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really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
No data
Average Mileage:
15,807 miles
Total Complaints:
13 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (7 reports)
  2. new battery (3 reports)
  3. alternator replacement (1 reports)
  4. trade in for toyota (1 reports)
  5. trade in for toyota venza (1 reports)
2012 Honda CR-V electrical problems

electrical problem

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2012 Honda CR-V Owner Comments

problem #13

Apr 072014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 62,010 miles


Was at the gas station putting gas, when I went to re-start the car, it wouldn't start, the light for electrical steering problem and malfunction came on. The car is a 2012, and on 2013 the dealer replaced the battery on one of the regular maintenance visits supposedly because it had a low charge level, going forward to 2014 this happens.

There is definitely something going on that Honda is trying to ignore! My husband travels a lot, and we bought this vehicle for our family because of the suppose reliability, so much for that! Now I don't know when it'll happen again.

- , Indian Trail, NC, USA

problem #12

Mar 282014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 22,000 miles

Late night dinner with friends, after, went to start car....no go. Had to call a friend for a late night jump start. Sucks because Honda knows they have a issue with their software. Bad data being fed to alternator for charging battery.

Brought to dealership and the techs exchanged a smile when I said I had a battery issue. They tested the battery And brought out a letter they said they just received saying it was a known problem. Their story seemed fake after watching them exchange the know grin about the issue. Left the car and they replaced the battery at no charge and updated the bad software.

Pissed because it was a known issue, why didn't Honda mail out a letter instead of letting me get stuck with a bad battery .......so much for Honda doing the right thing.

Repair paperwork states my CRV fell within the effected Vin numbers and to perform software upgrade 12-041 Looks like this did not fix all problems on this board....wondering if this is it or if I will have more issues?

Not happy with the fact that upper management at Honda feels it's OK to let it customers get stranded with dead batteries at night. Was feeling pretty good about my first Honda...but am now a jaded customers...again what are the suits at Honda thinking? It is better not to tell the customers about a known issue? Pretty poor customer service.... Honesty is a better currency then some suit trying to save his job by not doing the right thing. I would like to find out who the blockhead is at Honda who thinks more about his job then his customers.

- , Davis, CA, USA

problem #11

May 192013

CR-V Touring 2.4L 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,756 miles

I bought my fourth Honda vehicle from T&T Honda in Calgary during the Spring of 2013. This one was six months old with only 15K, but the previous three had been brand new. I drove it for each of the four following days, including on the third day a 100 km run to the airport to pick up visitors. On the fourth day I drove to the car wash, washed the car and then it wouldn't start (No, I did not wash under the hood!). I had to push it outside. It wouldn't take a boost from either a battery booster or from another vehicle. I called a tow truck and had it taken to the dealer. They replaced the battery.

A couple of months later the car was parked at home. I had not used it for three or four days. It wouldn't start. I put it on a trickle charger, and after a few hours it did start. I drove it to the dealer and they checked it out and installed a new alternator. I spoke to the salesman and he stated that because the car had a remote starter (installed by them) it was probably that that was draining the battery as "they are a hog", he said. I decided to sell the car. I'd only owned it for four months and advertised for $5,000 less than I bought it for. After some time a prospect called. He was out with his family looking for a CR-V and saw my ad. I explained that I'd had problems but Honda assured me it was now fixed. We settled on a price. He said they were going for lunch and would then come and get the car. I thought it looked a little dusty so I ran to the car wash, washed it, then went to start it and it was dead. Again, it wouldn't take a boost, and again, I had to push it outside and call a tow truck as well as the buyer who then went elsewhere. T&T replaced the battery again.

This time I asked for the Used Car Sales Manager. He was pleasant and business like, but wouldn't take the car back. We discussed the issue with the Service Manager and his best recommendation was to install a larger battery, but also suggested they install a battery tender which would mean that if I was not going to drive the car for a few days I would have to plug it in and this would keep the battery charged. Two days after I got the car back I got a recall notice from Honda Canada stating there is something wrong with the charging system of my car and it was being recalled to reprogram the computer. I was relieved that it seemed they had, after all, found a common problem and had the fix. I booked in my car right away and had the upgrade done. A few days later I went to start the car but it was dead yet again. This time I called Honda Canada and left a message with their Customer Service department. They called back and spoke to my wife. They argued quite strongly that we are not driving the car enough. It needs to be driven regularly to keep the battery fully charged and because we are not, they argue, that we are damaging the battery by letting it drain, hence the reason it required new batteries. Anytime, in the discussion, that my wife brought up something that did not fit with the ladies argument, such as 'why it wouldn't take a boost', or 'what happens if we leave the car at the airport and go away for a few days?', the lady would not answer and quickly changed the subject.

I called the dealership and left three messages for the Sales Manager to call me and have been totally ignored. I called the lady at Honda Canada and spoke to her. I got the same argument, the problem with the car is not the car but the owner for not driving it all the time. I have asked to escalate the problem with the Customer Service lady's manager and will await that call, but if his/her attitude is the same as this lady, well.... where do we go from here?

- , Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

problem #10

Jan 062014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 21,000 miles


Bought my CR-V in April 2012, liked it a lot. I live in Minnesota, once winter came around I was really mad at myself and dealership for not thinking of remote auto-start. (April 2012 was unseasonably nice). Last winter (2012-2013) I thought the engine start pretty hard but assumed that was just the nature of the car and as long as it worked I didn't have complaints. This year same thing, Jan 6, 2014 my car was completely DEAD! I used it the two days prior without problem, it was extremely cold (something like -20F) but still, my husband's 2004 Civic started without problem! Yesterday, not that cold, 15F, we drove to the store, got our groceries, back in the car, drove to the gas station, fueled up, went to restart the car and NOTHING! Not even a turn over! Lights, radio, heat, etc. did work, not like the last time. I have even been turning EVERYTHING off in hopes of "saving" the battery. I didn't pay $30k for a new car to have this crap! I left a nasty message at the dealership last night and already wrote Honda on Twitter and plan to be at the dealership tomorrow AM at 6:30 when they open to try to get this started before going to work. My husband and I both have Honda's, my Dad and brother both have Honda's and plenty of my friends and extended family do. This is enough to make me give up on Honda and SHOUT from the rooftops...Twitter and Facebook...to make sure no one else has to go through this. When I got home last night I looked up this issue online and was enraged to see that I am not the only one with this problem, nor is it limited to the 2012 model! I can't believe Honda and my dealership know about this and have not communicated anything and from what I'm reading doesn't seem to have a legitimate fix! I have since started researching new vehicles, none of which are Honda.

- , Edina, MN, USA

problem #9

Dec 012013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 21,100 miles

It was the coldest day of the year and I had to wait about an hour for the tow company to jump off the vehicle. Then spend 3 hours at the dealer to replace the battery the next day. Owned several Hondas prior to the CRV never ever had a problem similar to this. I am starting to think twice about staying with Honda.

- , District Heights, Maryland, USA

problem #8

Jan 282013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,864 miles

CR-V sat in outside garage for 2 weeks not being driven. Wife goes to start on Monday morning to go to work and will not start. Dead battery! Call Automotive Service and they boost it. My wife takes my Toyota Venza 2012, which is second one around for me, had a 2009 previous and you guessed it, not one problem with either vehicle other then oil changes, in the 4 years, and goes off to work.

Me, well I drive the CR-V, after boost, directly to Honda dealer. They ask the usual questions, did you leave something on, how far do you drive, maybe not enough to charge battery, huh? I said well this is now the third time since June it has had a dead battery so something is up. They service and cannot find anything and put in new battery and say I am good to go. Vehicle starts no problem for next 10 months, driving an average 200 km a week during this time. And then, you know it, read next post........

Update from Jan 15, 2014: solved, traded in crv for TOYOTA Venza AWD, suggest you do same. Good riddance honda

- , Edmonton, Alberta, canada

problem #7

Oct 282012


  • Automatic transmission
  • 1,553 miles


CRV sitting in outside garage while away on week vacation. Had not been driven in 9 days. Go to start will not turn over, dead battery. Called automotive service and they boosted vehicle, and it started. Left it running for 45 minutes as suggested by tow truck driver before off to run some errands. As I started errands needed to fill up gas tank. After turning vehicle off and filling tank, went to restart, and would not start...dead battery. Automotive service still in area, came by and boosted, did not go further on this trip and returned to home, left car running for 1 hour. 2nd time would not start now since purchase in June. I was beginning to doubt the reliability of this vehicle at this time but felt, well it sat for 9 days, must be the reason for dead battery, but thought how could that be the reason on a new vehicle? Vehicle started thereafter till 10 weeks later.....read next post.

Update from Jan 15, 2014: solved, traded in crv for Toyota Venza AWD...good riddence honda.

- , Edmonton, Alberta, canada

problem #6

Jan 032014


  • Automatic transmission
  • 14,913 miles

Battery drains periodically. Not using all the nice electrical gadgets I PAID for: seat warmer, Bluetooth.

Battery voltage (on accessories) is often 11.1V and when it reaches 10.9V, it won't start.

HONDA tech. from L'Ile-Perrot did a software bug fix (HONDA letter Dec 2013) but did not accept to change the

defective battery. After 3 days the battery is dead again.

Pissed off because my previous CRV 2008 was SUPER OK but the vendor convince us to change for a 2012.

- , L'Ile-Perrot, Quebec, canada

problem #5

Oct 162013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 800 miles

From beginning of purchase of my brand spanking new 2012 Honda CRV I have experienced a constant dead battery. I was Inconvenienced and stranded in hot, humid Houston weather. Took to dealership several times with battery showing good. How annoying!! I finally took matters into my own hands and investigated this problem on the Internet to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing I was. I finally found information that yes it does exist and that there is a HONDA SERVICE BULLETIN sb 12-041 (tell your dealer this number at the service desk) and it is titled The Battery is dead and needs multiple Jump-starts. At this writing this is not a recall but a known problem to Honda. Under that bulletin there are specific VIN numbers that fall into this category (like mine did) and the resolution to with instructions from Honda on that bulletin sb 12-041 are for the dealership to run a diagnostic GR8 and proceed from there. At this moment of writing I am sitting at Honda and they ran this test to show me that I do in fact have a problem with the battery and computer not communicating with each other and this will require a new battery and a software update to the computer! The real kicker is on the test it was showing that my battery was getting ready to puke again and need another jump and I will tell you that I was annoyed seeing that since I just had to get a jump 3 days ago at 10:30pm at night where I as stranded from going out to dinner! I hope this new battery and software update resolves this problem for good and I hope my post helps anyone out there (I happen to be female that was always stranded) and you march right into Honda with that bulletin and have them fix the problem! I mean a brand new $30,000 vehicle should not perform like that and endanger ppl leaving them in extreme heat and humidity! I hope Honda does a recall on this soon because this is appears to be an easy fix and their reputation depends on it. This is my first Honda ever and time will tell if it will be my last! I'm just disgusted with Honda not recalling this while a along they know the problem exists! Shame on you Honda. I will add I have an awesome Honda Salesman that was very concerned for me every time I phoned him to tell him of this and an awesome service advisor that helped me and was overly concerned too! Hopefully this software update resolves this problem forever and Honda...you owe me an apology at corporate. BTW ... This is all covered under your warranty! New battery and software update is covered!!

- , Sugar Land, TX, USA

problem #4

Aug 102013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 21,711 miles

A few months after I bought my Honda CR-V, the engine failed to start after listening to the radio for about 15 minutes with the key in accessory position which turned off the headlights and other battery draining components. The battery was so dead that it would not even turn the starter one time. I took it to the dealer and they could find nothing wrong blaming it on me for not having the key in the right position to disconnect the lights (switch in auto position) and other electrical components. I knew that was not the case but let it ride. Then a year later, I left the car parked for one and a half days with the light switch in the OFF position being very cautious. When I went to start the engine afterwards, the battery charge was so week that it would not turn the starter. Once again I took it to the dealership and got the same answer as before: nothing is wrong! I am very disappointed in Honda as I owned a Accord some time ago and had no problems whatsoever with it, even after 7 years of driving it. In the interim, I drove a Toyota with absolutely no problems. Both the Toyota and old Honda were very reliable vehicles. My CR-V is not up to the quality of vehicle that Honda has been known for. I cannot afford to have a vehicle that is unreliable, especially when no more than a year old. I will be going back to Toyota for my next vehicle and I will certainly let others know about this problem before they purchase a new Honda. I am disgusted with Honda to say the least.

- , Austin, Texas, canada

problem #3

Mar 142013


  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,600 miles


Stranded in a parking garage in downtown Houston after the battery went dead while I sat listening to the radio while waiting for someone. Really? Battery life won't last 30 minutes of radio time? According to the dealership, the problem is the alternator and it's internal (whatever that means).

Whatever happened to Honda quality? I had this new car for two days when the a/c wouldn't work, ruining the day of my daughter's bridal portraits while we all wilted en route to the appointment. I've had two Hondas in my lifetime. This is the third and probably my last.

- , Spring, Texas, USA

problem #2

Jan 212013


  • CVT transmission
  • 10,843 miles

I am feeling like I may have bought a lemon. If its only a matter of replacing the battery with a more robust one , I can live with that. However, if the problem is more deep rooted and hidden in a faulty electrical system it could be a long road of trouble ahead. My long standing notion of Honda's reputation for reliability it quickly vanishing down the tubes.

- , Anchor Point, NL, canada

problem #1

Sep 092012

CR-V EX-L 4cly

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5,344 miles

My wife drove the car for a good ride to charge the battery.I can not understand why a battery would die with a radio on for awhile when the car is just six(6) months old.

- , Halifax, NS, Canada

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