Subaru airbag sensor recall affects more than 118,000 vehicles with passenger airbags that may fail.

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Subaru Airbag Sensor Recall Affects Legacy and Outback
Subaru airbag sensor recall affects more than 118,000 vehicles with passenger airbags that may fail.

— A Subaru airbag sensor recall involves more than 118,000 Outback and Legacy vehicles to fix problems related to airbag sensors in the front passenger seats.

Subaru recalled 2020-2022 Outback and 2020-2022 Legacy vehicles because capacitors in the weight sensors for the occupant detection systems may crack and short-circuit.

This will prevent the front passenger airbag from deploying in a crash.

"There is a possibility that, during the production process in a specific period at a certain supplier, the ODS Sensor Printed Circuit Board (PCB) became deformed, causing a crack to form in a capacitor, which can allow moisture to enter the capacitor over time and result in a short circuit." — Subaru

Subaru received 23 technical reports about the airbag problems between January 2021 and February 2024, causing the automaker and the supplier to open an investigation.

The supplier issued equipment recall 24E-016 in February for 1.7 million weight sensors which led to the Subaru recall.

According to Subaru, the airbag system warning light will illuminate and the front passenger airbag OFF indicator will illuminate. In addition, the front passenger airbag won't deploy in certain crashes.

Subaru is aware of 253 warranty claims related to the sensors, but there have been no injuries resulting from the problem.

Subaru expects to mail airbag sensor recall letters May 21, 2024, and dealers will replace the front passenger seat occupant detection system sensors.

Subaru dealers are not ready to repair the Outback and Legacy vehicles, so owners will receive second recall notices once dealerships have replacement airbag sensors.

Subaru Outback and Legacy owners may call 844-373-6614 and ask about airbag sensor recall number WRA-24.


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