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N63T Engine: New Test Plan to Check Engine Oil Level with ISTA/D 3.39.21. INFORMATION With the release of ISTA/D 3.39.21, a new test plan is available for checking the engine oil level in some vehicles with the N63T engine. The test plan will help identify the actual oil level, and advise the amount that will need to be added to correctly fill the engine when topping up. When performing the scheduled oil service and filling the engine with the amount specified, the applicable ISTA/D repair instruction does not require performing this test plan. Applicable models: * F01 and F02 with the N63T engine, produced from 3/2013 and later with I-Level F001-13-03-501 or higher * F06, F07, F12 and F13 with the N63T engine, produced from 3/2013 and later with I-Level F001-13-03-501 or higher * F10 with the N63T engine produced from 7/2013 and later with I-Level F010-13-07-501 or higher Test plan path: Service Function/Drive/Motor Electronics/Motor Oil/Oil Level IMPORTANT: Do not perform this test plan on the following vehicles: * E70, E71, F01, F02, F04, F06, F07, F12 and F13 vehicles with the N63 or N63T engine, produced before 3/2013 l * F10 vehicles with the N63 engine produced before 7/2013 If this test plan is performed on these vehicles, the result is an incorrect measurement and level indication; overfilling of the engine will occur. Overfilling of the engine will result in engine damage. When a solution for vehicles which are not at one of the integration levels above is available, it will be communicated promptly. WARRANTY INFORMATION Not applicable. [ Copyright (c)2013 BMW of North America, Inc. ] https://www.bmwtis.net/tiscode/cgi-bin/bulletin.aspx?sie_path=/tsb/bulletins/htm_store/15702.1.B11071... 11/12/2013

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Date Published
OCT 01, 2013
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