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Affected Component: BRAKES (PWS)

This Preliminary Information communication provides information to the technician about the operation and diagnostics of the Regular Production Option Code UJ1 brake warning pressure warning system. The technician can test the operation of the brake warning system. If the warning system does not function correctly, technician will need to inspect circuit 33 for a short to ground between X141 and the Instrument Panel Cluster terminal 14. Then inspect check circuit 33 for an open between X141 and the Instrument Panel Cluster terminal 14. Also technician should check male side of X141 circuit 33 with an ohm meter to ground and should be close to 0 ohms with engine off and key on. Start engine and circuit should go (OL) indicating that the flow switch opened. Then, turn the steering to the stop in pressure relief and verify that the circuit stays (OL) to check the operation of the pressure switch.

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Date Published
DEC 13, 2018
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