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RA3 RA4 Radio Enhancements This bulletin involves inspecting and, if required, updating the radio software. A small number of customers may experience one or more of the following: Low battery condition due to the radio remaining powered up after the ignition has been turned off (U.S Markets Only) The Radio may switch from SiriusXM to an AM station by itself Uconnect registration always present, can not remove Uconnect account Teleprompter does not appear when pressing the Voice Recognition (VR) button VR operation cancels while in media mode Radio may display previous cameras image before displaying the current image Navigation lost vehicle position, during route calculation Navigation displays are missing after vehicle heading changes Navigation giving incorrect guidance to exit the highway FM audio may switch to AM after ignition cycle Text messages appear as sender?s phone number not their name. VR phone button may not work at times Audio muted after AUX device is disconnected VR, ? Listen? to text, will only play 1st message Drive Mode: Eco, sport or normal setting may not be saved after key cycle (LA, LD, LX and ZD Only). Drive Mode: Shift light On/Off, out of sync (LA, LD, LX and ZD Only) SirusXM station information does not update. Speed adjusted volume, may not work AM or FM seek or tuner soft keys may be missing Display screen show ambient temperature as ?- - ? not normal values.Improvements: High Definition (HD) radio buffering. Spanish translation. Radio station, scroll feature. Drive Mode: Launch control button, text improvements (LA, LD, LX and ZD Only). Making assist calls. App functionality and screen displays. Displays correct media, song titles and tracks. Travel Link, Points Of Interest (POI), displaying movies and favorites. Incoming calls, audio enhancements (LA, LD and LX Only). Audio for strong AM stations. VR performance. Settings can only be changed in run mode, not ACC.

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Date Published
DEC 23, 2014
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