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RG3 RG4 RJ3 RJ4 Radio Enhancements This bulletin involves inspecting and if required, updating the radio software. A small number of customers may experience one or more of the following:Navigation failed message is displayed (WK and KL with RG3 and RG4). The clock not automatically updating to local time (WK and KL with RG3 and RG4). Poor or no connection to cellular network (WK and KL with RG3 and RG4). HVAC temperature out of sync with radio display (KL with RG3 and RG4). Some Uconnect App remote commands do not execute with the vehicle. Display goes blank/black (WK and KL with RG3 and RG4). Cyrillic keyboard is missing in phone book (WK and KL with RG3 or RG4). Wrong speed limit on NAV speed camera indication (WK and KL with RG3 or RG4). Blind Spot module beep or chime sound may be heard continuously (KL Only). Radio may keep the CAN bus network awake, causing a battery drain. Voice Recognition (VR) to set temperature, will indicate wrong setting to rear seat temperature. Not possible to set temperature in degrees Celsius using the VR (UK vehicles only). Teleprompter does not appear when pressing the VR button. VR operation cancels while in media mode. Radio may display cameras previous image before displaying the current image. Navigation lost vehicle position during route calculation. Navigation displays are missing after vehicle heading changes. Navigation giving incorrect guidance to exit the highway. FM audio may switch to AM after ignition cycle. Text messages appear as senders phone number, not their name. VR phone button may not work at times. Audio muted after AUX device is disconnected. VR Listen to text will only play 1st message. Drive Mode: Eco, Sport or Normal setting may not be saved after key cycle (LA, LD, LX and ZD Only). Drive Mode: Shift light On/Off, out of sync (LA, LD, LX and ZD Only). Speed adjusted volume may not work. AM/FM seek or tuner soft keys may be missing.

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Date Published
JUN 17, 2017
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