The latch plate located in the seat cushion area must be free to move back against its stop after the buckle is removed to allow the shoulder belts to be pulled out. Always be sure the area around the latch plate is free of food or other items that might prevent the latch plate from moving back.

Seat Belts — Integrated Child Seat

Vehicle description: Multipurpose passenger vehicles equipped with integral child seats. This is not a safety recall in accordance with federal regulation 573. However, it is deemed a safety improvement campaign by the Agency. On the integral child seat, the shoulder belts restraining the child retract and lock in place after the belt buckle is connected to the latch plate. The latch plate movement locks the belts to make sure the child is restrained in the case of a vehicle crash.
Owners are being provided with a video tape and 2 harness clips. The video tape instructs owners on the proper use and maintenance of the child seats.
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Date Announced
OCT 24, 1996
Vehicles Affected
NHTSA Campaign #
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