really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
93,800 miles
Total Complaints:
17 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace swirl valve motor (10 reports)
  2. not sure (4 reports)
  3. replace swirl valve and turbo charger (2 reports)
  4. replace swirl valves/motor assembly (1 reports)
2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine problems

engine problem

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2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Owner Comments

problem #17

Jan 152020

Grand Cherokee Laredo Om642

  • Automatic transmission
  • 167,770 miles


We're trapped in the twilight zone. Mercedes should be held to libel for defects in materials and design, good luck! Chrysler dealers have washed their hands of this, good luck! Both dealers do not want to see you, go away, OR just give us your credit card , and go away!

Here's my deal - bad oil cooler seals, they are defective and leaking oil. This oil contamination shut down the alternator, so I towed vehicle to Chrysler. I had a 4 hour wait. Yes we can fix your GC for @ approximately $15,000. I went ahead with alternator and belt and drove my Jeep home. The repair report listed every repair possible, even new tires. I drove over to Kal tire and got some new rubber. The Garrett turbo they said needed to be replaced cost $5,000 and the list went on. They want you to purchase something new.

Well for me I have the time, space, tools and anger to fix it myself. I do everything here on the farm myself, a little work on my diesel tractor. Nothing of this scope before. With Youtube as my teacher, MBD DieselFreak showed everything very well, great videos. I purchased original parts from Idparts that were way cheaper the dealers, even with exchange and shipping. New aluminum swirl flap rods & actuator, oil seals , all intake seals kit , turbo seals. Stripped her all down. I pulled the Garrett and the compressor wheel was damaged, it looked like someone rattled a screwdriver on it , so not having any experience with turbo rebuilds I purchased an original Garret cartridge from Turboparts Canada for $650. They were great, everything exactly right.

The housings separated with not too much trouble, penetrating oil and heat go most fasteners out, snapped four off, just drilled them out. After complete dissembling, all components were within specs. I could have replaced compressor wheel for under $200.

SO!!! Don't let them sell you a new turbo, it's bulls***. It's not a technical fix - it's a long awkward, dislocate your thumbs so you can get you paws in there job. Most guys can't spend the down time I know. If you can just do it . Mike

- michaellisikbc, Beaverdell, BC, Canada

problem #16

May 132018

Grand Cherokee LS 8 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 84,635 miles

I went to leave Baltimore Maryland May 13th and the truck won't start. Had to leave it in Maryland, I live in Pittsburgh. I had a family member tow the truck to the repair shop. That ended up in $3400.86 cost, I do have a itemized bill. I had no warning of ANY problem. Again I live in Pittsburgh and not sure if I would be able to get my jeep out of Maryland the repairs ARE COSTLY. I believe this is a manufacturer issue.

Today May 23, 2018 my dad who has a 2012 Jeep his engine light just came on. At least he got some kind of warning. I am very upset about this I always thought that Jeep were good to have. Well I don't believe that now. I think your company know of this problem and haven't made the public aware. My daughter had a Jeep Liberty and had some engine issues. I never thought there was a problem different out look now. my son had a 2005 Jeep looking back he had a engine problem. VERY MUCH UNHAPPY.

Lezetta Dingle

7127 Tilden st

Pgh , Pa 15206


- Leztta D., Pittsburgh, US

problem #15

Jul 012015

Grand Cherokee Limited Crd 3.0L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,758 miles

if you get a check engine light (CEL) and the Jeep goes into limp mode and the CEL code is P2015 then it's your swirl motor. Your dealer will want $5000+ to fix but this is caused by a design flaw. The good news is you can fix this yourself for less than $100 and your jeep will run like before. The swirl motor is a useless component that swirls air into your turbo when you are at low speeds. So you need to put a resistor in the electrical plug lead for the swirl motor and reset the CEL. You've essentially fooled the computer into thinking it's fine and the CEL will not return. There will be no noticeable difference in performance. All the details for this fix can be found on website conflictedracer.com. The cause for the failure is due to the elephant hose that the PCV uses to spew oil into the intake. The rubber seal at the intake is defective so oil drips outside the intake down onto the electrical connector for the swirl motor and causes the swirl motor to fail. Google for common problems for Jeep CRD and go to the fix labelled 'Elephant hose and Resistor Mod'. The design flaw is the elephant hose that transmit the oil vapours from the PCV to your intake is much too long causing the vapors to become oil again and cause these problems. Moreover the oil has dirtied the EGR robbing your Jeep of performance. Check out the crdsite.com on how to clean your EGR or get your mechanic to do it after you've done the elephant hose mod and you will be surprised by the return in performance to your beloved Jeep. I did this fix almost 18 months ago to my Jeep and it's been running like new ever since.

Update from Sep 30, 2016: Adding in response to Wayne H. ..

MESSAGE: I had this happen twice. First time at 80,000km and second time at 230,000. Second time rubber piece from the seal chipped turbo fin and I chose to replace it as well as risky to not get it changed out. Finally got the right tube and proper seal and has been running great but at much expense. I am really pissed at Chrysler Canada that there was not a bulletin on this defect as Mercedes issued one in 2009 and did not notify Canadian customers. The tube and new seals is cheap (under $500) to replace but swirl is $4K and Turbo & swirl is 9-10K. Pure bullshit that we were not notified back in 2009. Beware if you have this motor and get it replaced before the swirl motor goes

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Wayne, Thanks for your response. Unfortunately this website does not post your response which would make this more valuable (..ie…like a forum). Like you, I'm trying to be helpful here as its such a ripoff to see folks spend thousands of dollars on a fix that won't really fix the underlying problem. If you read those website I alluded to (conflictedracer.com and crdsite.com) you will see that many owners have bypassed the PCV hose and the swirl motor with no loss of performance and thereby eliminating the threat of this problem coming back. This is a pollution control effort (PCV hose to intake) with a bad design that causes serious consequences. Think about this! The PCV hose is dripping oil into one's intake and soiling the turbo, the swirl motor and the EGR and whatever else is on that path. Its stupid. This fix is so prevalent that Shibby Engineering makes a dummy swirl motor connector for $25 that simply bypasses the swirl motor so one can fool the computer into thinking its OK. That’s a more elegant fix but one can do the same with a 50 cent resistor which is what I did. Moreover another company called Green Diesel Engineering sells tuning software for your CRD that increases the performance of the Jeep as well as disables the swirl motor. Its obvious that the swirl motor is a useless component and to waste money fixing it is almost criminal. I bypassed mine almost 2 years ago. Immediately after I cleaned the EGR which was gunked up by the years of oil dripping thru the intake. Ridiculous! The Jeep immediately had an increase in performance after the EGR cleaning. Even my wife noticed the difference and the Jeep has been running great ever since. Recently my wife took the Jeep into the Chrysler dealership and they freaked over my PCV been rerouted. They put it on their diagnostic and never detected that the swirl motor was disabled. They quoted her $3000 to put the PCV back the way it originally was. I just laughed when she told me. This proves to me that Chrysler really has no diesel experience worth mentioning and they definitely do not know about this very known CRD problem. But why should they. This engine was provided by Mercedes for 2 years when they were partners in 2007-2008. These mechanics have moved away from this. Do yourself a favour and never step foot in a Chrysler dealership again in regards to your Jeep. Go find yourself a good diesel mechanic. If you haven't sold your Jeep yet then at the very least you should reroute your PCV hose so it no longer drips oil into your intake to save future repair costs to your turbo, swirl motor and EGR. Cheers!

- lovemyjeepcrd, Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #14

Jun 242016

Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.0L Crd

  • Automatic transmission
  • 119,925 miles


Had the Auto Throttle light start flashing on the way to work. Did not know what the light ment until I looked it up. The book said that it should reset if the vehicle was in park and turned off. As I was at work I figured that when I was ready to go home all would ve well, little did I know... when I started the car I now had the check engine light on as well.

I took the car to the local dealer and after waiting for it to be diagnosed I was informed that both the swivel valve and the turbocharger had to be replaced..... cost of parts,,,,,, $10,000. as the car has 193k on the clock this is all the car is worth. is there an alternative to fix this? As this is the Merc unit I thought it was bullet proof.


- Simon C., Brampton, ON, Canada

problem #13

Oct 172015

Grand Cherokee Limited S Diesel 3.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 96,000 miles

We literally just had the same problem last night (Oct 17, 2015). We have around 150k on our 2008 JGC Diesel and from what I'm reading it appears to be very similar. We have no power, seems like the turbo. We have not taken it in yet, but from the posts, I'm a little scared when I see $7K thrown around.

We have had a problem indicating 'Service 4 Wheel Drive System' for years now. Last week immediately after Big 4 applied their recall fix, the same message cam on. We have already spent thousands on this (and our air conditioning system which won't last more than 1 year').

Unfortunately this is our 3rd Jeep and most likely our last unless Chrysler can man up and fix this latest problem.

If there is a class action lawsuit, we would definitely like to participate considering all the problems we've had with this vehicle and that the same issues has generated a recall in Europe.

- Daniel K., Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #12

Jul 072011

Grand Cherokee 3.0L Crd (Diesel)

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,485 miles

This issue arose when the vehicle had only 121,482 Km on it. No warranty coverage despite complaints to Chrysler. $4500 (CDN) to repair and 4 days in the shop.

- Michael W., S.Brouce Peninsula, ON, Canada

problem #11

Apr 152015

Grand Cherokee Overland 3.0L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 128,624 miles


I have been hearing about this problem for a while. I thought that perhaps I was one of the lucky ones. I kept the top of the intake clean, put a little less oil than recommended, and all the little tricks people have mentioned. Now I face a 5k fix.

Although I doubt the mechanic and manager at Chrysler lying to me, I am forced to get a few opinions. It is an assumption that this is the issue and not something else. If it is - along with a brake job and few other minor repairs and up-keeps, this will be a 6000k +++ mechanics bill on a 60k truck with only 200,000km on it.


With so many of these vehicles experiencing this known defect has there been any talk of a class action lawsuit?

- smergsy, Oakville, ON, Canada

problem #10

Nov 172014

Grand Cherokee Laredo Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 72,700 miles

I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Diesel.. I am losing the power, NOT stalling, and the ETC and Engine lights are coming on. The code I am getting is p2015. This is the code for the swirl valve. I've been researching the Swirl Valve Motor and the cost of repairs, The cost is absolutely outrageous especially since Mercedes has a recall or fix on it in Europe. This repair will cost me 5 to 6 thousand dollars and IT"S A DEFECT in the motor. Is there any news on whether Jeep has taken responsibility for at least part of this issue?

Update from Jul 29, 2017: Had the Swirl motor replaced in July, 2016. The Jeep had 138000 KMs on it at the time . The cost was 3000.00.

It lasted all of 10 months and 11000 KMs. Same thing, same lights. Took it back to the garage and this time they tell me that not only the swirl motor is gone again but the turbo as well. Parts alone 12,000.00, total bill would be 15,000.00. Needless to say, I paid the 690.00 for the diagnostic bill, and brought the jeep home in pieces. Wasn't willing to pay the extra 1400.00 to have it put back together and still not working. So , so, so disgusted with Jeep on this issue. Any news on whether there is anything they are willing to do?

- huntnl, Centreville, NL, Canada

problem #9

Apr 122015

Grand Cherokee Overland V6 Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 116,818 miles

This looks like it is a common fault for the MB diesel. The manufacturer should be picking up part of this cost as it is obviously a fault. A diesel engine at this mileage should not require this much cost to repair.

Update from Apr 28, 2015: this has been fixed at the small cost of $C7000

- Dennis G., Stoney Creek, ON, Canada

problem #8

Jan 232014

Grand Cherokee 3.0L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,536 miles

OKAY guys, here's one more to the 2008 Diesel Grand Cherokee Swirl problem. I began to have performance problems and 2 alert lights came on dash. Brought it in, 2 weeks at dealership to fix. They said it was a serious problem. I was lucky as they honoured my warranty. Car felt a little different but drove nice for few more months and now same problem, same 2 lights on dash, no more warranty. Hoping they will honour based on last time they fixed this, less than 1 year ago. Obviously a common and serious problem that manufacture should take responsibility over. Going to dealership now and hoping for the best. Not such a happy start to 2015. Could cost thousands.

Hope we can somehow stick together and make a statement.


- Tony S., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

problem #7

Jun 132014

Grand Cherokee Lorado 3.0L Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 117,836 miles


On June 14,2014, my engine & electronic throttle response light came on. Had vehicle towed to dealer. I was informed that the swirl valve had to be replaced. That was completed but was then told both intake manifolds had to be replaced due to excessive oil leaking down. Total repair time was over 1 week. Total cost was $5246.07. Since vehicle had 190,000 Kilometers there was no warranty.

On Nov 14,2014, same lights came on. I had vehicle towed to dealer. Just told that the turbo needed replacement.....Cost of turbo $6800. It is time to right off the vehicle. To add insult to injury, I have to pay $150 for the diagnostic.

- nicholl, Beeton, ON, Canada

problem #6

Jun 212013

Grand Cherokee Limited 3.Ol V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 49,710 miles

I have a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel and have had nothing but problems. My latest problem is the swirl valve. It's been an ongoing issue that no one has been able to fix. I've been losing power before and dealerships have tried to fix it but now it's a full blown problem and at a cost of $5,600. I've talked to Chrysler and because I'm just out of warranty they are willing to cover $1,500.. My cost is still $4.400. We should be reimbursed the full amount as I am finding out this is a design flaw of the engine. I'm furious that Chrysler is not owning up. My email is lharasewich@telus.net and would like to hear from others.

- Linda H., Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

problem #5

Jun 062014

Grand Cherokee Limited 3.0L Litre Diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 99,419 miles

Abbreviated copy of a letter written to Chrysler Canada: "At the beginning of this month the ETC and engine warning lights came on and the Jeep lost turbo power. I took the car into the local Chrysler dealership and the mechanic discovered that the swirl motor actuator had failed. The mechanic explained that this is caused by a design defect that allows excess engine oil to get into the intake manifold and clog the swirl valves, in addition the excess oil can damage the swirl actuator and the plastic linkage that drives the swirl valves.

This is a design defect that Chrysler should fix on all 3.0 CRDs.

The situation was further exacerbated because the actuator linkages had become so badly seized to the manifolds that the mechanic needed to replace the manifolds as they incorporate the linkage. The mechanic has given us a manifold as evidence of the significant clogging.

The dealership advised us to make a formal complaint to Chrysler with the expectation that Chrysler would be prepared to acknowledge responsibility and reimburse us for the significant cost of the repairs to our Grand Cherokee.

A phone call to Chrysler Canada customer complaints department was most unsatisfactory. It was claimed that this is not a “known” problem and as such Chrysler would accept absolutely no responsibility, even though our Chrysler mechanic stated that it is clearly a design and part failure problem that Chrysler should take responsibility for.

A simple Internet search for CRD Swirl motor and actuator failures and air intake oil leakage related specifically to Grand Cherokee models yields 213,000 results. This result indicates that this is a known problem. Forums for 300C models with CRD Engines yield 53,000 results. Our dealership checked their records and found that they had undertaken repair or provided parts to other local mechanics 14 times in the last 24 months to correct the same problem that has just cost us $4712.00. It is interesting to note that Mercedes in Europe has issued a recall for diesel engines with the same design flaw."

We have since learned that a Star Case (#S1209000002) was sent to all dealerships recommending that they replace the hose ($200 part) that is responsible for the blow by oil entering the swirl motor actuator. The dealership will not give us a copy of this directive. If anyone out there has access to it, we need to see it.

Chrysler wrote back that "no evidence currently exists to suggest a quality problem with the 3.0L V6 Turbo diesel Engine of the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee".

They are clearly wrong. The star case directive indicates that they knew that it was a problem. A cheap fix would have avoided a very expensive failure.

In addition a week later the turbo actuator failed (see second complaint). I wonder if there is any relationship between these two problems?

- dhaines, Guelph, ON, canada

problem #4

Oct 102013

Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.1diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 99,319 miles

Oct. 10, 2013 Swirl valves go again, 1 weeks to repair, total cost of repair not counting car rental $6885.74 which I was forced to pay as warranty had expired. This happened after 90392 kilometers from the last swirl valve repair. Internal area of engine covered in soot, and grime!!!

- judtech, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

problem #3

Apr 062010

Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.1diesel

  • Automatic transmission
  • 43,152 miles

April of 2010, mileage 69447 kilometers, swirl valves go, taking out fins on turbo, 3.5 weeks to repair, jeep broke down 700 kilometers from home had to rent a car for $1200 bucks. On warranty thank god!!

- judtech, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

problem #2

Oct 032013

Grand Cherokee Limited 3.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 103,148 miles

Chrysler Dealership acknowledged the issue is really a design flaw of the engine and that it should be on a recall but is unwilling to pay for the repair nor to discount the repair or provide services in lieu . They said they fixed another 3 engines with the exact same problem in the last 6 months all with about 90,000-170,000km on it. They also acknowledged that the repair will not fix the basic design flaw of the engine and that this will repeat and that they will not cover it. The part which actually needs repairing is supposed to cost ~$600+ install but because they have to disassemble and replace they need to replace all other components of the turbo and the total install will cost $5800. This is insane and is in my opinion a total ripoff. This is a recall in Europe but in NA its a customer beware. In my opinion.... don't buy this vehicle and don't buy from Dodge/Chrysler ever again. I will get rid of mine after the repair.

- cforged, Embrun, ON, Canada

problem #1

Sep 062011

Grand Cherokee Overland 3.0L Cdi

  • Automatic transmission
  • 77,671 miles

Mercedes has a recall on this part but Jeep doesn’t think it’s an issue. They would rather just take your money. You need to take the entire top end of the motor off including the turbo. Very costly! Jeep Canada told me this was a rare event even though I showed them the recall on the part from Mercedes. (the 3.0L CDI is a Mercedes motor that was in the Jeep).

- Dwight S., Bracebridge, Ontario, canada

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