessive oil consumption that others have experienced? Why is it that now that the maintained vehicle has CONSUMED 100% of its oil between changes of 3500 miles, that I am not affected?

Acura needs to expand its "Warranty Extension" to cover the engine. My Acura is not reliable and will not last 200,000 without the repair they so "suggested" by a "Warranty Extension" of the engine.

If I was impacted, then the course of action would be for Acura to (get this) pay them to change my oil that I just changed. Then to check the oil after 1000 miles. So not only does Acura deny that my vehicle is affected, they posted this service bulletin in 2019 offering 8 year warranty... on a 2009. OMFG! Note this ALL: "2009-11 TSX ALL"

Service Bulletin 13-006 June 28, 2019 Warranty Extension: Sticking Rings Resulting in High Engine Oil Consumption Version 10 Supersedes 13-006, Sticking Rings Resulting in Unusually High Engine Oil Consumption, dated December 19, 2018; see Revision Summary AFFECTED VEHICLES Year Model Trim 2009-11 TSX ALL 2011 TSX Sport ALL Wagon REVISION SUMMARY • Under AFFECTED VEHICLES, information was updated. BACKGROUND VIN Range Check the iN VIN status for eligibility. Check the iN VIN status for eligibility.

- Ellen V., Sussex, WI, US

problem #7

Oct 022017

TSX 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles

I received a letter for the warranty extension and went to the dealer to determine if my vehicle qualifies. Dealership performed the test 3 times and every time I was told the oil consumption is normal for this type of vehicle.

I have the oil changed every 3000miles in this vehicle and noticed that I have to add 1 quart of oil between oil changes or "Check Oil" light will come on. I informed Acura service manager about this and I was told that this is normal oil consumption for Acura. We had Acura's corporate service team involved but I knew they had no interest in acknowledging that this vehicle qualified for the extended warranty.

Acura was my vehicle of choice but if they expect owners to add oil between 3000 miles oil changes then these vehicles are not for me.

Will shift to Lexus or Audi.

- hdycha, Sterling Heights, US

problem #6

May 202019

TSX Tech 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 122,000 miles

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excessive oil consumption

Vehicle was filled with an extra qt of oil accidentally by the shop that performed the full synthetic oil change. About 1200 miles later, the oil level was almost half a qt of oil below the full dot mark. That means about a qt and a half was burned within 1200 miles.

I am currently on my second 1000 mile test with Acura. The dealer suggested that because it was overfilled and never notated that the car is fine. I informed the manager that it was over by a qt of oil. He suggested that we go for another 1000 miles and do everything by the book. Because the car is under the mileage but past the extended warranty issued by Acura (8 years or 125k miles, whichever came first), we need to do everything by the book the way Acura wants us to in order to have the best shot at having this covered.

I do not have much hope. I was really hoping that because it was under the mileage that Acura would be kind enough and service my vehicle. The TSB released suggests that the pistons get carbon buildup and get stuck, allowing oil to escape in the combustion chamber

I think Acura should have issued a RECALL instead of an extended warranty that would get them off the hook as the years passed and didn't have to pay all this labour to get it fixed.

I got a quote from various mechanics regarding the cost of having the piston rings replaced and I got anywhere from 3500$ to 5000$. Pretty much the KBB value of the vehicle.

I am not planning on having the vehicle serviced by a professional. I will simply resort into topping it off with oil every so often until I pay the vehicle off in less than 4 years, sell it, and go with a Lexus instead. Unless Acura covers the repair. If they do not, it will be a sever indication of what they do for their clientele, which will heavily impact my decision on whether or not I want to stick with a car manufacturer that does not have my back.

I really really hope Acura covers this. If they do my faith will be restored and I will come back and update this comment to inform everyone of their action, bad or good. If they do not cover it I will also come back and update the section too.

Good luck to me!

- Jom J., Ames, IA, US

problem #5

Aug 192017


  • Automatic transmission
  • 94,000 miles


I went through a quart and a half of oil in less than 3000 miles. My car has less than 95 thousand miles on it, I've only owned it 9 months and bought it second hand thinking it would be reliable,only to find out now it's got a problem with oil consumption. My 98 cl didn't eat that much oil and it had 150 grand on it! The dealership said they will do the test for consumption and after 1000 miles 1 quart is normal for a old car to consume Except my 1998 never did or any of my other cars so I already am seeing where this may be going. I really am not looking forward to the problems with this car I've already done a new battery brakes and a new tire and now the oil problem! It's starting to seem like a headache for a Reliable car. I'm starting to think I should have stayed with the 98! I never had this many problems in a short span of time. Oh yeah the hood when you hit a bump rattles like a tin can like it's going to catch wind and fly over the roof.

- Kim R., Guilford, US

problem #4

Sep 012015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 95,000 miles

I got the warranty extension notification for the oil consumption issue, and immediately took my vehicle into the dealership for an oil consumption test. They told me that my oil level was perfect after 1000 miles, and sent me on my way after a $56 oil change.

On a side note, they also told me that my brake pads were at 5mm, and my lights on my vehicle all worked. They stopped me as I drove away for the blown tail light, and three weeks later my brake pads were at 2mm confirmed by two different mechanics at two different shops. Both showed me the actual brake pads. I didn't go from 10 to 5mm over a year, and then 5 to 2mm over the course of 3 weeks. I absolutely do not trust Acura of Pleasanton's diagnostic skills based on their inspection of my vehicle.

So now I complain to Acura directly, and am being given the run around by a "case manager" who never answers her phone when I call, and only calls while I am at work. Her name is Christine. Christine basically told me that the dealership is right, I am wrong, and seems to have no concern over my reluctance to take the dealership at their word. In addition, she seems to not care at all about the terrible job the dealership did, and is not offering any remedy for that either, but that is the least of my worries.

I currently am adding at least 3 quarts between oil changes, on a car that holds less than 5 quarts. They are telling me this is normal, and I should change my oil when the oil life is at 50%. Well, at 70% my oil light came on last week, and I had to add another quart. They are telling me this is normal, but I have never owned a car that I've had to add oil to between oil changes. Not even in my Chevy.

In addition to all of this, my doors have stopped unlocking when I use my FOB or the unlock button. I can only manually unlock and lock them. I guess Acura will tell me this is normal too?

Regardless, Acura has issued the warranty extension, obviously knows there is an issue, and refuses to treat the problem. My next step will be an attorney.

- Cassandra Q., Tracy, CA, US

problem #3

Jan 012012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 45,000 miles

Not long after purchasing my 2 yr old Acura TSX I noticed I had to keep adding oil to this car. I have taken it to all scheduled maintenance appointments and had even mentioned it to the mechanic that it seems to be burning through a lot of oil. He looked into it and said this was what it should be using. Shortly after, the check oil level light came on and we had to fill it with 5 bottles of oil. Since then I have been constantly topping off the oil in between oil changes. This is crazy, we bought a high end car so we wouldn't have problems but now if there's no fix we are thinking to get rid of it.

- Nicky A., Foster City, US

problem #2

May 182015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 46,000 miles

My car is running low on oil before the maintenance cycle, sooner and sooner each year. This actually started last year Sept 2014, but I added a quart of oil and ended up with a sooner oil change in September. My car this year required a quart of oil in March, and then once again in May. My display says I'm at 30% oil life. Finally I gave up and had an oil change today 7/1 hoping fresh new oil will increase the life of the oil. I use pure synthetic oil now with the correct Acura specifications. Oil change was done at the dealer in Glendale.

- Mari G., Pasadena, CA, US

problem #1

Apr 102014

TSX 4cyclinder

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles

I actually bought the car used with no warranty (mistake on my part!!!!!). I tend to believe that is probably why the previous owner got rid of the car was due to the excessive oil consumption. I bought the car out of desperation due to my previous car. However, six months into me having the 09 Acura TSX, I notice that I was getting oil changes too often thus spending too much money. The money spending is what really caught my attention!

My oil light and engine light would come on often stating that I needed an oil change/check. But what I would also notice is that when the light came on, my oil life percentage would read between 70/60 as well as the dipstick underneath hood would read no oil at all. So in other words every 1k miles I was loosing about a quart to a quart and a half.........I am so pissed! Ive done several oil test consumption with Acura, and now they are saying it's possible that something is wrong with the piston's rings, in which Honda/Acura are aware of this ongoing problem with their cars!!!!! I think I might have bought a bad car out of the lot of cars that was made. I need Acura/Honda to own up to its mistakes and responsibly handling the several complaints about oil consumption in the Acura/Honda vehicles.

Very disappointed in Acura/Honda!!!!

- lpt1nice, Gaithersburg, MD, US

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