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The following is to provide you with updated information on the WTD 65 recall. 1. We are pleased to announce that based upon retailer input and comments, along with further study and analysis by FHI and SOA, we are increasing the labor time for repairs under this recall by 0.5 hour per vehicle. This is for both 2.5 and 3.6 liter vehicles and will be retroactive to the first repair claims processed. 2. An updated repair procedure document is attached (click here) and will be posted today to STIS. This includes these increased labor times and also provides updated repair procedures including a clarification on the possible need for toe adjustments. We have also reduced the parts retention period for this recall only. Once a claim has been submitted and APPROVED, the parts replaced to complete the repair may be scrapped. 3. We are also sharing that we are enhancing the SSLP daily reimbursement rate. The new reimbursement rate will be $40/day and takes effect retroactively back to May 9, 2016 to align with the announcement of the WTD65 campaign. Please note, although this enhancement is being made retroactively to support our retailer partners during the campaign, this new reimbursement rate will continue once the campaign is completed. 4. Parts Supply ? based upon the latest available supplier production and shipping schedules, we will have delivered at least 26,000 steering columns to retailers by Friday May 27. This will cover more than 100% of sold vehicles plus approximately 80% of the estimated total vehicles needing repair parts.

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Date Published
MAY 18, 2016
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