pretty bad
Typical Repair Cost:
Average Mileage:
17,400 miles
Total Complaints:
15 complaints

Most Common Solutions:

  1. not sure (14 reports)
  2. vw buyback vehicles (1 reports)
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2019 Volkswagen Jetta transmission problems

transmission problem

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2019 Volkswagen Jetta Owner Comments

problem #15

Feb 172023

Jetta T 1.4L T

  • Automatic transmission
  • 60,000 miles


I purchased this vehicle through Carvana January of 2023, I didn't even make but one payment on it and I had it to the dealership after noting a really obvious grinding, scuffing of what sounded like metal, when accelerating at slower speeds. Then again somewhere around 45 mph it would make a scuffing noise and would continue up until around 55 mph. Also noted when trying to accelerate on the highway to pass another vehicle it would severely hesitate and would scare me half to death. Then it would all of a sudden just take off. When putting in reverse it clunked and going into 2nd gear it clunked as well but only in regular or Eco mode, sport mode you could barely hear the grinding and no hesitation, however, not very smooth with gear shifting, very choppy and hard.

Dealer calls me after scanning it and tells me it needs a new transmission which is covered under the TWS. I thought GREAT that's awesome they'll cover it and fix and it'll be like brand new. No, I got it back with a new transmission, & noticed pretty much right away something just not right, brought it back they had to rebolt the ground wire to trans that came off. Sweet easy fix I thought. Ok here we go let's try this again, only 200 miles into my new transmission, there's that awful grinding & scuffing noise AGAIN. Again its starting to shift a bit harder than my first day with the new tranny. So I go back to the dealer and now they have to open a case for me, and see what VW will be doing with this vehicle if they cannot fix it. Since it's a preowned vehicle with a limited warranty the warranty will be up at 72,000 miles, I have 61,000 on it now and honestly don't think it'll even make to the 71,000 without needing another new transmission.

VW you are selling these cars in which you have a class action lawsuit against you for malfunctioning torque converter which ultimately will cause the transmission to fail. It doesn't matter how many times you fix the car and put new parts and new hardware or software or updates or whatever else, INEVITABLY you know and are aware that these transmissions are going to fail over and over, so then when my warranty is up if it hasn't failed by then I'm sure it will right after the warranty is up. And as far as giving me an extended warranty, no thank you! You can buy your $18000.00 POS back, and I can actually go buy a reliable car so I can get to and from work to pay my bills. How can they think this is ok to do this to hardworking citizens and then charge you that much for a used vehicle which was supposed to be 120 point checked prior to being sold - when you knew when you manufactured them the transmission were going to fail, even sent that memo to all the dealerships but now you won't take responsibility for your screw up.

I'm sorry I work hard for my money and I need a reliable car I will stop at nothing until you are so sick of hearing from me and seeing me at the dealership that you finally realize it will be in your best interest to come clean and take care of this absolute mess and stop selling these cars to people that don't know anything about motors or transmissions and are actually relying on the manufacturer to create a safe, reliable vehicle. Maybe then I won't complain about paying for it. What is this world coming to seriously? You can't even trust a reputable manufacturer for many years to not look for ways to cut financial corners so they can make safe and reliable vehicles. Children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc we are the ones being affected by your ignorance and absolute disregard for the Americans that work their asses off to pay you billion dollar companies 300-1000 car payments and the banks are making out with the interest rates.


- Cynthia R., Hurdle Mills, US

problem #14

Jul 092018

Jetta SEL 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 200 miles

I had this issue since I drove the vehicle out of the dealership, I researched online wondering if anyone else had the same issue, and looks like it is across the 2019 Year model. I have also read that such claims on rattling noise were denied by VW until recently I received a class action notice filed in Central District of California asking owners to submit claims for any money spent against repairs to fix the transmission noise.

- Venkata R., New Hudson, MI, US

problem #13

Jul 212018

Jetta SEL 1.4t

  • Automatic transmission
  • 20 miles

My wife and I just bought a new 2019 Jetta SEL. As we're driving it home we noticed a very loud grinding noise which I originally thought was the brake rotors. The more we drover the worse it got. Now, whenever it's at a cruising speed the torque converter grinds, loudly. It sounds like it's prematurely and/or partially engaging the lockup and continues to grind away. We took it in for warranty repair and our service writer told us that we were the first customers to come in with this complaint, however, he'd prepared his techs for this issue because they had several 2019s on the lot with similar issues. Our service writer let us test drive another 2019 Jetta which made the noise but it only happened once and it was brief and not persistent like ours. Everyone at the dealership showed concern and all agreed the the noise wasn't normal.

The dealership couldn't do anything about our issue because they were instructed by VW corporate that the noise was a "known characteristic" (aka known issue) of the new 8 speed auto. VW is flat-out refusing to fix our defective TC based on the recommendation of a QTM phone rep who apparently has the magical ability to diagnose our vehicle from his/her cubicle.

We were told by the dealership that they agreed the issue needs to be addressed, but their hands were tied and the next step was for us to contact VW customer care. VW escalated the issue to a regional manager who called us and insisted that nothing was wrong with our vehicle and she wouldn't be doing anything else for us since the dealership didn't recommend repairs. I tried to explain that the only reason the dealership couldn't recommend repairs was because VW corporate instructed them not to. Her response was basically deal with it, and she would send our account up to review in order to "release" us from the vehicle.

We're worried that we've been royally f*! We can't use our state's lemon law because it requires three repair attempts and the dealership cannot make a repair attempt under warranty because VW is claiming the noise is normal, when in fact it is not.

TL;DR 2019 Jetta has known torque converter issues. Dealership claims a repair will be necessary at some point (possible recall), however, they cannot make a repair because VW corporate says repair isn't necessary. VW corporate (customer service) claims they can't make the repair because the dealership isn't recommending repairs -- (circular reference) because they're being instructed by VW corporate not to make the repair. VW is f us and we desperately need help!

- Nick B., Sanford, US

problem #12

Jun 012022

Jetta 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 52,817 miles


So I bought this car in Calgary May 27 at 72k kms. Started complaining of the grinding noice coming from the engine at slow speed around 40kms per hour from first week and the sales guy kept me running back and forth. Volkswagen is not sure of the solution. Anyone knows what should I do with this car, please let me know. I am really stressed as I don't want to drive this car anymore because I will lose the warranty on transmission as soon I reach 100k kms.

- tanuj, Calgary, AB, Canada

problem #11

Apr 172019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 7,456 miles

I took this car for a test drive. I asked the salesman 'did you hear that noise?'. He said 'No, what noise?'. I carried on with the test drive and dammit... I asked again if he heard the noise. He convinced me that there was no noise. I bought the car and at 35 to 40 kph there was that horrible grinding noise. I called the sales man and told him I researched on the net and there were many many links on the problem with VW Jetta grinding noise. He was flabbergasted (yeah right).

I stopped in to the dealership and was concerned about how to explain this noise. As soon as I started talking to the service department they knew exactly what I was hearing... phew. No help whatsoever. They were aware of the problem, told me it was a software issue and they are working on it. NO, THEY ARE NOT.

ANYONE READING THIS - DO NOT BUY Volkswagen. Try selling a car that grinds at 40kph. No one would buy that car. Silly me that believed in that salesman that said he did not hear anything, and… that the problem was known for 2 years before I purchased. I confronted this salesman about the problem reported on the net. He, as one of the top salesman at VW and had been employed there for 10+yrs said 'I have never heard of that problem, but I am in sales not service'. How sad is that? Gosh I detest dishonesty - and that is what we have today. VOLKSWAGEN ARE DISHONEST!!!

- Janice J., london, ON, Canada

problem #10

Jul 262021

Jetta SE 1.4L Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 9,500 miles

Grinding/scraping noise coming from the transmission under light load when accelerating between 20-35 mph. Seem to be noticing it in a wider range of speeds the more it is driven.

- bts, Mineola, US

problem #9

Aug 032020

Jetta S/SE 1.4L I4

  • Automatic transmission
  • 31,255 miles


Bought my 2019 Jetta at roughly 30k miles on the odometer. It appeared to be used as a car rental before and was in great shape. I noticed a very light noise when first driving the vehicle but thought it was no big deal. Maybe it was just some light noise from sitting on a lot for a little bit. However as I have continued to drive the vehicle I have noticed the grinding noise more and that it does it through any and all gears. I read articles about this issue online and some state that the torque converter is to blame. Another article suggested that the noise would occur less frequently when placed into Sports Mode which seemed to stand true for a short period of time.

The noise definitely increases when inclines are approached which makes me feel as though the torque converter/transmission is having some issues. This is very frustrating as I am a disabled Veteran on a fixed income and this is like the newest vehicle I have ever been able to save up and get with my budget. I'm looking in to taking it to a service center while under the additional 3 Year/36000 Mile Extended warranty is still in effect. However, reading through most of these articles I have consistently read that VW is not doing anything but stating the noise is typical of this vehicle.

If this is the way they believe a transmission/torque converter should sound operating they really need to invest in some new engineers!! I have done machining and mechanical work for most of my adult life and never had anything grinding like this not lead to premature failure or excessive wearing of the components. If anyone has any information or know of some way I can ensure that I'm not about to be paying for a vehicle that's bound for the Junkyard before I even pay it, off please let me know. It makes me sick to think any decent mechanic would drive a vehicle making this type of noise state that it's normal and there is nothing to worry about.

- Brad B., Seneca, SC, US

problem #8

Feb 072020

Jetta ES

  • Automatic transmission
  • 50 miles

A couple of months after buying the vehicle, I noticed a sound coming from the transmission - a grinding noise at about 30 miles per hour. I continued to drive it, not really understanding the noise, and I noticed also that the vehicle would majorly stall. It seemed to have no power from a stop. To make a very long story very short, I am petrified to drive the car. I have to make sure there is absolutely nothing in sight before I attempt to pull out. Most of the time it stalls going through a light or from a dead stop. I absolutely dread getting into the car.

I took it to the dealer and they said (of course) that they could find nothing wrong. After reading reviews on the Jetta, owners state that if the transmission grinds, it was probably using oil as well. I checked the oil. Sure enough it was low and the car only had 1200 miles on it. The dealership also said that new cars use a little more oil. Yeah, that's what they said. Never the less, they simply changed the oil and did not acknowledge any problem, stating that the engine is suppose to sound like that. And they said that it stalls because I am not use to driving THAT kind of car. I made them make a note on the computer of all the problems I was having.

I am raging inside!! I have a new car that I CAN'T EVEN DRIVE without fear of losing my life or taking someone else's. It is a complete piece of junk!! And it appears there is NOTHING I can do about it!! It's the first time I've ever owned a new car. There are no words to describe how I feel...

Somebody, anybody... please, please help me and many others who have been brutally battered by Volkswagen!!!!!

- Roxie F., Dayton, OH, US

problem #7

Feb 222021

Jetta SE 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 35,500 miles

I should have researched this 2019 Jetta better. I bought it used in 2/2021 and notice the grind about a week later. I didn't hear anything on the test drive or I would not have purchased it.

- jeffreybadarak, Whitmore Lake, US

problem #6

Jan 032020

Jetta SEL 1.4L T

  • Automatic transmission
  • 12 miles

Bought this car brand new and within 100 original miles on it I noticed a grinding noise coming from the engine bay. Looked it up and discovered I am not alone in this and that the noise is coming from an improperly seated torque converter.

- William P., Tucson, US

problem #5

Jan 242020

Jetta S 1.4t

  • Automatic transmission
  • 600 miles


Grinding noise from less than 25mph to over 60mph. Very noticeable, highly annoying. Also noticing a harder than normal downshift at 20mph or so. Dealer claims this is "normal" but this is not a normal transmission noise. Taking it in this weekend to have this documented and road tested.

- Todd D., Shorewood, US

problem #4

Aug 012019


  • Automatic transmission
  • 25,000 miles

The grinding while accelerating was definitely there from the day I bought it, but was told that was the sound of the turbo spooling up. Not knowing much about cars, I chalked it up to that. Since then the sound has amplified and I am now experiencing shifting issues as well.

- Tim K., Taylor, PA, US

problem #3

Jun 272020

Jetta S 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 38,200 miles

So I bought the car about three weeks ago. I read reviews about the noise and didn’t think too much of it. When it hits about 30 mph that’s when the noise starts. Only for a few seconds but still worth mentioning.

- sammygates, Grand Rapids, US

problem #2

Sep 112019

Jetta ES 1.4L

  • Automatic transmission
  • 300 miles

Well what can I say that hasn't been said before? This is obviously NOT a "normal turbo noise". I have a 2011 Audi TT Quattro and my husband has a 2018 F-150 with a turbo engine. We know what turbo sounds like and THIS is NOT IT. This is a very distinct metallic grinding sound omitted from the driver side area. It happens without fail during low accelerations between 25-30 mph or 1300-1500 rpms. I am reading how many people are saying it is the torque converter and/or the wastegate.

I really can not believe how unlucky I was in getting this car with a apparently very popular problem and not a lot of positive feedback regarding the issue being addressed. Nope. It seems everyone is being turned away and the VW mechanics stating this is "normal"? HA! I'm sorry, a brand new car sound NOT have any type of unsettling and concerning noises coming from the engine,transmission or drive-train.

This is NOT a good way to motivate new car buyers into buying your botched cars, VW. This needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP. I will be leaving my car at a mechanics this weekend to check it out. So disappointed on what I was hoping would be my new daily driver.

- Dia G., Walnut, CALIFORNIA, US

problem #1

Jan 302019

Jetta SE 1.4L Di Turbo

  • Automatic transmission
  • 25 miles

So I finally bought a brand new car a 2019 Jetta I love the look of the car. I went from a 2016 manual transmission Jetta to a automatic 2019 I bought the car in January of 2019 and it had 10 miles on it when I picked it up. Driving it home I noticed what I thought was a rattle at 20-35 MPH I thought it was just an oil pan or because the car was so new. This noise continued and worsened when the weather warmed I was able to open the windows and now my car has approximately 100 miles on odometer. The way I describe the noise is if you are driving a standard and you are at a complete stop and you try to take off in say third gear the car hesitates and makes a gurgling, grinding noise and you have to jam on the gas to make it stop. This noise is quite loud and embarrassing. I have taken to two different dealerships and have been told they cant replicate or that it doesn't drive any different from any other 2019 Jetta. As of August 13, 2019 my car has 3600 miles on the odometer and the noise is awful and loud and I am sorry that I bought and pay for this car every month!!! Please VW do something about this problem it is not a normal sound and will create more problems with the car over time if it is not addressed soon !!!

- Tiffani H., Springfield, US

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