Honda recalls 343,000 Pilots, Ridgelines, Passports and Honda Odysseys.

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Honda Side Mirrors Can Fall Off, Recall Announced
Honda recalls 343,000 Pilots, Ridgelines, Passports and Honda Odysseys.

— A Honda recall of about 343,000 vehicles has been announced because the outer door mirrors can fall off the 2020-2021 Honda Pilot, 2020-2021 Honda Ridgeline, 2020-2022 Honda Passport and 2020-2022 Honda Odyssey vehicles.

The problem affects both driver and passenger side-view mirrors, but only the mirror glass.

According to Honda, the heating pads behind both side-view mirrors may not be bonded properly which can allow the mirror glass to detach.

"The left and right side view door mirror heater pad, located behind and attached to the mirror glass, can lose adhesion and detach from the mirror backing plate. If the heater pad detaches/falls from the mirror backing plate, the mirror glass will detach/fall with it, resulting in the potential impairment or loss of rearward visibility and increasing the risk of a crash or injury." — Honda

The problem goes back to December 2018 when Honda learned of a mirror vibration and found a potential trend. Honda opened an investigation and the supplier changed the heater pad and mirror back plate adhesive tape because of complaints about vibrating mirror glass.

The problem was bad enough the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contacted Honda regarding complaints of detached side mirrors. Honda let the government know an investigation had been opened and in March 2023 Honda decided to order the recall.

As of March 9, 2023, Honda had received 71 warranty claims related to the issue between May 2020 and October 2022, but no reports of injuries or deaths.

Honda expects to mail mirror recall letters May 8, 2023. Honda dealerships will replace the right and left outer mirror sets (holder assemblies), but owners with questions may call 888-234-2138.

Ask Honda about reimbursement if you paid for previous mirror repairs.


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