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Buick Recall 03055: GM/Fuel Tank Inlet Check Valve Weld

2004 Buick Rendezvous

If these parts separate, the driver may notice an odor of fuel, the service engine soon or check engine light may illuminate, and/or fuel may leak onto the ground. Fuel leakage in the presence of an ignition source could result in a fire.

Fuel System, Gasoline — Storage

On certain passenger vehicles, a weld between the fuel tank inlet check valve and the fuel tank can fail.
Dealers will inspect the serial number of the fuel tank to see if it is on the list of affected tanks. If the serial number matches, the fuel tank will be replaced. Owner notification began November 4, 2003. Owners should contact Buick at 1-866-608-8080 or Pontiac at 1-800-620-7668.
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Date Announced
NOV 10, 2003
Vehicles Affected
Buick Recall #
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