Toyota recalls more than 18,000 trucks equipped with Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) systems.

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Toyota Tundra Recall Issued For Rearview Camera Image Failures
Toyota recalls more than 18,000 trucks equipped with Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) systems.

— A 2022 Toyota Tundra recall of more than 18,000 trucks has been announced for Tundras equipped with Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) systems.

The 2022 Toyota Tundra trucks have parking assist electronic control unit (ECU) software which may prevent transmission of the rearview camera signal during cold weather.

This will prevent the rearview images from displaying on the screens.

The Panoramic View Monitor system uses multiple individual cameras located around the vehicle and a parking assist ECU. The PVM system uses the parking assist ECU to activate the signals for each of these cameras to display an image.

But due to incorrect programming of the parking assist ECU software, one or more of the camera signals may exceed the voltage threshold when the Tundra is started in cold weather.

Toyota learned about three Tundra rearview camera image failures in January that all occurred during cold weather. The supplier and Toyota investigated the effects of cold weather on the camera systems.

Engineers saw the camera signal voltage was exceeding the allowable threshold resulting in the parking assist ECU recognizing the camera as being in abnormal status which created a loss of signal transmission.

It was further found that any of the PVM cameras, including the rearview camera, could be subject to the condition.

In addition to leaving a Tundra driver without the ability to see behind the truck when backing up, the camera image failures also violate federal safety standards.

Toyota Tundra owners should watch for recall notices that will be mailed May 30, 2022. Toyota dealers will reprogram the parking assist ECU software.

Owners of 2022 Toyota Tundra trucks may call 800-331-4331 and ask about recall number 22TA04.


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