Honda Civic steering wheels feel stuck when driving.

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Honda Civic Sticky Steering Wheels Cause Lawsuit
Honda Civic steering wheels feel stuck when driving.

— Honda Civic sticky steering wheels have caused a class action lawsuit that alleges 2022-2023 Civics have defective electric power steering systems.

According to Honda civic drivers, the steering wheels feel like they get stuck while driving.

The Honda Civic sticky steering wheel lawsuit was filed four days after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into about 238,000 model year 2022-2023 Civics.

The government said it had received 145 complaints about sticky steering wheels, but there had been no crash or injury reports.

The Honda Civic class action lawsuit alleges Honda has long known about stuck steering wheels but has not recalled the vehicles or offered reimbursements to Civic owners.

"Beginning in 2016, if not before, Honda knew that many of its vehicles equipped with EPS steering systems, including the Honda Civic, suffered from one or more defects that can cause the Class Vehicles to lose maneuverability unexpectedly." — Honda Civic steering wheel lawsuit

Honda Civic Sticky Steering Wheel Lawsuit: The Plaintiffs

The Honda Civic class action lawsuit was filed by three plaintiffs.

Viriginia plaintiff Jordan Burgos owns a 2022 Honda Civic that began to have steering wheel problems about seven months after he purchased the car.

The plaintiff contends the Civic steering wheel gets stuck, and in one incident he almost hit another vehicle.

Burgos asserts he has suffered with stuck steering wheels on numerous occasions, so he took the Civic to a Honda dealership. After complaining about the sticky steering wheel, the dealer balanced the tires and performed an alignment but made no repairs to the steering system.

The plaintiff says his Civic steering wheel still gets stuck.

Maryland plaintiff Brian Daniels leased a new 2022 Honda Civic and six months later the steering wheel got stuck which caused him to jerk the steering wheel to get it unstuck.

The lawsuit doesn't allege he took the Civic to a dealer for diagnosis or repairs.

Texas plaintiff Jose Tejada purchased a 2022 Honda Civic, but when driving on a highway the steering wheel gets stuck. The plaintiff contends he took the Honda Civic to a dealership, but he says he wasn't offered any repairs.

The class action alleges the Honda Civics have lost value because of the sticky steering wheels.

The plaintiffs assert Honda should replace the allegedly defective power steering systems with non-defective parts. The automaker should also be forced to extend the warranties for the 2022-2023 Honda Civic steering systems.

In addition, even though the Civics are still covered by their warranties, the plaintiffs want Honda to reimburse customers for "all expenses already incurred as a result of the Steering Defect, including repairs, diagnostics, and any other consequential and incidental damages."

And the plaintiffs want Honda to stop selling and leasing the 2022-2023 Civics and disgorge "all or part of the ill-gotten profits."

The Honda Civic sticky steering wheel class action lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California: Burgos, et al., v. American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

The plaintiffs are represented by Greenstone Law APC, and Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP.


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