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If this were to occur, loss of steering control could result.

Steering — Linkages — Rod — Relay — Connecting

Vehicle description: Sport utility vehicles. The nut that secures the axial joint of the left steering tie rod to the steering gear box may have not have been tightened securely. This could lead to loosening of the nut and, initially to steering wheel play and/or misalignment, as well as noise from the steering linkage. If vehicle operation continues, the tie rod could disconnect from the steering gear box.
Dealers will inspect and re-torque the nut securing the axial joint of the left steering tie rod. If the torque of the nut is found to be loose, the right nut will also be checked and corrected if necessary, and a front wheel alignment will be performed.
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Date Announced
OCT 24, 2000
Vehicles Affected
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