really awful
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
101,950 miles
Total Complaints:
15 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. replace transmission (10 reports)
  2. change transmission bearings (2 reports)
  3. not sure (2 reports)
  4. lemon law - buy back (1 reports)
2005 Honda Civic transmission problems

transmission problem

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2005 Honda Civic Owner Comments

problem #15

Aug 052017

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 150,000 miles


I don't think the transmission should go completely after 150,000 miles. No warning lights.

- Lynn G., Olathe, US

problem #14

Feb 102017

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 160,000 miles

I was driving on the highway (but in stop and go traffic) and suddenly the car stopped accelerating. When I hit the gas the RPMs would go up to 4+, but the MPH were at zero. Had to pull over on the shoulder. The mechanic replaced my transmission with a refurbished transmission with 80k miles for just over $1600.

- ellej, Atlan, US

problem #13

Sep 092014

Civic GX

  • CVT transmission
  • 154,600 miles

This car has a defective transmission. It came that way from the dealer. It was acknowledged by Honda Dealerships that cars within my year were eligible for repairs due to a class action lawsuit. The transmission on my car started slipping around 60,000 miles so that it lost power and was unsafe to drive. They did a complimentary detergent cleaning of the transmission, due to the factory defect. What I didn't know is that the transmission cleaning was a 'band-aid' fix. The car has a bad torque-converter which burns up the transmission fluid. The detergent cleaning allowed the car to function past the extended warranty created by the class action lawsuit. In other words, they did a temporary cheap repair so they wouldn't be on the hook for real transmission repair. I also had transmission fluid replaced twice as often. The transmission completely failed (again) at 154,000 miles, but now they don't feel obligated to cover the repair. They quoted me a price of 4,700 dollars to repair the transmission. They don't even know what parts are out and the serviceman couldn't tell me if they repair parts would be new or used.

I don't think I will ever buy a Honda again.....

Also, when the transmission fails, I have almost gotten in a serious accident on the freeway. This is a very dangerous problem.

I will never buy a Honda again……

- Lucas C., Sunnyvale, CA, US

problem #12

May 152012

Civic SE

  • Automatic transmission
  • 118,061 miles


Transmission stopped working.

started with a clunk feeling as the car shifted gears.

Ended up having to turn the car on and off about 100 times trying to get to the shop. I would only get a few gas pedal presses before the car would not accelerate anymore.

- Kevin D., Scarborough, Ontario, canada

problem #11

Oct 252013

Civic VP 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 129,000 miles

This car was OK, and did get 35mpg. This little car was getting maintained well and never overheated. At first I just replaced the CV axles and thought it was good. Nope, about 4 weeks later I noticed a ton of steel metal shavings on the magnetic oil drain plug.

With the front of the vehicle raised up, and my right ear under the transmission I grabbed the left front wheel and rotated it to hear nothing but a bunch slop and metal parts slapping the hell out of each other. Ooooo, yuck. It sounds like the planetary gear set has fallen apart in this one. I am tired of this car, its been a money pit. The engine is in good shape, so I have mixed feelings.

I went back to my old reliable '99 Dodge pick up for now, 200k and still runs strong. I'm going to invest a little in this one and try and get 300k.

- cnc guy, Los Alamitos, CA, US

problem #10

Nov 012013

Civic LX 1.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,000 miles

I've had my 2005 Honda civic for 9years and something always happens to my car either the air bag light comes out or my steering wheel locked or my brakes dont work. I like to take care of my car but now the transmission went out on me on the highway, and it happen all of the sudden it didnt even give me any warnings it just broke out on me. Does anybody know if the 2005 honda has any recalls on the engine?

- aval, El Paso, TX, US

problem #9

Oct 142012

Civic VP 1.6L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 102,000 miles


I had another Honda Civic before, I give it to a charitable org because of transmission problems too.

This time it is the 2005 Honda Civic that I really like so much for my work and errands that I never expect to have to flush out transmission fluids 3 time by my mechanic in order to get rid of burning coloring plus fouls smell on the car. I was thinking that might work good for me but, unfortunate, almost had an accident in Shady Grove road due to sudden shift from 3rd gear back to 1st gear without warning. The car behind me almost hit me because of suddenly slowing down which turn out to be transmission problems. I have to slowly drive to my neighborhood so as not to get a ticket from Police on a major street. I checked with store, my shop, junkyard,and most kept telling me I need to have $3,000 of repair, the whole transmission plus towing cost to the shop.

I was surprised of all of this happening but I did call America Honda and inform them of these situations but the response I got from them that there is no recall of 2005 and that its warranty has already expired, which means that you have to fix this problem by yourself, period. What a bunch of crap from a Mfg who doesn't care about making a reliable good car, not a lemon car.

I want to tell all of you that I willnever buy anymore of this kind of low quality lemon car anymore. it has happened 2 time for me now and my wife is driving this car because she considered it a quality and fuel saving car. NO MORE HONDA from NOW ON !!!

We need to form a groups of Honda protesters and fight for our right for them to fix this transmission problem!! I wish that we can get something back for those inconveniences that happened to us from MFG whose only motive is make money with less quality kind of car here in USA. we call it 'LEMON CAR', fight for it !!!

- jtscan888, Rockville, MD, US

problem #8

Jun 052011

Civic VP 1.7L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 96,000 miles

My car is just 6yrs old and has a little over 96000.00 miles transmission fluid has been replaced by my mechanic at 30000.00 and 60000.00 miles as per book...and it broke ...on a highway...!!!!!!!! didn't know at to do...had it towed paid $150.00 diagnosed at AAMCO and if i leave it there I will have to pay between 2500 and 3500 for rebuilding or replacement of the transmission. Called Honda Service asked them how much for a replacement and they said 3500 to 4500...I am disappointed I told them there is a recall on 2004 Hondas and since my car was purchased January 2005 has been probably made in 2004...so why don't you guys fix it? They said they can't because my VIN is not on the record for a recall...That means I paid 18000. for a car that has served me only 6 years. It is not right!

- Alicja S., Passaic, NJ, US

problem #7

Apr 012010

Civic Special Edition 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 65,865 miles

It all started with an unusual noise at the beginning of the month. Upon inspection, it turns out the transmission bearings had failed. The car isn't even 5 yrs old.

Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover the expense, and the only way to fix it was a total transmission rebuild. The bearings were replaced at great cost and inconvenience. That not only took 3 days, but my wife also had to rent a car in the meantime.

When I searched the problem, I found out the 2005 model had alot of transmission woes. Does anyone know if and how I can get partial reimbursement from Honda Canada? Honda Canada has been less than helpful. I am very upset and may not buy another Honda product again.

- Michael T., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

problem #6

Mar 012010

Civic LX V6

  • Manual transmission
  • 45,661 miles

This is a low mileage transmission failure at 73,000km and to me suggests defective parts. Honda refuses to help as the complaint was reported 3 days after expiration of the warranty. Honda Canada was not nice. I will have the repair done somewhere else as they tend to overcharge significantly.

- Jacques S., Ottawa, ON, Canada

problem #5

Jan 222010

Civic LX 3.2L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 152,000 miles


The torque converter went bad and to be replace. The mechanic took it out for a test drive after replacing the torque conerter. And the transmission went out it ,the torque converter had already damage it. Check on the internet and found this web site and found Honda.complaint .Call the number to see if they will help as the suggest . I was told no , no data on this issue.

- Dawn F., Frankfort, OH, US

problem #4

Dec 302009

Civic VP 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 44,000 miles

2005 Honda Civic with 44K and the transmission has to be replaced. Also the throttle body needs to be replaced as well. New trans = 3200.00, New Throttle Body = 389.00 Honda is willing to cover 25%, but that's it... The Honda rep that I spoke to was rude and acted like it was my fault. The car was always serviced at the Honda $ealer and was very well maintained. I WILL NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN!

- mmco, Greenwood VLG, CO, US

problem #3

Aug 252008

Civic LX

  • Automatic transmission
  • 135,000 miles

I really thought Honda was one of the most reliable cars made! Was I surprised to have to put in a new transmission on a 3 year old car. Granted, there are a lot of miles on it, but they are all highway miles, which I didn't think was hard on a transmission. I am disappointed with Honda. Not sure my next car will be a Honda.

- Linda S., Rochester, MN, US

problem #2

Aug 272007

(reported on)

Civic EX SE 1.7L VTEC

  • Manual transmission
  • 29,150 miles

Well well I think Honda needs to stand up for there cars and not admit how badly put together they really are! I loved my car until the night of Aug 16, 2007 when I left work and my car wouldn't shift into 2nd gear at all. Luckily I work at a dealership (not Honda thank god we take care of our customers) I was extremely pissed with this problem considering the car is only 2 yrs old & has less than 30k on it, but I thought oh well at least its under warranty and I'll be able to get it fixed free of charge. HAHAHA well I thought wrong completely wrong! First of all Honda refused to tow my car (it wasn't suggested to be driven because other gears could go or something worse and the closest dealership is 45 mins away) So luckily working at a dealership they towed it out to Don Davis the dealership I purchased the car from. Now this is after calling there service dept and another Honda dealerships service department to be told that if it was rust then they wouldn't cover it under warranty so it sat for the weekend at my work with anti-rust protection on the shifter done by the service adviser at my dealership. This didn't work, so on Tuesday morning my car was towed to Don Davis and they told me after taking apart the transmission that the car was beaten on and would not be covered under warranty! WHAT! Now let me mention I was 20 yrs old when I got this car and I'm a girl and about the only thing I could do to this car is drive it in the country and yea our roads aren't the best but I DID NOT BEAT ON MY CAR! The tires that are on my car are the ones that I bought on that car so Honda is telling me that the tires will with stand this "abuse" that I did to the car but the transmission wont! I also called the Corp Office before even delivering my car because they gave me a hard time from the beginning and they assured me there that it would be taken care of. HAHAHA and I believed them again! So now my car is sitting at Don Davis with the transmission taken apart and not even fixed at all and I owe them over $400 before anything is even repaired! And thats not to mention the towing and the fact that I have no car to drive and Im still paying for it! So Ive seen on here that many people with 03's have had transmission problems but those seemed to be with much greater mileage and automatic transmissions. A standard transmission is suppose to last longer and Honda's are such great cars.... NOT!!!!

- Kimberly G., Springville, NY, US

problem #1

Sep 162007

(reported on)

Civic Hybrid 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12,500 miles

5 trips to Honda dealer in Aberdeen, WA. 1st Trip; due to transmission shudder on takeoff. Replaced fluids. Still shudder. 2nd Trip; Replaced seals in transmission, still shudder. 3rd Trip; Replace starter clutch in transmission, still shudder. 4th Trip; Checked and told would need new transmission. Honda has had problems with and would replace. Pick up car and would call when transmission in at dealer. 5th Trip; Dealer called transmission in. Replaced transmission and told us ready and to pick up. Drove maybe 12-15 miles in town. Decided to take trip to Astoria, maybe 225 mile round trip. Started trip and within 19 miles transmission started spurts of surging. Turned around and started back to Aberdeen and as we started up a grade, almost to the top, the transmission totally failed. Called dealer and told them to pick up car. Off duty policeman gave us a ride to the Dealer. Told dealer they could buy thr car back. Were rudely treated. Asked us if we wanted a RENTAL car, not a courtesy car, a Rental Car!!!!!

Will send Certified Mail letters to Dealer and Honda Motors that we are instituting a Lemon Law Claim.

- htcallaghan, Aberdeen, WA, US

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