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NOTE: The Airbag systems used on previous and current WRX, STI and Tribeca models are NOT equipped with EDR functionality. This Bulletin provides information regarding Event Data Recorder (EDR) functionality which has been incorporated into the airbag system. The function of the EDR is best explained using the following statements found in the vehicle Owner?s Manual: ?This vehicle is equipped with an event data recorder (EDR). The main purpose of an EDR is to record, in certain crash or near crash-like situations such as an airbag deployment or hitting a road obstacle, data that will assist in the understanding how a vehicle?s systems performed. The EDR is designed to record data related to vehicle dynamics and safety systems for a short period of time, typically 30 seconds or less. The EDR in this vehicle is designed to record such data as: ? How various systems in your vehicle were operating; ? Whether or not the driver and passenger safety belts were buckled/fastened; ? How far (if at all) the driver was depressing the accelerator and/or brake pedal; ? How fast the vehicle was traveling. This data can help provide a better understanding of the circumstances in which crashes and injuries occur.

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Date Published
DEC 15, 2017
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