Audi and Volkswagen sunroof leak class action blames defective seals and drainage systems.

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VW Sunroof Leak Lawsuit Alleges Warranty Is Worthless
Audi and Volkswagen sunroof leak class action blames defective seals and drainage systems.

— A VW sunroof leak lawsuit alleges the sunroofs were defectively designed and manufactured due to their drainage systems and seals.

In addition, the automaker allegedly doesn't honor warranties when water leaks occur on these vehicles.

  • 2015-present Audi A1
  • 2015-present Audi A3
  • 2015-present Audi TT
  • 2015-present Audi Q2
  • 2015-present Audi Q3
  • 2015-present Volkswagen Arteon
  • 2015-present Volkswagen Atlas/Teramont
  • 2015-present Volkswagen Golf
  • 2015-present Volkswagen Jetta
  • 2015-present Volkswagen Passat
  • 2015-present Volkswagen Polo
  • 2015-present Volkswagen Tiguan
  • 2015-present Volkswagen Touran

The VW sunroof leak class action lawsuit alleges customers were given promises about the vehicles and warranties through advertising. But those customers allegedly soon learned they couldn't drive their vehicles in the rain or through car washes without water leaking into the cabins.

And depending on a warranty to cover the problem allegedly does nothing but force a customer to pay for panoramic sunroof repairs and replacements.

VW and Audi dealers were allegedly sent at least five technical service bulletins about problems related to the panoramic sunroofs.

Volkswagen issued a TSB in March 2016 that included tips for replacing faulty sunroof frames, and the following month dealers were informed about customers complaining about water leaks from the sunroof drain tubes.

Less than a month later another bulletin informed dealers about sunroof frames that caused problems with the shades.

Then in September 2016, VW issued a TSB entitled, “PANORAMIC SUNROOF INSPECTION AND REPAIR PROCEDURE” in case the sunroofs leaked.

Another bulletin was issued in January 2017 that included a special notice for dealerships to return all sunroof repair kits. Technicians were told to return any kit labeled 5GM898041 and replace it with kit 5GM898041A.

In August 2017, a TSB informed dealers about repairs “to prevent water leaks into the interior of the vehicle that could be caused by cracks in the sunroof frame.” Dealerships were also told to perform repairs on any affected vehicles in stock before they were sold to the public.

According to the lawsuit, the August 2017 notice also admitted, “Volkswagen is not notifying consumers.”

Customers claim the leaking sunroofs cause distractions while driving and foggy windshields from condensation. Additionally, a leaking sunroof can damage important electrical components related to safety functions. And the plaintiff claims water ruins carpets and parts of the interior which creates mold growth and moldy odors.

The VW sunroof leak lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York - Gjonbalaj, et al., v. Volkswagen Group of America, et al.

The plaintiff is represented by Simmons Hanly Conroy, Greg Coleman Law, and Bryant Law Center. has complaints from drivers of the vehicles named in the sunroof leak lawsuit.


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