pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
92,746 miles
Total Complaints:
13 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (10 reports)
  2. replace crankshaft position sensor (2 reports)
  3. reseal the valve covers (1 reports)
2000 Chrysler Sebring engine problems

engine problem

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2000 Chrysler Sebring Owner Comments

problem #13

Jul 202015

Sebring Limited 2.5L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 39,699 miles


The car was idling in park and I could feel the car start to vibrate more and more and finally the engine stalled out

- , Lincoln, RI, USA

problem #12

Aug 082014

Sebring LXI 3.2L V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

I bought his car brand new a 20000 Chrysler Sebring LXI, always had maintenance done, oil changes etc, never had a problem till this year. I will be driving down the highway at 55-60 mph and all of a sudden I lose all power, this has happened to me this year since Aug 2014 approximately 4-5 times. It also happens at a stop sign, it just dies for no apparent reason numerous times.

I have taken it to a mechanic he has checked distributor cap and it seems OK, says it might be the fuel pump which is inside the gas tank. Not sure what to do. I know it will be expensive to fix and I have to do it.

Does anyone else have this problem and what did you do to fix it??? Does Chrysler have a recall on this problem?? It is very dangerous, so afraid to drive it Please Help!!!

P.S. this car has 160,000 miles on it

- , Washougal, WA, USA

problem #11

Jul 022009

Sebring JXI

  • Automatic transmission
  • 120,000 miles

The f'n car is a lemon! I don't recommend anyone buy this type of car. It's seems that every month, it needs some other part or service. I have spent thousands of dollars to keep the car running, but it continues to fail. It's high maintenance and very unreliable - at times it's even dangerous. The car would turn off on it's own or other times it wouldn't accelerate while driving. The brakes have also been an issue on many occasions and very costly to repair. I have finally decided to donate the car because I'm afraid the next thing to go out will be the entire engine or transmission. I sincerely hope the government doesn't bail the company out of bankruptcy. Chrysler has had it's good days back in the day but now it's time to lay down and die in peace.

- , Hillsboro, OR, USA

problem #10

Nov 052008

Sebring LXI V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,000 miles


I have had it with the POS car. I knew I shouldn't have bought it to begin with. I had a check engine light a couple months ago which I had read out & it said I needed a new EGR valve. No big deal, I ordered the part and had a friend of the family put it in. Upon leaving his driveway my car stalled as I slowed to break. It fired right back up and drove fine UNTIL EVERY TIME I HAVE TO SLOW DOWN TO STOP!! WHICH IS WHEN IT CONVENIENTLY STALLS!!!! I had 2 mechanics look at it & couldn't figure out what the problem was. I took it to a Chrysler dealership because I figured they probably work on so many of these worthless cars they would know exactly what the problem was. Well... after a hefty labor cost ($90 per hr) they determined I had a bad distributor & wanted like $1,500 to replace it.

So I had a friend of the family get a used one & misc parts & do it for $700. After all of this it still stalls when slowing down to stop. I hate Chrysler, and I will never ever ever buy another. (I've also had to replace the fuel pump in the past, and have had plenty of other little problems along the way).

If anyone figures out how to fix this PLEASE POST IT!

- , Akron, OH, USA

problem #9

Mar 112008

Sebring LXI

  • Automatic transmission
  • 117,000 miles

I have only had my Sebring since January. Its a used car and has a lot of miles on it but thats what i could afford. Sometime in March my car started dying while i was driving but i could just turn it right back on. I needed a quick solution because I was moving from Ohio to Virginia within the next couple of weeks. So i had my Distributor replaced and it ran good for a week and then i was driving and it died and i couldn't get it started for about an hour or so. After it died then it only did it a couple times again before i had moved. The day i was leaving i also had a wedding to go to and i was leaving from there, i filled up my gas tank and went maybe 5 miles down the road and my car died yet again!!! However it started right back up in about 20 minutes.... and as im driving to my fathers house to get some advice before i leave for Virginia, my check engine light comes on (THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THE LIGHT HAD EVER COME ON SINCE IT WAS STALLING). All he did was reset the battery to get the light to go off and he said if it dies just let it sit and after awhile (meaning like an hour) start it back up. I made it to Virginia fine without the car dying. I didn't drive it really anywhere because i didn't know the area and there are a lot of really busy roads where i live, but i would often just turn my car on and let it run for a little while so it just wasn't sitting there. In May i got a job and after a couple days of working i was driving home and it died right around the corner from my apartment. I no longer even tried driving it so i drove my husbands car. Then one day in July i went out to start my car up it didn't work and i couldn't even hear the fuel pump turning on. The check engine light wasn't on and it had only come on that one time before. So I took the advice of some one on here saying the crankshaft sensor probably needed replaced. I looked it up in the car manual and sure enough it said if my sensor was bad then it would affect my fuel pump. So we took it out asap and had it replace and as soon as it was the car started back up and i havent had any problems yet!!! SO TRY CHANGING THE CRANKSHAFT SENSOR!!!!

- , Hampton, VA, USA

problem #8

Jan 072008

Sebring Limited V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 90,000 miles

I bought my 2000 Chrysler Sebring limited ed. car 2 years ago and I have done nothing but put $$ into the thing. I first had to get 2 new tie rod ends (they were so bad that I had to sign a waiver to get it released from the mechanic to drive down the street) $320.00. Next is the heat/AC decides to only work on high!! Lovely! Next my lights/ car alarm would go off at any given time for no reason ( waking neighbors in all) I replaced the battery, only to solve the problem for about 6-7 months. Now my car just dies on me at any random moment, its very annoying and I do not know whether to get rid of it now or put more of my hard earned money int this piece of junk?!? I'm confused and mad I just don't what to do?

- , MAnsfield, OH, USA

problem #7

Sep 182007

(reported on)

Sebring JXI V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 93,000 miles


twice the auto has stalled out, while slowing down or coming to a complete stop. causes the engine to idle ruff during other times. each time it happened was when gas was low. adding gasoline to tank does not have any reaction. only happens periodically. i was going to change fuel filter, until i found out that the entire gas tank has to be dropped to reach the filter.(pain and expensive). Not sure what solution is for recovery.

- , Athens, TN, USA

problem #6

Aug 062007

(reported on)

Sebring JXI V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 100,000 miles

After changing the distributer twice and a few other sensors it turned out that the 50 dollar crankshaft position sensor from autozone solved my problem. Some people think the distributor had the crankshaft sensor in the module but that is incorrect. The distributer comes with the camshaft sensor not the crankshaft sensor. My symptoms were driving down the road the car would die. Could be the freeway or low speed street. Oil and cruise light would come off after car would die. Car would start 1 minute to 3 hours later.

Try changing the crankshaft sensor before you change distributer if you have the same symptoms. It might save you some cash. Good luck.

- , Sacramento, CA, USA

problem #5

Aug 052007

(reported on)


  • Automatic transmission
  • 88,000 miles

Has anyone found the problem with the Chrysler Sebring dying while driving? I just put 1,100 into it, and I'm still having the same problem.

- , Colorado Springs, CO, USA

problem #4

Nov 112006

(reported on)

Sebring LXI

  • Automatic transmission
  • 86,000 miles

My car has been shutting off while driving. Sometimes it will start right back up but sometimes it will leave you sit for hours. It will after a while start right back up but cannot go for long distances without doing it again. Or, if I make it to my destination, it won't start back up and I have to sit and wait. There is not a check engine light on. I have replaced a fuel pump, fuel filter, throttle sensor, distributor twice, and the main computer all in the past 3 months. This was a progressive problem that started with it occasionally feeling like it was going to shut off, leading to it shutting off at lights and intersections when not pressing the accelerator, to shutting off while driving. It is doing it more and more often and after shorter and shorter distances.

- , Altoona, PA, USA

problem #3

Jul 022006

(reported on)

Sebring LXI

  • 88,000 miles


Noticed at least twice that the rpms dropped very low and car almost stalled while on the freeway. I replaced the fuel filter hoping that would help. No such luck. Today the car actually did stall while I was getting on the freeway. Fortunately was able to pull over to the side. The engine light did not turn on but the cruise control light came on. This car has been a money pit. Any one have this problem and successfully fixed it?

- , Escondido, CA, USA

problem #2

Apr 022006

(reported on)


  • 45,000 miles


- , Hayward, CA, USA

problem #1

Mar 172006

(reported on)

Sebring JXI V6

  • Automatic transmission
  • 91,000 miles

As im driving down the road or highway my car will die suddenly. It seems like it dies when my foot is off the gas. Before all this the car would ocassionally sputter while driving. The rpms would drop like the engine was not getting any fuel for 1-1.5 seconds. Now all my car does is dies on me. No Engine codes, just the cruise lamp light comes on and the oil light. So far i changed the distributer 2 times, the autoshutdown relay, and now im going to change the crankshaft position sensor.

- , Sacramento, CA, USA

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