Tesla Model 3 owner says the black paint started peeling and flaking within six months.

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Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues Cause Lawsuit in Canada
Tesla Model 3 owner says the black paint started peeling and flaking within six months.

— Alleged Tesla Model 3 paint issues have caused a proposed class action lawsuit in Canada which alleges the paint flakes and peels within six months of purchasing the cars.

Plaintiff Jean-François Bellerose owns a black 2019 Tesla Model 3 and claims he noticed peeling paint on the bottoms of the doors and body, and this was less than a year of the car being in use.

The plaintiff contacted Tesla about the peeling paint but was allegedly told the damage wasn't covered by warranty.

The Tesla Model 3 lawsuit alleges it would cost nearly $5,000 to fix the paint problems which have caused the car to lose value and look abysmal. Additionally, the peeling paint now leaves an opening for corrosion to further damage the Model 3.

The lawsuit says the paint, the primary anti-chipping primer and the coating applied to the vehicle are used to protect the car from corrosion and flaking. And the plaintiff claims the paint coating has a useful life that should exceed the warranties by several years.

According to the lawsuit, Canadian new vehicle owners keep their vehicles on average more than eight years, but a third of them keep their vehicles between 11 and 15 years. In addition, the plaintiff claims the average useful life of a vehicle is now more than 250,000 kilometers.

The plaintiff alleges the paint problems are not typical wear and tear, especially on a vehicle with less than six months of driving.

The lawsuit also says many Model 3 owners in Canada have complained about paint issues, and TV network TVA reported about alleged Tesla paint problems.

The plaintiff claims a work colleague also had the same paint issues after purchasing a Tesla, and the plaintiff says another Tesla Model 3 owner also complained about the same problem.

According to the lawsuit, the automaker knew about the alleged paint defects when the Model 3s were first marketed and sold. The Canadian lawsuit also alleges that even though Model 3 owners everywhere have complained about paint issues, Tesla has never ordered a recall to repair flaking and peeling paint.

The Tesla Model 3 paint lawsuit was filed in the Province of Quebec Superior Court for the District of Montreal: Jean-François Bellerose, vs. Tesla Canada Vehicles.


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