Maryland GV80 owner alleges driving 40 mph causes vibrations, shaking and veering across the road.

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Genesis GV80 Class Action Lawsuit Says SUVs Vibrate
Maryland GV80 owner alleges driving 40 mph causes vibrations, shaking and veering across the road.

— A Genesis GV80 class action lawsuit alleges the SUVs vibrate, shudder and veer across the road while driving at moderate speeds.

The lawsuit alleges the 2021 Genesis GV80 SUVs suffer from driveshaft, axle and steering problems. The class action says consumers have paid more than $70,000 to purchase or more than $900 per month to lease the vehicles.

For that price the SUVs should not suffer from uncontrolled veering while driving.

Hyundai allegedly knew the Genesis GV80 vehicles shake, shudder and vibrate and in June 2020 the automaker halted distribution of the diesel-powered SUVs due to vibration problems from the engines. But according to the plaintiff who filed the Genesis class action, Hyundai has never fixed the instability problems.

Maryland plaintiff Dr. Barbara Feinstein leased a 2021 Genesis GV80 in February 2021 for more than $900 per month. The SUV had about 107 miles on it when she leased it, and a few days later the plaintiff and her husband left for a 1,100-mile trip to their Florida home.

The class action lawsuit alleges within a few hours of driving, the Genesis GV80 "began to dangerously shake, shudder, vibrate and pull to the left, causing a continuous struggle to keep the SUV from veering off the road."

The plaintiff says she was traveling about 40 mph when the problems occurred, and once she reached Florida the plaintiff brought the SUV to a dealer.

According to the GV80 class action, the plaintiff was told there was something wrong with the SUV and a loaner vehicle would be provided while the dealership checked out the Genesis vehicle.

The dealer allegedly said Hyundai Corporate had become involved in the attempted repair to replace an axle, which caused the plaintiff and her husband to fly back to Maryland without the Genesis GV80.

In Florida, the dealer allegedly repaired the vehicle and told the plaintiff, “the problem had been solved and the car ran great.”

Hyundai arranged for the GV80 to be transported from Florida to Maryland, but the plaintiff says the vehicle shook, vibrated and pulled to the left when the GV80 reached about 45 mph. The vehicle was taken to the Maryland dealer which allegedly said the GV80 needed the driveshaft replaced.

The plaintiff picked up the SUV after the driveshaft was replaced and the vehicle had been aligned. But the Genesis GV80 allegedly continued to pull to the left, there was vibration in the steering wheel and headrest and the SUV shuddered while driving.

On May 15, 2021, the plaintiff left the GV80 at the Maryland dealership again, and later the plaintiff was told a new tire had been ordered for the SUV. When the class action lawsuit was filed, the plaintiff still didn't have possession of the GV80.

"Combined with the prior service periods, Plaintiff has been without the SUV she leased for over 38 days during her 82 days of the lease period. To date, Plaintiff remains without her 2021 Genesis GV-80 SUV to her great detriment and inconvenience." Genesis GV80 lawsuit

The class action lawsuit alleges Hyundai rushed the Genesis GV80 vehicles to market in an attempt to cure slumping sales.

The Genesis GV80 class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland: Dr. Barbara Feinstein, v. Hyundai Motor Company, et al.

The plaintiff is represented by Corwin Law, of Boca Raton, Florida.


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