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This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician about vehicles that may have a noise, vibration or shudder on acceleration from a stop. Technician may find that the right front axle shaft is not fully seated into the transfer case. Technician will need to inspect the splines on the half shaft for damage. If damage is found replace the half shaft and install a new retaining ring with part number 90223082. When the half shaft does not have damage to the splines technician should replace the retaining ring with part number 90223082. Technician will also need to remove all grease from the transfer case intermediate drive shaft internal splines and axle shaft splines. Apply General Motors grease on intermediate drive shaft splines 0.5 grams in two 120 degree quadrants each, 180 degree apart. Ensure the other two adjacent quadrants have splines free of grease. Apply grease within 15 millimeter of leading spline edge and do not apply in the retaining ring groove.

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Date Published
NOV 09, 2015
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