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Affected Component: POWER TRAIN

Some vehicles may experience the check engine light and automatic transaxle warning light ON with one or more of these DTCs stored in the TCM memory (P0842, P0847, P0872, P0877, P0780, P1738). P0842:00 - Oil pressure switch No. 1 (oil pressure switch B) stuck on, P0847:00 - Oil pressure switch No. 2 (oil pressure switch A) stuck on, P0872:00 - Oil pressure switch No. 3 (oil pressure switch A) stuck on, P0780:00 - Gear shifting malfunction, P1738:00 Automatic transaxle internal malfunction. This is caused by the oil pressure switch A and/or B at the control valve body temporarily or permanently getting stuck due to contamination entering the passage. To correct the problem, some mass production changes have been implemented to reduce contamination and improve the DTC diagnostic logic. NOTE: If the vehicle also has a delayed engagement concern, this TSB is not applicable. Refer to the instructions on MGSS (SLOW ENGAGING AFTER OPERATING SELECTOR LEVER FROM N TO D POSITION [FW6A-EL/FW6AX-EL]) or (SLOW ENGAGING AFTER OPERATING SELECTOR LEVER FROM N TO D POSITION [EW6A-EL/EW6AX-EL]) for proper diagnosis and repair procedure.

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Date Published
SEP 03, 2021
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