pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
102,900 miles
Total Complaints:
19 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (11 reports)
  2. replaced engine (5 reports)
  3. rebuilt engine (2 reports)
  4. put 2 quarts of oil between oil changes (1 reports)
2010 GMC Terrain engine problems

engine problem

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2010 GMC Terrain Owner Comments

problem #19

Dec 022019

Terrain 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 137,000 miles


There is an extension for this issue to be fixed on vehicles within one year of the 2010 Terrain, but I contacted them and ours doesn't fall within the selected vehicles that are covered.

- Jordan C., Cedar Falls, IA, US

problem #18

May 012021

Terrain LTD 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 164,265 miles

I just purchased the vehicle on 2-11-2021 and on 3-17-2021, I paid for 5W30SYNBLEND oil change. Yesterday on 4-30-2021 my check engine light came on and the motor was making a weird knocking noise, so today 5-1-2021 I took my vehicle back to where I first and only oil change place that served it and had to add 3 quarts of 5W30SYNBLEND oil to the engine. The motor has stopped knocking but my engine light is still on.

- Chris S., Lansing, MI, US

problem #17

Jul 072015

Terrain EA

  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,583 miles

Has been going on for years, I know when it needs oil because it starts sounding like a model T.

Have talk to GMC shop here and they have been no help. I work at Eurosport Repair and thank god for the owner, when it starts making noise he just puts in 2 quarts.

- Lisa H., Springfield, US

problem #16

Jul 092020

Terrain SLT 2.4L Ecotech

  • Automatic transmission
  • 175,000 miles


I bought a 2010 gmc terrain back in 2013, and I had only had the car for a few months when it started knocking. I checked the oil at that time and it didn't register at all. Many months later after oil consumption test, hours on the phone, belittling, and down right accusing me of sabotaging my own vehicle the dealership replaced the engine due to warped valves etc., due to excessive oil consumption. After that the car was ok for a while and then around 75,000 miles on the new motor it started using oil again just like before.

When I called the dealer this time they quickly assured me that my warranty had run out and there's no extended warranty for the new motor they replaced. Therefore I decided to drive the car as long as I could. I had to check the oil nearly every day before i went anywhere because it was burning so much. After 2 more years it was running very poorly, idling high and rough etc. I was waiting on the engine to seize at any moment and it finally did. After owning the car for only 7 years it's now seized up for the second time and no warranty.

Dealership quoted me $7800 for a new engine. Ridiculous! That car was a lemon when they sold it to me. Worst part I'd gmc knew about the problem long ago and still did nothing. The stress of knowing your car can break down any minute with no hope of affording to fix it, the amount of money I spent on oil alone could've bought a brand new car over the years. The dealership was so rude and unhelpful. Never again gmc. Frankly I'm ashamed to say that I've always been a Chevy fan.

- Shiela B., Harmony, NC, US

problem #15

May 132019

Terrain SLE 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,700 miles

On a drive back from a short trip my vehicle, out of the blue while driving, started to run very roughly and lost about 40% of it's power. I made it to my local repair shop where they spent a couple of days diagnosing and doing some repairs. They replaced a spark plug and a fuel injector because of excessive oil and fouling. The mechanic said it still wasn't running right. We had it towed to a GMC dealer who said one of the pistons was not firing. They wouldn't do anything in regard to any oil consumption problem because an oil consumption test couldn't be done. Got it to another dealer who gave me the same diagnosis. They want $2400 just to take the engine apart to figure out what the problem is. I know it's the oil consumption problem. For the last couple of months or so I've been adding two or three quarts of oil per month. Not sure what I'm going to do.

- Steve B., Boston, MA, US

problem #14

Jan 102019

Terrain SLT2 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 57,000 miles

About 6 months after I bought a 2010 GMC Terrain I had to take it in because of noisy and erratic engine. They told me it only had one quart of oil in the engine because of excessive oil consumption and was still under warranty at the time. Although, I still had to pay a $800 fee for labor.

Now, January 10th, 2019, the SUV has 57000 miles and I took it to the dealership for a oil change and to service the check engine light. The dealership charged a $140 fee for a diagnostic that didn't diagnose very good and then charged me $1,236 for repairs. Picking up the truck and driving it home the check engine light turned on again.

Went back the next day and then they said it had a large leak in the high pressure fuel pump which was pushing fuel into the crankcase. The price to repair is 1,800 and I asked why it was missed the first time?

THIS SUV IS A NIGHTMARE. I am trying to join a class action against General Motors and will be contacting GM to claim a reimbursement and I really hope I get it. I'm going to trade this SUV for a Honda, my wife has one and it has not given us the headache GM has.

- Jorge Luis R., Tacoma, WA, US

problem #13

Jul 202018

Terrain FWD SLE-1 2.3L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,245 miles


Took my auto to Orange Buick, Orlando Fl. They knew about this oil consumption problem. but they never told me. I took it to another dealership. When I went back on 09/26/2018 that's when they told me about the problem. They top off my oil. When I get to 1000 miles, oil and engine lights come on. They knew before I got over the 120 miles and my warranty over. They were so nasty and rude. They want me to pay for something GMC knew about in 2013.

- rochesterhutchins, Apopka FL, US

problem #12

Jul 022014

Terrain SLE 2.4L 4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,206 miles

I did my research and purchased this GMC Terrain on my really good mileage history of my previous 3 GMC trucks, a 1983 S-Pickup with 328,000 at retirement, a 1993 S-Jimmy with 360,000 when I drove it to the junk yard and a 2003 Sonoma, which I sold at 367,000. I looked into and found 2 minor recalls on the 2010 Terrain with no mention regarding engine failure and excessive oil consumption. One selling feature of this particular vehicle was that GM recently replaced the engine on good faith at 90,000 km. I had purchased this Terrain with essentially 15,000 km on a new engine. Surely that would get me through at least another 10 years.

The "change oil soon" reminder came on way before I figured it would have and I noticed the engine dipstick measuring low. I did my own oil change which I've been doing for the last 40 years and noticed way less than 4 liters of oil came out of the engine. From years of experience I can maybe see a liter of use on 5000 km but definitely not around 1 liter for 1500 km.In about 30,000 km the engine started running rough and the check engine light came on.I took the vehicle to the Northg Edmonton GM dealer since the vehicle still had about 15,000 km left on the drive train warranty.

I found out through the dealer the engine was in fact not replaced but instead the piston rings, camshaft and fuel pump were replaced. The dealership in North Edmonton did what they referred to as a power flush with the oil which apparently softened all the carbon deposits. Well that lasted less than the next oil change. Started running rough again. They started an oil consumption log and sure enough it was constantly needing an oil top up. Since I was dangerously close to the expiration of the drive train warranty they decided to start an investigation. They changed out all the engine gaskets which could possibly leak oil. They also assured me they would extend my case to past the 160,000 km warranty claim period since it was now an investigative claim.

The vehicle still continued using oil with not a drop ending on the driveway in any tell tale evidence ow any leak. The rear tailgate bottom was (and still is) covered with a thin oil film indicating it was in fact being blown out the back and re-accumulating through low air pressure right behind the moving vehicle. I was first told by the GM dealership to keep maintaining the oil consumption log. I filled it in but usually checked the oil level while filling up with gas and would top it up on my own dime. My entire oil consumption log was rejected because it wasn't checked at a GM dealership. I was (initially) clearly told I could fill in the log now that change of policy? Sorry but they didn't work the same hours as me or my wife.

Next the written complaint to GM Canada. It went right back to the same North Edmonton GM dealer for followup. This time they did another change out of the piston rings and associated hardware. I find it so odd coming from a mechanical background that they wouldn't machine the cylinders since this the second time around for ring replacement. I have since read up on the special plating involved on the block and that sleeving would have not been an option. They changed out the dipstick as maybe it was not displaying correctly. New dipstick measured the same level. Still using oil. Still have the same oil film on the tailgate. They basically told me the oil consumption is considered within normal specifications for this engine. I have 3 other vehicles (all Japanese) with around the same engine size. The oil consumption on those is virtually none.

I've basically given up on this Terrain and will drive it until it dies. I swear they have just been stringing me for scheduled maintenance which can be done much cheaper from a private shop or on my own considering my mechanical background. I've has other issues with premature tailgate rust and a transmission failure but that will not be discussed in this rant.

My next step it to join a class action lawsuit against GM regarding this piece of garbage vehicle. Please add a comment if you've been successful in joining such a suit and approx how many others are part of this and whether it has been certified to proceed.

- Andy R., Edmonton, AB, Canada

problem #11

Dec 042013

Terrain SLE 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,000 miles
  1. High pressure fuel pump fail. 2. Fuel leaked into engine crankcase. 3. Oil lube ability fail due to fuel mix with engine oil. 4. Piston oil rings fail due to excessive friction caused by ...... 5. End result excessive oil consumption. Burns one quart oil per 900 miles. Engine fail category. Original New Purchase price 25000+. 3500 for new tranny. 1200 misc cost. GM won't acknowledge or accept any level of responsibility. Patiently waiting for the day when the first become last and last become first.

- #igottook, Phoenix, US

problem #10

Sep 182016

Terrain V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 168,000 miles

Are there any class action lawsuits for the 2010 GMC Terrain?

- gmproblems, Silver Spring, MD, US

problem #9

Nov 102015


  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles


Issues from day 1. But within the last 6 months or longer I've noticed excessive oil consumption. When getting oil changed (around 1500-2000) miles because it would be out of oil they looked into the issue and said it was just made that way but they could tell it was burning oil by the exhaust. I received a letter from GMC in Sept 2014 about excessive oil consumption caused by piston rings. Took my car into the shop and of course they want to do the excessive oil consumption test. Waste of my time. Why would I lie about it to come hang out at the dealership? Cars still in the shop, haven't heard a word. Anyone dealt with this situation and have any advise? I'm sure they'll come back with some crazy response about how their not paying for it. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

- stacyky, Mount Washington, KY, US

problem #8

Oct 242015

Terrain SLT 2.4L V4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

Bought 2010 terrain with 40000 miles on it dec 2012.Had nothing but problems since I drove it off the lot. Very first day check engine light went on. Since then I have had 3 fuel pumps replaced, 3 timing chains, along with chain tensioners .! transfer case, The main computer and 6 modules. Since Ive owned it it has been burning more and more oil and running ruff most of the time. Now the motor is blown .not worth fixing and it will cost around 6000 for rebuilt motor. I was burning at least 2 quarts of oil per week. I put 2 quarts in friday and the following monday when I brought it to the dealer it was down 2 and a half quarts. all this oil loss is what caused the motor to blow. Some of the work has been under warranty the past few years but thousands have come out of my pocket wich is driving me into bankruptcy cause I still have a car payment and cant afford the ridiculous amount of money being poured into this car. now a new motor. this is totaly unacceptable. If gm cant help me I will never buy gm products again

- David H., Marlborough, CT, US

problem #7

Dec 012014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I am very upset that I have to keep dealing with this issue and constantly having to put oil in my car every week. Not only is that annoying but it's getting expensive. I currently have my vehicle in the dealership to hopefully finally get this issue taken care of. The service guy told me that he's pretty sure it should be covered under the power train warranty. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem with their Terrain??

- dngail16, Wixom, MI, US

problem #6

Aug 282015

Terrain SLE 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 143,000 miles

I bought a used 2010 GMC Terrain in April 2013. I had a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer that I LOVED but after being involved in an accident, it was time to upgrade, and the Terrain fit the bill.....or so I thought.

From the time I bought it in April up to December, I had no problems with it, but when January came along, the problems with this vehicle came with it. This vehicle used an excessive amount of oil, and the engine was starting to knock, stall at red lights, and wouldn't continue running unless I put it in neutral to keep it going. I took it to the dealership. Since the powertrain warranty was still effective, the problem was "fixed" at no cost.

I was told that gas was leaking into the crankcase and it would take a few days to fix. I got the vehicle back and low and behold 5 months later, I have the exact same problem again. Excessive oil consumption, engine knocking, stalling at red lights/stop signs, loss of power. I took it back to the same dealership to get it fixed. Powertrain warranty still effective. Same diagnosis. Gas is getting into the crankcase and mixing with the oil. The problem is again "fixed" and I'm on my way.

Since then, I still experience engine power loss, a little knocking, and I still have the excessive oil consumption. I take it to the SAME dealership (Gerry Lane Buick GMC Baton Rouge), and I do the oil consumption test on my vehicle. After the required 300 miles, I bring it back, after I've checked the oil myself and it's barely on the stick. I'm told that the oil consumption is "normal" and there is no problem with my vehicle. I've had this done twice and both times I'm told that this is normal oil usage, which I find very hard to believe, since the required oil change interval, I'm told, is 5000-7500 miles. During the rest of my ownership of this vehicle, the gas mileage is no where near advertised, the engine has almost no power going up hills, I still have a very big oil consumption issue, and the engine knocks more than it should, especially since it's been "fixed" two times earlier for the same problem.

I get the oil changed on July 2015, but not at the dealership, but a very reputable service shop. Less than one month later, my engine fails. I have it TOWED to the nearest dealership (Duplessis Buick GMC Gonzales), and I'm told that I need a new engine for the cost of $5000. I've done all the preventative maintenance on this vehicle. Now, I know that doesn't mean that I won't have ANY problems, but I know it also means that if I get the oil changed regularly, I have the engine serviced twice before, then I should NOT have TOTAL ENGINE FAILURE.

The service location where I got the last oil change noted on the receipt, but never told me, that there appeared to be something added to the oil when it was changed. I have no doubt that it was gas, again, leaking into the oil. Now I'm stuck with a vehicle I'm still paying a note on, with an engine I have to get replaced. I called the GM Customer Service and told/complained about my issue. I was told that it would get looked into, but after repeated calls, all I got to do was leave voice mails. I was also told that since the vehicle was 2010, then it couldn't be replaced and the would NOT be able to give me any assistance towards the cost of the replacement of the new engine.

After reading all the similar complaints about this exact same 2010 Terrain, I have no doubt that General Motors does not intend to stand BY the hard working people that purchased their vehicles with faith and confidence, nor to they intend to stand BEHIND the vehicles they supply. I don't know how I'm going to fix this problem with this vehicle without putting myself further in debt. I don't even know if I want to do it, but I'm still paying on it so I have to do something. Thank you, General Motors. I'll never buy/recommend any of your vehicles again

- dukela, Gonzales, LA, US

problem #5

Apr 012015

Terrain SLT 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 34,950 miles

Took car into dealer to find out why is was running rough and knocking. Found out it was out of oil. We had had the oil changed less than 1500 miles previously. Once they added oil it ran ok. Was told about he excessive oil consumption problem GMC has with this engine. Was also told that GMC has extended the warranty on this engine but no one could provide me with the details of the extension. The car is out of warranty due to age but just now has 35,000 miles. We are running an oil consumption test on the car now but I am not sure if the repairs will be covered or not. GMC is not being very forthcoming on the problem or fixes.

I want to know more about the extension to see if the engine problem will be covered or do I have to eat the cost. Too bad GMC has not notified owners they have a problem with this engine, I have been a loyal GMC buyer for years but this may be my last. I hope to see if more people have this problem and hear what has been done for them.

- rminnich, Louisville, KY, US

problem #4

Feb 162015

Terrain 2.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 83,302 miles

Was stranded in NH; brother noted no oil reading. Added 2 qts - still no reading. No bells, whistles, lights ever came on. Brought to local oil change chain in NH; changed oil. Went home and brought car to dealer. Noted letter from GMC in September, 2014 discussing oil consumption due to piston ring wear and was told had to come back after 1000 miles x3 or, I could pay for engine repair if it was NOT the same problem. Did as they requested and in April, 2015, the technician noted excessive oil consumption after each 1,000 miles (down one quart).

Made appointment to get engine torn down; GMC dealer demanded "proof" that I maintained vehicle and would not repair car until records available; they said that GMC required that information or would not reimburse them for repairs. NOWHERE in the letter does GMC state that piston wear may be due to maintenance issues. GMC certainly must have tests or complaints about this oil consumption that are unrelated to my car so WHY do I have to provide proof of anything - (even though I do change oil at minimum 2x per year)? No bells, whistles, lights ever came on - the engine just was "stalling" when idle and smells of oil when first started or, idling at a red light.

How many other GMC dealers are refusing to repair cars that CONFIRM excessive oil consumption when brought back to them after 1,000 miles for total 3,000 miles?! It is not expected to have to check oil on cars that are only 5 years old UNLESS there is a PROBLEM!!!!!!

- notcarsavy, Scituate, US

problem #3

Jan 082014

Terrain SLT 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

Oil consumption documented by dealer prior to warranty expiration, just above 800 miles per quart. Service manager indicated General Motors specification of 800 miles per quart was "Normal".

Warranty has expired and vehicle now has 110,000 miles and oil consumption is one quart per tank of fuel. Fuel economy has been reduced as oil consumption has increased.

I suspect the cause is related to the direct fuel injection and Nikasil electro plated cylinder (Aluminum) walls, wherein the liquid fuel "Washes" the lubricant from the cylinders promoting cylinder wall wear that exposes the Aluminum substrate to rapid wear. There are other factors as well, like the number of heat cycles the engine is exposed too, as was noted with the Chevy Vega Aluminum engine plated with Nikasil.

As soon as the Nikasil surface is compromised, oil consumption increases, cylinder compression is reduced, and fuel consumption increases. The more fuel, the more lubrication is washed away.

The 2.4 L Aluminum block can not be bored and sleeved with ductile iron liners that would likely stand up with Direct Injection. Attempts to sleeve the 2.4 block have resulted with cracks into the cooling passages due to insufficient block thickness.

Replacing the engine with a duplicate will result with the same problem, so I don't see this as a solution.

Spending $35,000 for vehicle that is worn out at 100,000 miles is not likely to promote repeat customers. Certainly not this one. It feels a lot like being robbed.

- rwebb, Visalia, CA, US

problem #2

May 012014

Terrain L 4 cylender

  • Automatic transmission
  • 69,000 miles

I purchase a 2010 GMC Terrain on May 2013. I noticed within 6 months that it seemed to have an oil issue. I was not leaking oil or burning it. But had to put oil frequently. I took it to the dealership I purchased it from and they said no issues. I continue to drive and noticed still there was an issue. I then took it to GMC. They conducted a consumption test and found that I had lost in 3,000 miles 5 quarts of oil. They then removed the engine and found there was an issue, that they had to replace the engine , which they did today.

I guess my problem or question is. Is this new engine going to be as bad as they one that was replaced? I was told that the engine that they used to replace my old one has had all the updates needed since 2010. I am debating if I should sell it or keep it. Any suggestions or words of wisdom that may bring me a little comfort in keeping it.

- gsotelo123, San Jose, CA, US

problem #1

Feb 252013

Terrain SLT 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles

I feel that putting a four cylinder engine in a vehicle this size is a bad mistake.

The engine should not have needed rebuilding at just over 60,000 miles.

I feel anyone having this problem deserves another $10,000.00 rebate.

- Glenn W., South Beloit, IL, US

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