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Affected Component: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

The Mazda GR8-1291 is required for all warranty battery testing. If the Mazda GR8-1291 is not used, incorrect battery testing may result in unnecessary battery replacement. Use the following test procedures in this Service Bulletin to test Mazda vehicle batteries and to generate a Warranty Code. NOTE: A Warranty Code is required for warranty claim submission Battery Identification (Mazda batteries have 2 rating types) 1. JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard): JIS codes are six-digit alpha-numeric markings molded into the top of the battery to identify a battery by the capacity (amps), dimensions, and battery terminal type. Vehicles manufactured in Japan come from the factory with a JIS rated battery. NOTE: Replacement batteries may use a CCA rating. If so, use the CCA rating listed on the battery. 2. CCA (Cold Cranking Amps):CCA ratings are normally located on a sticker affixed to the top of the battery to indicate a battery's Cold Cranking Amps. CCA rated batteries are supplied with domestically produced vehicles. NOTE: If an incorrect CCA rating is entered into the Mazda GR8-1291, it will result in a false result and invalid Warranty Code from the tester. This will also result in unnecessary replacement of batteries.

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Date Published
JAN 02, 2019
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