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Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

PZEV MODELS ONLY. REVISED. This Campaign only applies to vehicles with motor vehicle registration in the States of California, Massachusetts, Maine, New York and Vermont. For affected vehicles registered in any other state, see Service Program WVI-19. INTRODUCTION Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) has determined that vehicles affected by this Service Program require ECM reprogramming along with catalytic converter efficiency testing and possible replacement. Under certain unique driving patterns, such as repeated acceleration and deceleration and/or continuous uphill driving at higher speeds (about 75 mph), the catalytic converters of affected vehicles may develop high internal temperatures that exceed design parameters. If left uncorrected, this condition may eventually degrade the efficiency of the catalytic converters. (The ?CHECK ENGINE? light will illuminate to alert the driver if catalytic converter efficiency has degraded beyond an acceptable level and the vehicle may be releasing air pollutants which may exceed California standards.) To prevent this condition, a modification to the Engine Control Module software logic has been developed that will improve management of temperatures within the catalytic converters. This condition is a software issue and has no impact on vehicle drivability.

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Date Published
FEB 17, 2017
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