Feds receive complaints about Volkswagen SUVs that may leak fuel from the fuel injectors.

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VW Atlas Fuel Leaks Investigated
Feds receive complaints about Volkswagen SUVs that may leak fuel from the fuel injectors.

— Volkswagen Atlas fuel leaks are under a federal investigation, although no Atlas engine compartment fires have been reported.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) believes fuel may be leaking from the fuel injectors in 2018-2020 VW Atlas SUVs.

More than 191,000 Atlas SUVs are equipped with 3.6L engines, and if fuel isn't leaking from the injectors, it's at least leaking from the area of the injectors.

Customers report illuminated warning lights, fuel odors and fuel spewing from the engine compartments. The area is filled with hot engine components, and leaking injectors make the fire risk higher than fuel leaks from other areas of the vehicle.

Volkswagen says out of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Atlas SUVs, the 2018 models have higher warranty claim rates for the fuel systems.

Two of the owner complaints came from these drivers of 2019 VW Atlas SUVs.

"Fuel injector cracked at 21k miles while on the highway. Fuel was spewing all over the engine and ground. There was a burning smell and loud winding noise as well. Also loss of power and acceleration. Had just enough power to get off of the highway. Was very worried. Possible fire risk"

"Started the car to come home from the park 2 miles away from home and halfway home the car started cutting out, had very limited power, epc light came on followed shortly by the engine light and a fuel smell. Shut the vehicle off and restarted it while someone was looking in the engine compartment. It was immediately seen that a massive amount of fuel was dumping from the fuel rail/injector area at the front of the engine."

NHTSA's investigation will try to determine if fuel is leaking from the injectors and if Volkswagen would do well to recall the Atlas vehicles.

CarComplaints.com will update our website with results of the 2018-2020 Volkswagen Atlas fuel leak investigation.


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