2015 Nissan LEAF owner says Nissan should pay $1 billion for EMF radiation sickness.

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Nissan LEAF Electromagnetic Radiation Lawsuit Filed in Georgia
2015 Nissan LEAF owner says Nissan should pay $1 billion for EMF radiation sickness.

— A Nissan LEAF electromagnetic radiation lawsuit has been filed by a Georgia man who sued the automaker "for permanently damaging his health and for destroying his family and career, not to exceed $10 million."

In addition to the $10 million, the LEAF lawsuit says Nissan should pay an extra $990 million so the plaintiff can start a non-profit organization related to radiation sickness.

The 2015 Nissan LEAF customer who filed the lawsuit alleges the car caused him serious health problems from prolonged driving while sitting on a giant battery that allegedly emits large amounts of low-frequency electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

The plaintiff claims the LEAF radiation is "way above" safe levels of 2 mG (milligauss) or less.

According to the radiation lawsuit, the 2015 Nissan LEAF EMF measurements are as follows:

  • Driver's floor — up to 9.2 mG, Top of the seat — up to 5.3 mG
  • Passenger floor — up to 13.1 mG, Top of the seat — up to 4.9 mG
  • Back row floor — up to 31.3 mG, Top of the seat — up to 4.5 mG
  • Back row/top of the elevated floor panel at the center of the vehicle — up to 12.6 mG

The plaintiff says he was active and healthy prior to January 2017 but started to suffer from uncontrolled eye dilation, chest palpitations, memory loss and had difficulty concentrating. This allegedly quickly led to "sporadic hallucinations."

"Towards the end of January 2017, the plaintiff had a difficult time to distinguish what was real and what was not, and as a result was terminated from his job. On January 25th, the Plaintiff was hospitalized with inability to hear and speak. Going forward, the Plaintiff kept suffering physical and mental symptoms and his marriage fell apart as his wife filed for divorce on April 15th, 2017." — Nissan LEAF radiation lawsuit

The plaintiff says he was unable to work because the physical symptoms worsened if he used a computer continuously for more than 2 hours. The plaintiff further alleges it took him several years to "get his life in sort-of order where he can function in a society."

After he was hospitalized in January 2017, his physical symptoms worsened when he drove the Nissan LEAF and "he suffered chest palpitations, facial tingling combined with pressures on his checks that felt like the cheeks were about to collapse into his face and breathing difficulties."

According to the radiation lawsuit, the plaintiff has suffered multiple health setbacks and currently suffers from chest pains and heart palpitations, low energy, insomnia, ringing in the ears and facial tingling. In addition, the plaintiff alleges he easily gets lost in his thoughts and loses a perception of time.

The 2015 Nissan LEAF has allegedly destroyed his family and his career because he wasn't properly shielded from EMF radiation.

In addition to seeking up to $10 million, the plaintiff says Nissan should pay up to $990 million for gross negligence.

The plaintiff says this will allow him to "start a non-profit, public awareness entity to educate people around the world about the dangers of long-term exposure to low frequency EMF radiation emitted by many unshielded electronic devices such as electric cars, cell phones, microwaves, high voltage powerlines ... etc."

The Nissan LEAF electromagnetic radiation lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia: Josef Tater, v. Nissan North America, Inc.


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