Audi recalls 24,700 Q3 SUVs to fix parking brakes that don't activate the brake lights.

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Audi Recalls Q3 SUVs Over Brake Light Problems
Audi recalls 24,700 Q3 SUVs to fix parking brakes that don't activate the brake lights.

— Audi is recalling more than 24,700 model year 2016-2017 Audi Q3 compact crossover SUVs to repair problems with the parking brakes and lights.

Audi says the brake lights won't activate if the parking brake is used during emergency braking.

Audi says if the parking brake is used for emergency braking, people behind the vehicle won't know because the brake lights will fail. However, the braking system will function as normal and only the brake lights will be affected.

Still, it's a good way to end up in a rear-end crash, although a driver using the parking brake in an emergency driving situation likely already has trouble on their hands.

According to Audi, there is a software error in the gateway control unit that causes the brake lights to fail. The automaker discovered the problem during internal testing in March 2016 and started working on a software fix.

At first, Audi considered doing a "service campaign" to fix the problem, but parent company Volkswagen suggested that idea probably wasn't enough to satisfy federal regulators because of a line in federal standards that says, "stop lamps must be activated upon application of the service brakes."

In June 2017, Audi decided an "electromechanical parking brake" might be considered a "service brake" and didn't want to take a chance with regulators over the issue.

The Audi Q3 recall should begin in July when dealers will update the software.

Owners who have questions should call Audi at 800-253-2834 and ask about recall number 45G6. has complaints about Audi Q3 SUVs and many other Audi models.


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