For the second time, Honda recalls more than 268,000 CR-Vs for melting power window switches.

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Honda CR-V Window Switch Recall: 23 Fires
For the second time, Honda recalls more than 268,000 CR-Vs for melting power window switches.

— A Honda CR-V window switch recall has been issued for the second time after reports of 23 fires, 13 field reports, 87 reports of thermal events such as melted switches and wiring and 104 power window switch warranty claims.

The 268,600 model year 2002-2006 Honda CR-Vs were recalled in 2012 after it was determined moisture could cause the driver-side power window master switches to overheat, melt and catch fire.

In 2012, Honda told dealerships that damage to the window switch was "rare," with the replacement rate at about 1%.

"Under severe conditions, water or other liquid may enter the driver's window and reach the power window master switch on the door panel. Liquid in the switch can damage the switch’s printed circuit board (PCB), causing the switch to fail. In rare cases, the damaged PCB creates a short circuit that overheats the switch connectors and melts them, leading to a possible fire."

Dealerships were also informed of the repair procedures to choose from, depending on what technicians found once the window switches were inspected.

  • Apply a strip of butyl tape to seal the openings in the original switch assembly, and add a protective skirt to the switch.
  • Install an updated switch.
  • Replace the driver’s door wire harness, and install an updated switch.

However, the automaker now says the application of butyl tape to seal the power window master switch from moisture was "insufficient" because the tape could separate from the switch if it wasn't applied properly by technicians.

Following the 2012 recall, Honda launched an investigation in 2016 after receiving reports of overheated and melted switches in CR-Vs that had allegedly been repaired. Honda determined the tape was applied improperly or the driver spilled liquid near the window switch.

In 2017 the automaker learned the incidents of melted switches and wiring were higher after the SUVs were repaired than it was before.

The Honda CR-V window switch recall is expected to begin January 18, 2021, when dealers will replace the window switches, and possibly the wiring harnesses.

Honda CR-V owners with questions may call the automaker at 888-234-2138 and ask about window switch recall number P9D.


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