Nissan Sentra brake lights may fail and the cars may not start.

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Lights Out: Nissan Sentra Recall For Brake Light Switch
Nissan Sentra brake lights may fail and the cars may not start.

— A Nissan Sentra recall for brake light failures includes more than 807,000 model year 2016-2019 Sentra cars with brake light switches that may become contaminated.

According to recall documents, this can cause the circuit to close and prevent the brake lights from working. And Nissan says the cars may not start if the brake light switch malfunctions.

Nissan believes 20.2% of the Sentra cars are affected by brake light failures, but the only way to find and fix those 20% is to recall and repair 807,376 cars in the U.S.

Nissan Sentra recall documents specifically describes the brake light problem:

"The stop lamp switch may become contaminated with off-gassing from silicon based grease used in surrounding components (HVAC and brake booster clevis pin) in close proximity. Oxidation may occur at the switch contact surface due to electric arcing, resulting in silicon dioxide build-up. This build-up may lead to open circuit issues and an inoperative stop lamp switch."

According to documents submitted to the government about the Nissan Sentra recall, only 2016-2019 Sentras are affected by the brake light switch problem.

The clevis pins and brake light switches are close to one another in 2016-2019 Sentra cars, something unique to all Nissan and Infiniti models.

A Nissan Sentra driver must take precautions if they notice illuminated brake warning lights because it's likely the light means the brake lights are dead and vehicles won't know when the Sentra driver is applying the brakes.

The Nissan Sentra recall repairs may not be available until the Fall of 2021 when dealerships receive replacement brake light switches and protective grommets that will be installed.

Interim Sentra recall notices will be mailed beginning April 7, 2021, then second recall notices will be mailed when Nissan dealers are ready.

Nissan Sentra owners with concerns should call the automaker at 800-867-7769. The Nissan Sentra recall number is PM971.


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