Transmission Failure

2002 Mercury Mountaineer (Page 1 of 3) Seal Of Avoid Like The Plague


pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
100,600 miles
Total Complaints:
41 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace transmission (29 reports)
  2. rebuild tranny (6 reports)
  3. not sure (4 reports)
  4. replace intermediate band (1 reports)
  5. replace transmission gasket (1 reports)
2002 Mercury Mountaineer transmission problems

transmission problem

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2002 Mercury Mountaineer Owner Comments (Page 1 of 3)

problem #41

Apr 012011

Mountaineer V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 75,000 miles


Apparently the 2001-2002 got the wrong fluid in tranny, it starts to slip gear and feels as if pulling forward or accelerating and not going... are symptoms. Rebuild tranny and its still going good at 100k+ and 7 yrs later.

- Doctorr L., Venice, FL, US

problem #40

Oct 182005

Mountaineer 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 37,000 miles

We took it to the dealership 3 or 4 times and they assured us everything was ok. The warranty had just expired when it went completely out. We did not take it back to the dealership to have repaired.

- Anthony K., White Pine, TN, US

problem #39

Sep 042015

Mountaineer SUV V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,849 miles

2002 Mercury transmission, from start , 1st 2nd 3rd are strong 4th goes rite into a netural gear, reverse is strong, just at 45mph it want kick into drive(or 4th gear). very upsetting. i have read up on the problems that the FORD motor company want do any thing to fix the problem. that is a factory deffect thru the copmany FORD ordered the transmission from. So really the COMPANY SHOULD HELP OR REPLACE THE TRANS, OR Have the owner of the 2002 Mercury come to the dealership for a FREE trade in on another vehicle without paying anything else, like taxes or any fee to deal with the transaction.....

- Daniel S., Pulaski, VA, US

problem #38

Nov 012012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,000 miles


The transmission of the '02 has no opening to change transmission fluid. It doesn't even have a way to check the fluid. Granted, that one issue doesn't lead to failure, but I'm sure it didn't help.The fact that I had to replace the transmission with those miles is just ridiculous.

- hromanoff, Darlington, MD, US

problem #37

Feb 032012

Mountaineer 5.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 87,000 miles

Bought this vehicle with it's second transmission in it. No warning at all, it just quit. No slipping. This transmission is noisy now. Have to admit I love the truck. Maybe it is just familiar.

- Angela R., Iowa City, IA, US

problem #36

Jan 092010

Mountaineer 4.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 143,000 miles

My original transmission went out at 148,000. So I brought a new transmission from a ford dealership in Minnesota on January 09,2010 I paid $2100.00. In July 2013 the transmission went out again I only had 45,000 on the new trans. So I went to the dealership to see if they can help me out. They told me that Ford will not replace or fix it because the transmission have a 3yr/100,000 warranty. I just found out that Ford only made one transmission for the 2002 mountaineer. I would not ever buy another ford.

- Bryan B., St Paul, MN, US

problem #35

Apr 112012

Mountaineer 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 118,000 miles


I'v had this vehicle for 8 years with no problems and have kept the maintenance up as I was supposed to. I change the oil and filter every 2000 to 3000 miles depending on the driving conditions it's been under.

I have read many comments in the forums from people having the same problem with this transmission. Some had far less mileage some more mileage. This is the only Ford I have ever owned and I thought it was a pretty good one until I read about all the people who have had bad responses from Ford dealerships when presented with the problems. I am a grand mother raising 2 grands on retirement income and can't afford to fix this problem for the amount of money they are talking about. So I still have this very nice vehicle sitting in my driveway as an ornament I guess. I don't think I will be buying any more Ford vehicles.

Luckily I have an old 93 truck that runs like a top and a 97 Pontiac Bonneville in excellent condition. Both of these vehicles have far more mileage on them than the Ford product and I would drive them anywhere. I'm so disappointed that I can't drive it even though it did use a lot more gas than my other 2.

- lynnc1c, Desha, AR, US

problem #34

Oct 072011

Mountaineer 4.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 105,000 miles

Already had the solenoid replaced when it was under an extended warranty. Band on transmission failed. Its been one year since it was rebuilt and the transmission is starting to slip again. We've had all 3 top issues on this car, transmission, replaced radiator, cracked rear taillight. In addition, vent select door (defrost for windshield) broke and was a hazard. The rear springs both broke rusted straight through. Really displeased.

- Ryan M., Lakeville, MN, US

problem #33

Apr 102012

Mountaineer V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 170,000 miles


- Loretta M., Knoxville, TN, US

problem #32

Mar 022012

Mountaineer V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 142,000 miles

We've only had this Merc less than 6 months and bought it because we felt that 142,000 was not high mileage for this machine. Next thing we know the OD off light starts to flash. Thought we had enough time to get it to the garage but then the next thing we know it shifts straight from 1st to 3rd. Now it requires a complete rebuild to the tune of $2,000.00 I've had Ford products in the past but from now on I think it' s back to GM or Chrysler. Don't know if we'll get if fixed. Perhaps we'll send it to Ford. It would make a great looking boat anchor.

- Jim T., Ashtabula, OH, US

problem #31

Sep 132011


  • Automatic transmission
  • 140,000 miles


Started losing pressure in reverse. Let this be a heads up to you out there happening on this. Bought the car 5 months ago. Had a friend of a friend take a look. Solenoids were good, but thought it needed total rebuild. Last day of checking out and it turns out it was a gasket. (Thankfully). After reading the reports, probably will never buy American made again. No wonder why American auto companies needed the bailouts.

- Caleb D., Lowell, AR, US

problem #30

Apr 052011

Mountaineer V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

Ive had two trannys put in this truck and im not happy i have lost business behind this man telling me he fixed it and now i found out something else is wrong im so hurt but i love my truck is there any way i can get my money back from this man.i was stuck several times at night and was afraid and every time he fixed it i had to go back more then 5 times please tell me what to do.

- Raquel F., Moreno Valley, CA, US

problem #29

Jul 012011

Mountaineer 4.0L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 80,000 miles

No dipstick and no service interval listed in the owner's manual associated with the 5 speed automatic without a dipstick. What could go wrong there. There is only one reason that a vechicle would be manufactured without an automatic transmission dipstick. Ford Motor Company is hurting for business so bad in their maintenance shops that they feel they have to revert to fraud ,waste and abuse on a criminal scale to make more money? I just forked out $3800 on a transmission rebuild and find out that the auto transmission in my 2002 Mountaineer is truly a POS. The aluminum alloy is so cheap in the case as well as the valve body that the servo shafts and control valves elongate in their respective bores and fail prematurely.

This problem is so out of control that AAMCO has a bushing kit that is installed with the rebuild process and claim it fixes the problem. You don't get the bushing kit upgrade when you get it repaired via your Ford Dealer. The college boys at Ford Motor Company either knew or should have known about the lack of quality control in the manufacture of this transmission. Either way they should stand up and take responsibility for this mess they have created or forced to take responsibility and pay for any and all damages and inconvience to their customer base. Selling vechicles and parts are only part of being sucessful in an open market. The most important segment on success is customer satisfaction that causes your customers to return. This is not the way to stay in business.

- James E C., Layton, UT, US

problem #28

Jul 082011

Mountaineer LX 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,000 miles

have a tranny o/d flash and keep flashing and found a part in the transmission for the band's in it like the old c4 transmission you hvae two bolt on the out side to adjust the clutche same exact setup but the one for the third gear one is completly off of it the modis scanner said the third gear is gone but it run fine slip's here and there but still work when it does it just let off the gas and go into gear on it own so you dont have to rebuild the transmission but it due time it will need a new tranmission but whoever built these transmission need's to go back to school cause they are so cheap made im 25 been around cars since i was a kid

- Brandon H., Frederick, MD, US

problem #27

Dec 112009

Mountaineer 4.6L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 116,689 miles

2002-2005 Ford Trannys Suck!!!! Why in the world would you make a car that you cannot change the fluid out from. My tranny died just 4 days after my son was born. We were on the way to the peds when it happened. Talk about a lot of headache and financial heartache. Ford should step up and off a refund for work like they did with the manifolds (which I missed out on and had to replace that too which I will have another complaint to file). Do the right thing ford. You say you stand behind your quality? Then why do I see more foreign cars offer recalls for mistakes they own up to then you or gm. Instead you want to blame the people who keep you in business, us the paying customers.

- Christopher B., Mt. Wolf, PA, US

problem #26

Nov 102010

Mountaineer 4.0L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 68,000 miles

Purchased this car new. This is my 5th Ford product. Currently have 2006 Expedition as well. Got a check transmission warning in the info center. Car starting shifting 1-2 at longer rpm's than normal. Put a scanner on the warning light and got a code telling me to change the PCB solenoid. Purchased part and installed. No fix. That is due to the fact that when that warning comes on it is just telling you that there is an issue with the gear that the solenoid controls. Duh! Anyway, looks like going to go for a rebuilt tranny which if you look on line you can find pretty reasonable. They will ship it anywhere without a core charge and then you can put the core on Craigs List or Ebay and sell it. I did take it to the dealer and they did have a careless attitude. The mileage is low for a tranny to blow but the car is 8 years old and relatively problem free. As I mentioned above, this is my 5th Ford product and I am not going to give up on them yet. Some mention the JAP cars are better but my 2003 Acura needed a tranny after 20k miles and was replaced under warranty. Sometimes it's just the luck of the draw. I will say that Ford should back up their product if it is a chronic defect.

- John G., Raleigh, NC, US

problem #25

Nov 032010


  • Automatic transmission
  • 79,000 miles

The transmission has failed on this car with less than 80000miles on it. It has the same transmission as the Explorer which is known to have had transmission issues.

The repair shop we took this car to told us that we are the 7th vehicle in the early 2000 year from ford that has had premature transmission failures. There should be a recall on this problem from Ford.

Complaint has been filed with Ford Customer service.

- John S., Albany, GA, US

problem #24

Jun 172010

Mountaineer 4.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 85,000 miles

ford should be ashamed ,02 Mountaineer transmission junk JUNK and JUNK.Cant even make 90,000 miles.I preach to my kids everyday BUY AMERICAN.Now I am ashamed.MY GIFT TO MY SON 02 mountaineer.THANX alot ford my son loves his gift of AMERICAN JUNK that he cant afford to fix and what I have read it will happen again because all you have to offer is nothing.A real big Thanx.Thanx to NAFTA are AMERICAN car really isnt AMERICAN . The least you could do is admitt you "ford" have a bad transmission,no recall,no nothing, And a big thanx keep buying half AMERICAN made products there GREAT!

- Jon F., Plainfield, IL, US

problem #23

Nov 152007

Mountaineer V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 130,000 miles

So I SOLD MYSELF a Mercury Mountaineer V8 2002 with 54,000 miles on it(and I kick myself in the ass everyday for it). The first red flag was I couldn't shift the truck out of park when it was in my driveway, well got that fixed, then I had to replace 5 wheel bearings in the past three years and I think I have ANOTHER one going (lets figure $350 to fix each one!), I also had a spark plug shoot out of my engine ripping out the heli coil pack, that was $240 to fix plus the $400 tow charge since I was conveniently an hour from home. Well at around 130,000 the transmission took a crap, I had it rebuilt for $3000, which I'm still paying for because all those other repairs add up as well. Well 30,000 miles later guess what...its happening again, the transmission is failing. The dealership said my "perfect condition truck w/ new paint job" before the trans problem was only worth $1500, now why the hell would I fork over another $3000 into this truck when its only worth 1500? No thank you, Ill take my 3000 and put it towards a "reliable" vehicle. Thanks a lot Ford, I have to say you've stranded me in some crappy places. My truck was stolen last April and I cant believe how upset I was, I'm now realizing it was a blessing in disguise, except they found it! And in Newark! The thieves probably drove it and said wtf is this, and bailed!

- Ashley S., Middletown, NJ, US

problem #22

Jul 092010

Mountaineer AWD 4.6L V8

  • Automatic transmission
  • 108,562 miles

this is the third time I have to fix this damn transmission!!! the first time was around 76000 miles then one moth after still under warranty from initial repair, and now!!! I am soo sick of this vehicle. I wish we could hire a lawyer and sue Ford for such a faulty part. I am done with Ford!!

- Reymundo R., Houston, TX, US

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