Government wants to know why 2022-2023 Honda Civic steering wheels feel stuck or locked.

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Honda Civic Sticky Steering Wheel Complaints Cause Investigation
Government wants to know why 2022-2023 Honda Civic steering wheels feel stuck or locked.

— Honda Civic sticky steering wheels have caused a federal investigation following 145 complaints and other reports about Civic steering wheels that feel sticky or locked.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 2022-2023 Honda Civic sticky steering wheels can freak out drivers who may suddenly overcorrect if the steering wheels feel locked.

NHTSA says more than 238,000 Civics are included in the sticky steering wheel investigation.

Two 2022 Honda Civic owners complained about the consequences of sticky steering wheels.

"Steering wheel gets sticky above 40 mph. It hard to move the wheel on short notice. It also feels like a resistance on the steering."

"Staring at 40ish MPH, steering becomes sticky and slight corrections become difficult, at higher cruising speeds of 65+ this issue gets worse. Staying in lane can be difficult especially on lanes going from straight to curved. Sticky steering also fights lane assist which causes wheel to overcompensate automatically."

And another 2022 Honda Civic driver complained about the dangerous problems of sticky steering and lane assist features.

"Lane departure lost track of center and wouldn't let the driver steer easily. After fighting for control against the system, the car overcorrected and side-swiped another car. There was significant damage to both cars."

According to the government:

"The complaints report that the momentary increase in steering effort (described as 'sticky steering') occurs mostly at highway speeds after driving for a certain amount of time. The reports have been received over the past 11 months with most occurring with low vehicle mileage." will update our website when more is known about the Honda Civic sticky steering wheel investigation.


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