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Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Supersedes Technical Service Bulletin Group 91 number 14-69 dated November 4, 2014. The following message appears on the MMI display: "Device or cable type not supported". The AMI cable being used is a genuine Audi-branded cable with an Audi part number (see Required Parts and Tools for a list of valid part numbers). The "Device or cable type not supported" message may be displayed when an incorrect AMI cable type is connected to the MMI system. Only cables with an Audi part number (i.e., 4F0.XXX.XXX) are supported by the MMI system. Volkswagen-branded cables look similar, but are not guaranteed to work with Audi MMI systems. The label on the end of an Audi-branded cable has an Audi logo and Audi part number. Audi-branded cables have unique firmware inside the hardware that can determine which MMI system and iOS device are connected to the cable. Volkswagen cables do not have this firmware. The firmware is required to allow the system to function normally due to the different technology available in the different MMI systems and in the different iPhones and iPod Touch devices. In addition, the AMI system was designed to play the music stored locally on the connected device only. Music streaming (from Spotify or Pandora, for example) is not supported, and music stored in the cloud (on Google Play, Amazon Prime, or iTunes Match/iCloud, for example) may drop out, pause, and skip when played.

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Date Published
MAR 20, 2015
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