pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
85,656 miles
Total Complaints:
11 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. pay to have transmission replaced (6 reports)
  2. don't buy a Dodge (2 reports)
  3. not sure (2 reports)
  4. check shifter (1 reports)
2000 Dodge Ram 1500 transmission problems

transmission problem

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2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Owner Comments

problem #11

Jul 272011

Ram 1500 Sport 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 125,000 miles


code P1740 repair shop said to take it to a transmission shop. Is this truck worth it?

- , Stonington, CT, USA

problem #10

Aug 112009

Ram 1500 5.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 144,952 miles

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transmission and torque converter failure

Im damn tired of this transmission. tired of mechanic's, cant trust them. code p 1740 on my 2000 dodge ram 1500. you would think a transmission mechanic could pin point the problem, but, hell no, " there are a lot of thing's that could bring up this code)

Then I tell 'em exactly what the truck is doing "jumps out of o/d then trans/ temp light comes on and I pull over. I let it set for about 30 minute's and the light's are off. start it up, get one mile from where I live (13 miles) and does it again. know body seem's to know what it is , so i am replacing thing's in the tranny as I get the money. After I get the new torque converter in and if it still does it. BOOM!!!!!!!!!! Got 2 older dodge rams that dont do this sh*t!!

- , Holopaw, FL, USA

problem #9

May 202003

Ram 1500 Limited 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 32,000 miles

I took truck to jiffy lube had transmission oil and filter changed and transmission went out next day. I had never had a problem with it before that oil change. They would not pay for it to be fixed. cost 1500.00. I drove the truck another year and two months it went out again; 2500.00 at dodge dealer. drove it another year and 7 months it went out again 2200.00. then I took it to a trans place in pensacola fl and the man found the problem it was in a

check valve in line to the cooling system ,he said that cause the problem when jiffy lube back washed fluid it put metal in check valve, and it couldn't close all the way. I have drove the truck 145000 miles now without any problems with the tran.and I really do love the truck it is the best riding and driving truck I have owned. 6200. later, oh yea it's a 4x4

- , Milton, FL, USA

problem #8

Jun 252009

Ram 1500 Sport 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 61,000 miles


The engine light kept came on and the dealer stated it was an issue with a solenoid. Turns out the transmission had to be replaced. I'll never buy another Dodge. Done after this mess.

- , Collegeville, PA, USA

problem #7

Apr 012009

Ram 1500 1500 SLT Laramie 5.9L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,308 miles

After seeing all these post, it reminded me of my problems. I bought a 2000 dodge ram 4x4 1500 5.9L WITH 85,000 MILES. The check engine light came on after i drove just 250 miles after purchase. I did buy the car as is no guarantee, should a realized something was up when that wasn't given for a truck with only that many miles. Anyways i did get a 1 year warranty unlimited mile for $440 bucks.

Anyways i took my truck to the local Chrysler dealership after i took it in to get a tranny flush to see if that would help withe the engine light which said it was a TCC solenoid p1744 code(forget) What sucks is my warranty didn't cover the tcc solenoid so i paid for it and install and what pisses me off is that i was charged for a tranny flush and new filter and pan when it already had all that stuff from the day before($133). That's when i felt it was all a scam.

They put the new tcc on(cost me $650 bucks with tranny flush and filter/pan), the check engine light came on after 127 miles, took it back since the part was covered by the service shop of the chrysler garage, said they would put a new tcc in, got that done, left light same code came on again after 112 miles, took back said they will clean and put new wire harness on, had that done light came on same code took back, said it was the flex plate or pressure plate whatever, had that done left light same code came on after 27 miles. Took it back, and by then the garage probably didn't want to pay for it anymore, so i get screwed more they say they want to put a new pump in then say they will contact my warrenty company, they say they won't cover it, so the service rep at the garage i want argued and got them to atleast get me a used tranny with 50,000+miles on it. They put it on which that cost me $550 bucks waiting to get a rebate check thing from warrenty for atleast $350 bucks, but i probably won't see that from them from what i have heard about Great Lakes Warranty.

But the truck is running just fine after 90 miles so far. But i noticed the shifter when i shift it into D it is actually in D1 so in order to be in DRIVE, the shifter has to look like it is in N(neutral). I think the previous owners may have driven it in D1 and maybe driving it fast in that position let alone in Overdrive. That also could be the problem for some others, not sure. Anyways if the Check engine light comes on i will think it is the sensor.

ALSO how can i fix the shifter so it looks like it is in the proper position, so that others like my fiance can drive and not have to worry about her remembering that it has to look like it is in neutral?

Not sure if i will ever drive a dodge again, since this was the first Chrysler vehicle i ever bought. Before i only had Ford, Chevy. But i like the looks of Dodge and might take a chance someday, but this experience does make me sour towards dodge, warrenty companies, little dealerships, and big dealerships with the service departments.

- , Newark, OH, US

problem #6

May 052004

Ram 1500 5.2L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 40,000 miles

transmission pump went out. Had to replace it and torque converter. Dealer said they have seen this before and tried to get it covered under warranty but said could not.

- , Buna, TX, USA

problem #5

Nov 242008

Ram 1500 1500 4x4 5.9L 360 Magnum

  • Automatic transmission
  • 144,951 miles


i had bought a 2000 model dodge ram 1500 4x4 it currently has almost 145000 miles on it... the transmission is nothing but sh*t it was built previously by dodge in 2003 not sure of the exact mileage, but thats wat was posted on the aluminum tag on the housing.. the transmission has currently went out again so i paid 1400 to have it rebuilt by a transmission specialist... it started slipping 1 wk later after the rebuild then it officially went out 1 wk after that... i have had nothing but problems out of it... and it didn't help any that the person rebuildin the transmission was lying about wat he replaced inside it... so i lost out i advise not to get a newer dodge at least the old ones held up to power...

- , Pleasant View, TN, USA

problem #4

Mar 152008

Ram 1500 Sport 5.9L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 92,000 miles

It first started with the censor in the trans, 300.00 for reoair, then a few months later it started shifting funny, like over reving during the shift, then the check engine light came on and it started making this loud fluttering sound with a whine [no cheese]. Dodge in Tempe AZ. said it's only $3500.00 to replace and at the same time I'm being layed off from my job. DON'T EVER BUY A DODGE....a trans man in casa grande said this is common in dodge,, they overheat with no signs. This truck is cared for and maintained regularly, it was never abused, never pulled a trailer,street driven went off road once camping.........

- , Maricopa, AZ, USA

problem #3

Oct 202007

(reported on)

Ram 1500 Sport 5.9L V8 360ci

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,000 miles

When it all started, I believe i was in cruise control and going about 65mph and the transmission downshifted for a few seconds and went back to normal. Thinking that sometimes vehicles do have a mind of their own and being that I had kept up on all the servicing, I ignored it and went about my way. Roughly a week later, it did it again, and again and again..hmmm... Then it decided it would only upshift when it felt time to, what a joke? next day it would be as if nothing happened. Knowing my luck, I was certain that if I took it to Dodge it would be just fine...Well, I took it in anyways. After having the truck for three days they said it was a speed sensor and changed it and sent me on my way. Four days later, I'm stuck because the truck will not get out of 1st gear for anything. Turns out that the transmission is bad? or maybe the torque convertor? Dodge wanted to change one or the other and I was not having it. They had my truck for over a week this time and all they were doing was guessing and they knew that. I think by me convencing(complaining/threatening to picket) them to change the entire thing probably has saved them money in the long run. I have heard of several people that I have met have had similar problems. I like Dodge vehicles still, I would always get a warranty and I will never do business with CROWN DODGE in Ventura CA again. just terrible. Buyer beware..research before you buy.

- , Bakersfield, CA, USA

problem #2

Sep 242007

(reported on)

Ram 1500 4x4 QC SLT 5.9L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 70,000 miles

I am reporting the second transmission failure. The first was replaced under warranty at ~ 30000Mi. This one lasted to ~ 70000Mi. No warranty, all out of pocket for my THIRD transmission.

- , San Jose, CA, USA

problem #1

Feb 062007

(reported on)

Ram 1500 SLT 5.9L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles

I went to the dealer and attempted to get the latest problem resolved. They said that I had to go to Corp: United States DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation P. O. Box 21-8004 Auburn Hills, Michigan 48321-8004 Phone: (800)992-1997

I sent an email and letter to United States DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation with the below info. They worte back and told me to go to the dealer. I love the run around and service.

Curent problem: 1/10/07: Mileage 60,632. Check engine light. Customer states check engine light is on. Check and advise. Code P1740 Torque converter overdrive solenoid performance stored. Need to remove transmission for further diagnosis. Needs torque converter and pump kit minimum.

Selling Dealer: Tustin Dodge, Tustin, CA

Servicing Dealers: Tustin Dodge, Tustin, CA; Tuttle-Click Dodge, Irvine, CA; Foothill Ranch Chrysler, Jeep Dodge, Foothill Ranch, CA; Urban Chrysler Jeep, Foothill Ranch, CA.

Purchase Date: 12/31/99

4/3/00: Mileage 5358. Check engine light. Test drove vehicle, in and out of overdrive and lock up, no inconsistencies noted at present time, fluid clean and level Fail Code: YD FP0-4318080

6/13/00: Mileage 8510. Check engine light. Cause: input shaft failure Correction: removed and reinstalled transmission for repair, replaced Front PU Comment: MP, input shaft and sealing rings, torque converter Tech Notes: inspected front and rear clutch, reverse flush (description: converter torq remfg, pump pkg transmission, shaft transmission gskt pkg transmission, fluid transmission).

11/17/00: Mileage 15,891. Check engine light. Customer states that the transmission has no forward or reverse. Will not move check and advise. Removed trans torque converter weld to front pump. Count remove torque converter from trans…Replaced Trans with new one, flushed cooler completed.

7/14/01: Mileage 28,390. Check engine light. Customer states that vehicle died and check engine light came on. Check and advise. No BUS message on cluster. Unable to communicate with PCM. Tested power supply and ground to PCM and found them OK. 12.0 volts at fuse and ignition, BUS signal 2.4 at connector S. Removed and replaced the powertrain control module.

8/4/01: Mileage 28,450. Check engine light. Check and advise. DRB II tested, DTC found TC, O/D sensor performance. Flashed reprogrammed the transfer case control module.

7/3/03: Mileage 38,853. Check engine light. Customer states check engine light on, check and advise. Inspected and found code P1740 – TCC or solenoid performance. Performed stall test and the engine failed or stall. Removed transmission for disassembly and found input shaft seal torn and leaking front hub and piston. Overhauled transmission – replaced seals, front hub and piston – replaced torque converter boost plate (per TSB 21-11-00) overdrive style plate and valve body. Flush/Flow check trans cooler (17 PSI) cleared codes.

7/7/03: Mileage: 38,863. Transmission fluid leaking after transmission repaired, check and advise. Resealed pan gasket.

1/10/07: Mileage 60,632. Check engine light. Customer states check engine light is on. Check and advise. Code P1740 Torque converter overdrive solenoid performance stored. Need to remove transmission for further diagnosis. Needs torque converter and pump kit minimum.

AGAIN? Told the repair would be a minimum $2400…but wouldn’t know how much more until the transmission was pulled. The truck averages less than 10,000 miles a year…

- , Lake Forest, CA, USA

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